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“Tea & Cake for the Soul” is my little space on the internet where I share my travel stories, home & money saving tips, recycling & craft projects, music features, book recommendations, guest interviews, recipes (inc gluten and dairy free), random thoughts and features. I also have a large self help section for mental health.

This blog is my way of trying to give something back, as I like to write about things that help people both practically and mentally. As the name suggests a bit of comfort food for the soul.

If you want to keep up to date with all my new content you can follow me, on Twitter or Facebook, here on WordPress or by email. Follow buttons can be found on the right hand side if you are viewing on desktop or by scrolling at the way to the bottom of each post on mobile or tablet. I generally post 2-3 times a week unless it’s a special event such as Blogtober where it is more frequent.

Read on to find out more about me and the content I write or go straight to the categories of your choice.

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I’m a busy, married, mum of two grown-up children, with a varied working background in education, admin, retail, hair and home care. My passions include music, travel, writing, reading, upcycling and spending time with friends and family.

In the past, I have written articles and supplied photos that have been used in music books, magazines, cd booklets, and online forums/websites. I also run a Music Blog and Gig Guide, as well as the Social Media for several bands. All this led to me assisting Dr Martens with their advertising campaigns and new product designs.  I even wrote an online “book” once about growing up with a diet of music in the 70s and 80s. Read more.

Some of the magazines, books and cds that I have had my work published in.

I enjoy going to car boot sales with my dad to find projects to upcycle, mostly household items or clothes. I get great pleasure (and quite often a lot of frustration) out of modifying something that someone no longer has a use for, into something unique that can be loved and used again. I will share some of these projects with you in my Upcycling, Recycling, DIY & Crafts section. I do have a strong reuse or redistribute ethos.

Find more upcycling projects in my DIY, Arts & Crafts section.

A couple of years back, I went on a real mission to reduce hefty bills like insurance and entertainment packages and it’s amazing what you can do with a bit of time, know-how, and effort. I’m a savvy shopper and I share all my money-saving and household Top Tips and  How To Tutorials with you.

So as I lead a fairly frugal lifestyle in most areas, I am able to indulge in my other passion Days Out & TravelIt was the comments received from the holiday diary of my first road trip to America that made me decide to get this blog up and running.  I had put so much time and effort into researching the trip that I thought it would be a shame to keep all that info to myself.

Lots of tips and budget things to see and do in my Days Out & Travel Section

I could pretend to be the perfect hostess and housewife and impress you with my culinary delights, but the truth is I just like cake, and only when there is cake involved am I prepared to spend lots of time in the kitchen! I will share some of my indulgences with you, including many that are dairy and gluten free! There will also be some savoury and budget Recipes too, including some that have been passed down through the generations.

Plenty of recipes to indulge in.

If something is good I like to shout about it, whether it be a hotel, a household product, TV programme or just good service. I will only post Reviews and Recommendations of things that I love and I share lots of great adult and children’s books in my Recommended Reading section.

In late 2017 I wrote a series of self-help blogs about  Mental Illness. It was a long hard slog and took me more than a year to write but I finally published my personal story and hopefully lots of useful tips on how to deal with it for sufferers and carers. It has received some great feedback. You can find this under Health inc Mental Illness which also contains some posts about the menopause and body confidence issues.


I hope you enjoy reading. Please follow me by email, on WordPress, Twitter or Facebook. All links can be found under the comments or on the sidebar.   I can be contacted through either of my social media sites.

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