How Can Book Review Bloggers Help Authors Promote Their Books?

Authors, find out where to discover book review bloggers to help promote and review your books. Avid readers find out about how to become a book blogger.

How to Prepare Blackberries for Eating, Cooking & Freezing

Find out the easy way to prepare wild blackberries for eating, cooking and freezing, along with some of my favourite recipes.

Health & Safety Risk Assessment for Tattoo Studios Opening After Coronavirus/COVID-19

Use our completed health and safety risk assessment form for tattoo studios and close contact services to use after the relaxation of lockdown services after COVID19. You can simply copy and paste for printing and edit to suit your own studio requirements if needed.

Best Places to Buy & Sell Second Hand Items & Unwanted Gifts

Ever wondered the difference between a car boot sale and a swap meet, or a thrift store and a charity shop. Here are some of the best places to buy or sell second hand items and unwanted gifts.

Car Boot Sale Tips for Buyers – How to Find the Best Car Boot Sale Bargains!

Read my car boot tips for buyers including extra precautions to take in the current climate.

Car Boot Sale Tips for Sellers – How to Have a Successful Car Boot Stall!

Have a successful car boot sale by reading my top tips for sellers . Having sold at car boot sales for many years myself, I can help you avoid any costly or stressful mistakes.

When Can Car Boot Sales Open & How Will They Operate Safely?

Since the opening of outdoor markets was announced, people are asking when can car boot sales open. Find out how the top boot sales will operate safely.

15 Environmentally Friendly & Money Saving Ways for Moving House

Tips for decluttering and finding the most eco friendly ways to move house, from using recycled packaging to finding a budget house moving company.

Spring & Summer Cleaning

Tips for spring and summer cleaning your home and garden.

How To Plan a USA Road Trip Holiday – Over 70 Useful Tips to Help You!

Planning a USA road trip or holiday? Here is everything you need to know. I've set out over 70 of my best tips for you! Happy road tripping.

How to Use Cashback Apps & Websites to Save Money & Get Free Cash

I have written about how I am a savvy shopper and use couponing, loyalty cards and cashback apps to save money and get the best deals from my grocery shopping. Well, I also use the cashback websites Quidco and TopCashback to save money and get free cash back from all online purchases including our insurances, household services, … Continue reading How to Use Cashback Apps & Websites to Save Money & Get Free Cash

Tips & Money Saving at Tea and Cake for the Soul

Lots of money saving and household tips, many of which are kinder to the environment.

How we Saved over £1000 when Renewing our Home & Car Insurance

Unfortunately, there is no reward for loyalty when it comes to renewing your car or house insurance and your premium will usually rise considerably each year if you stay with the same company. It is a little time-consuming, but with a bit of work, there are big money savings to be made when you know … Continue reading How we Saved over £1000 when Renewing our Home & Car Insurance

Pinch and a Punch, it’s the 1st of the Month!

Use the 1st of each month to carry out important health checks for you, your home and car. Have a look at my check list of handy tips to make it easier and kinder to the environment.

How To Get Free & Cheap Books Legally

Encourage a love of reading for all with these ideas of how to get free and cheap books legally whilst still supporting authors.

How to Survive a Car Boot Sale

How to survive a car boot sale. Frequently asked questions and top tips for buyers and sellers.

How to be a Savvy Shopper – my Complete Guide to Couponing, Cashback & Loyalty Cards

I originally wrote this article in 2015 so I thought it was about time to bring it up to date and reshare with you all. At the time I was saving a considerable amount of money on my shopping each week, and I still try to make my money go as far as possible when … Continue reading How to be a Savvy Shopper – my Complete Guide to Couponing, Cashback & Loyalty Cards

How to Cover up Borrowed Lights/Interior Windows

Many houses that were built in the 1970s had windows built in above the door frames to add more light into dark hallways. These were known as borrowed lights or sometimes fanlights depending on what part of the country you come from. They are effective in the daytime but irritating at night as the other … Continue reading How to Cover up Borrowed Lights/Interior Windows

9 Tips for living with less plastic

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