Doggy Dress Up & Feline Fancy Dress – Do your pets love Halloween?

(updated October 2020)
Last year I wrote a post sharing Halloween customs and photos from around the world and as it was so well received, I thought I’d bring you more this year. It’s not just humans who enjoy fancy dress, I came across a few dogs and cats dressed up for Halloween too.

I’d love you to meet Luna from the UK, Lucy from across the pond in the USA, and Pancake from Bulgaria.

Therapy Dog Lucy 

I’ve been speaking with Wendy Radi Hasselman from Seal Beach, California about her lovely toy poodle-mix Lucy. Lucy was adopted from Pups and Pals, a local rescue.

Lucy is a therapy dog that visits the long term spinal cord injury center at the VA in Long Beach. The young lady pictured also volunteers. When Wendy found out that she was going to be dressed as Wonder Woman, she couldn’t resist getting Lucy a matching costume. It was a great surprise!

Lady in a wheelchair in spinal unit dressed as wonder woman with dog also dressed as wonder woman on her lap for halloween
Surprise! Wonder Woman Dog Lucy

She has been a working therapy dog now for 4 years. She has such a great temperament that Wendy just had to share her with others. As is often the case, Lucy trained her owners rather than the other way around.  She loves to dress up all the time, not just for Halloween. She is a huge Kings fan and a Rams fan too. Visit Lucy on Instagram.

collage of photos of toy poodle dressed up in football jacket and hat
Lucy loves to dress up!

Luna – The Cutest Staffie

Meet Luna from the UK.

This cute little staffie dog likes to dress up at Halloween and Christmas. She even features in the annual family photo Christmas card with dog mummy Angel.  Luna’s favourite outfits include The Gruffalo, a Minion, and her “I’m with Creepy!” hoodie.

white staffordshire bull terrior sitting on a bed licking her lips wearing a gruffalo dressing up out fit
How could anyone be scared of The Gruffalo?

“My name is Luna. I am a Female Staffordshire Bull Terrier.  I will be 6 years old on 13th of November. I am brindle and white, with spots like a little piglet.

The stork dropped me with my mama when I was 11 weeks old. I was very small and she took me to bed as I was missing my real mama. Now I am big she says there is no room for her anymore.

I love to play with my ball in the park and take long walks on Hampstead Heath. I have the best fur friends all over London.  I love to play and I love to sleep. My favourite food is chicken.

white staffie dog wearing a purple hoody

white dog facing away from the camera wearing a purple hoody that says I'm with Creepy
I loved my I’m With Creepy hoody

Grandad is great, and I like to follow him around the garden to check his work when I go there for my holidays. Grandma gives me lots of treats when he’s not looking.

My boyfriend is Pepe he is a 9 year old chihuahua. He is very handsome.😍

I think it’s sad that my breed get a bad reputation as we are 99.9% nanny dogs. I am very friendly and love cuddles.  I am very happy and spoilt and definitely living my best life.

Visit Luna and friends on Instagram.

White dog nose poking out of a yellow minion fancy dress outfit

white staffordshire bull terrior dressed up in a yellow minion costume


Pancake is two years old and belongs to blogger Jupiter Hadley. He is a purebred British shorthair who came from Bulgaria to England to be a stud. However, he didn’t fancy a life of little Pancakes running around, so he went to live with Jupiter and her partner, Dann.

She told me: “Pancake likes dressing up because he loves the warmth, and we love dressing him up because it makes him feel like an important member of the family.

He’s a soppy boy, loves a good cuddle, and we do dress him up on occasions (his birthday, holidays) as he does like it. I think he likes something holding him close – he purrs a lot when put in costumes, but will let you know when he wants out by flopping all about at your feet until you take it off of him.

He’s a coward, afraid of most plants and bugs, but has been gaining courage with years – he can now catch a bug (after an adult had hit it to the ground)!

a cute grey and white cat dressed up in a skeleton coat for a feline fancy dress post

Huge thanks to Wendy, Angel and Jupiter for allowing me to share these gorgeous photos of their fur baby dogs and cats dressed up for Halloween.

Do you dress your dogs up for Halloween?
Does your feline friend like being in fancy dress?

I’d love to hear about your pets, and if you’d like your dog or cat featured in this Halloween posts then please do contact me.

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  1. Such cute pet costumes! My dog is a little terror and tries to eat anything you put on her, so alas, no costumes, though I usually wrangle her into a Halloween themed bandana for a photo.

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  2. There is nothing cuter than animals in costumes! And these two seem like wonderful dogs. I tried to place a witches hat on my guinea pig but unsurprisingly it didn’t stay on for long.

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  3. My husband is so against dressing up dogs, but I think they look cute, so long as they are happy. I saw someone had dressed up their cat the other day, they must have a very docile cat, mine would have it off in seconds 🙂

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