Blogtober 2021

I couldn’t participate properly in Blogtober 2021 due to work and health restraints, but I used it as a challenge to share a blog post daily on social media, and interact with other bloggers. I also managed a few new posts throughout the month too.

If you missed any posts and want to see if there was anything of interest, you can find my schedule below.

1. 20 Books for Christmas Reading Challenge

2. Seatox Seeweed Bath Soak

3. Do you Believe in Fairies?

4. My First Concert

Libraries Week/Back Care Awareness Week

5. Children’s Book Recommendations

6. Work & Home Office Ideas to Reduce Coccyx Pain

7. National Poetry Day

Animal Welfare Week/National Walk Your Dog Week

8. Books for Dog Lovers

9. Author Spotlight – Bella Osborne
   World Post Day

World Mental Health Day/World Homeless Day 
10. Mental Health Connections NEW POST

World Perimenopause Day
 11. I Quit my Job due to Menopausal Anxiety

12. Is digitalisation good for more than the environment?

13.  9 Ways to Cope with Dental Phobia

Chocolate Week and National Baking Week

14. Recipe round-up

15.  Author Spotlight with Shari Low

World Food Day
16. Pumpkin Recipes NEW POST

17. Waste Free Halloween

World Menopause Day
18. Advice and personal experiences about menopause NEW POST

19. 13 Tips to Stop Smoking for Good NEW POST 

20. How to Prevent Insect Bites & Relieve Itching

 Apple Day UK
21. Apple Coconut Squares
      Apple Cake

22. Victorian Halloween Display

Make a Difference Day
23. 50 Random Acts of Kindness

24. KitchenAid review NEW POST

International Artists Day
25. Where to Find the Best Street Art in Worthing

World Pumpkin Day
26. Pumpkin Arts & Crafts

27. The Costs & Benefits of a Water Softener – review NEW POST

28. Doggy Dress Up

29. Orange Oaty Bars

30. Trick or Treat

31. Blogtober Round Up


Thanks to all the bloggers and readers who supported me in this challenge. I hope you enjoyed my posts and that you’ll stick with me. I’ve got lots of new content coming up in the coming months so do sign up to get email alerts of new posts, and join me on either/both of my Instagram accounts if you enjoy photos.

If you need any tips about completing blog challenges, you might like to read my post about how to survive blog challenges

5 thoughts on “Blogtober 2021

  1. I’m sorry things have been rather full on with health and everything else but I’m glad you’ve found a way to still participate. I think you’ve done brilliantly well, Jo! x

    Liked by 1 person

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