World Menopause Day

It’s World Menopause Day today.

Over the last couple of years menopause and mental health have been talked about more in mainstream media, social media, amongst friends, and in the workplace. Whilst my mother’s generation feel that this should be kept private, many of my generation are all for opening up this taboo subject so that women worldwide can get advice and support on what can honestly be a pretty awful period of their lives.

I’d like to remind you of some posts I’ve already published about menopause. Perhaps you’re a new reader, have more recently started menopause, or would like to revisit some of the posts for the updated information.

Photo of a woman sitting on rocks watching a sunset over the sea with a quote from John Wayne about male and female menopause.
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Book about menopause

In this post you will find recommendations for books that I’ve read and found to be useful or interesting. It is regularly updated and includes books about all areas of menopause, including personal stories, humour, and menopause advice for men.


Menopausal anxiety in the workplace

This is my personal story about how menopausal anxiety affected my confidence and left me with feelings of dread every time I went to work. Read on to find out how it affected me and what happened.


How menopause affects body confidence

This is one of my earliest menopause related posts about how menopause changed my body shape and body confidence to the extent that I considered not going on a holiday with friends. Many of my female friends identified with this one.


Fab at 50!

Of course, it’s not all doom and gloom and this post is a celebration of midlife. Back in 2019, Twitter account Behind the Woman started a campaign to “Change the Face of Menopause”, after menopause images were usually portrayed as a sweaty woman with a fan. The campaign successfully proved that women could be vibrant and healthy whilst going through menopause. I rounded up a few of my friends to tell their stories and provide a more colourful portrayal of middle-aged ladies.


Improve your mental wellbeing during the menopause

You may also like to look at my mental health section which also has lots of tips on sleep, relaxation, and where to find help for your menopausal mental health matters.


Easing menopause symptoms through diet

I’ve recently started following a great new account on social media called Roar 4 Change which was founded by Sarah Brady. Sarah is a former chef who has studied nutrition and had great success in losing 8 stone in weight and improving her overall menopause health through diet. She set up Roar to help others, and has coached over 100 women, transforming their lives.

Sarah runs menopausal weight loss courses, but also gives out so much free advice through her website blogs, and on her social media accounts. Give Roar4Change a follow on any of the main social media channels and sign up for her free recipe books and she’ll keep in touch so you don’t miss out on her blogs.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on menopause.
Do you think it’s good that we are talking about it more?
What have you found best helps your menopause symptoms?


10 thoughts on “World Menopause Day

  1. What a great selection of posts, I have bookmarked this post so I can come back and spend time going through all the linked posts. Whilst menopause is creeping up on me its great to see it being talked about as its not something you read/hear of a lot – its almost as if its a taboo subject!


  2. I’ve got some time yet before menopause myself, but I’m so glad to see more people openly talking about it.

    My mom is really having a time with pre-menopause–I’m going to share this with her! Thank you!

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  3. I almost feel guilty that my menopause consisted of the stopping of my periods and not really much else. But on the other hand I’d just begun dealing with a chronic illness and some of the symptoms may have been lost in the melee of of other stuff going on in my body.

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      • You clip the magnet onto your underwear a few centimetres below the navel and it is supposed to sort out the magnetism in your body to help with stress hot flushes, heart palpitations, mood swings, anxiety, irritability, weight gain, memory lapses, fatigue, trouble sleeping & more. I’ve been wearing one for 18 months through Covid, when there is all the extra stress around, it isn’t perfect I still get some mild symptoms, and it takes a few months to feel any benefit, but it is drug free.


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