7 Ways to Celebrate World Post Day

Today is World Post Day. It was originally set up to bring an awareness of the services that mail delivery companies from all over the World provide to both homes and businesses. Over 150 countries take part and some use it as a time to treat their staff for good work.

Who remembers that feeling of seeing loads of post come through your letterbox on your birthday? It’s not quite the same now that it’s all texts and Facebook posts.  At a time when so much of our correspondence is done electronically, let’s use today to make someone else’s day at the same time. Here are a few ideas to start you off with 7 Ways to Celebrate World Post Day.  I’d love to hear if anyone else has more ideas.

ink pen and writing paper to write a love letter
Write a love letter

1. Get some nice paper, a decent pen and write a love letter to your partner or loved one.
2. Send a thank you card to a parent telling them some of the lovely things you appreciate them doing for you.
3. Make a postcard from a photo that you’ve taken locally and send it to a friend or family member who doesn’t live nearby, or someone who’s moved away. Just to say hi.
4. Write a note to a friend reminding them of some of the funny memories you have together.
5. When you go to the Post Office to buy stamps take the postmaster a pack of biscuits or box of chocolates to share with the staff on their tea break.
6. Keep an eye out for your postman or post lady today and offer to make them a cup of tea or coffee.
7. Offer the use of your loo to your postman/lady and tell them it’s an ongoing offer not just for today.  My husband used to be a postman and believe me it is most welcome.

postbox on a wall royal mail
During Blogtober, I will be posting more celebration days and random acts of kindness. I hope that you’ll join me.

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18 thoughts on “7 Ways to Celebrate World Post Day

  1. Love this post- really is my cup of tea!! Have always loved writing letters and now have more pen pals in this digital age than did prior to(yes am a dinosaur- am a 45 years young diplodocus diplo as have a long neck plus move slowly with my chronic pain ;-))- you cannot beat writing a proper old fashioned letter or receiving one! Often read or write letters with a cup of tea in hand(sometimes some gluten free cake with the tea too ;-))- my ritual! Never realised it was world post day- missed it!! Our dog barks at the postie yet when he sees him he is really a big softie ;-)!! Thank You for all your fabulous posts here! Love the digital age with communication like these, yet, the tactile sublime zenlikeness of writing and reading old fashioned letters you just cannot beat it!! Hugs from Devon, Clara 🙂

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  2. We were friendly with our postman, he knew I blogged so was used to extra mail for me. He was lovely, could have a good chat with him and he was always happy. They moved him to another area, and it seems with have a different postman every day now 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  3. We’ve been married for 8 years, and I write my hubby a letter every year. He has them pinned to the wall in his office. I have spent years and years nagging him to return the gesture and he finally did last year. Best present ever and it cost nothing 🙂 #blogtober18

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  4. OMG NO @ making the postman a brew – he’d think he was going to get his leg over! He told me 9 years ago (when we moved in) that he’d had a crush on me in school hahaha! He went to a different school but said he used to see me every night waiting for my bus and spent years trying to pluck up the courage to say hello as he walked past. I was the biggest nerd ever, so can’t imagine that’s true. Equally, my head was always buried in a book at the bus stop, so it is possible I guess haha! #blogtober18

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  5. What a fab post, at our previous house we talked to our postie regularly she was always intrigued with my parcels for review. One day it was raining so hard and she was getting drenched. I gave her my umbrella as she didn’t want to stop, she wanted to get done and go home. The next day she put it back on my doorstep. From them on, if it was raining I left her the umbrella out to take and return. It was an ongoing thing…. until she was moved to a different area. 😦

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  6. Sy was a postie for 10 years, certainly have heard lots of situations he went through. Great read, we are quite friendly with our postie as live in a village xx

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