My Guest Posts, Collaborations, & Interviews

updated December 2021

Being a blogger is more than just writing your own posts and hitting publish. It can be hard to find your audience and gain followers when you first start out. A great way to get your blog and your words out there is to take part in guests posts, collaborations, interviews and photo contributions.

Hopefully, by sharing good quality writing on more established blogs, with a link back to your own blog, you will increase your Domain Authority (DA) score and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Below is a little about what each type of post is, along with names of where I’ve had posts published.


A guest post is where you write a post for publication on another blog or website. The owner of that website may publish a small biography with your piece, or give you a link back to your blog and often your social media channels.

I’ve had the following guest posts published:

May 2021 – how HRT Helped My Menopause

August 2019 – Random Act of Kindness (Book Review)

June 2019 – The Mummy Bloggers (Book Review)

May 2019 – Menopausal Beach Body Blues (Body confidence)

May 2019 – 3 Great Reads for Summer (Book Reviews)

November 2018 – Christmas Traditions (Travel)

November 2018 – Five Photos (Lifestyle)

November 2018 – 3 Recommended Reads (Books)

September 2018 – How to Pack for a Road Trip (Travel)

screen shot of my guest post at Diary of a Detour How to pack for a USA road trip - text and photo of open road and blue sky


A collaboration is where you contribute a piece of work to a bigger article for publication on another blog. This piece will be put together, along with the words of several other bloggers, to form a comprehensive piece on a certain subject, ie, 20 Things to do in Las Vegas.

You might contribute anything from a couple of lines, a paragraph or something around 250 words. You will get a writing credit, usually with a hyperlink in your name.

This is not to be confused with a brand collaboration, where you are paid to write an advertisement piece for a brand. This is all about bloggers working free with other bloggers.

I’ve collaborated on:

December 2021 (Christmas Traditions)

November 2021 (Winter Crafts)

November 2021 (Early Retirement)

October 2021 (Halloween with grandchildren)

October 2021 (Adult Halloween)

August 2021 (Autumn Hobbies)

August 2021 (Kerb Appeal)

August 2021 (Staff Motivation)

August 2021 (Vaccine Experiences)

May 2021 (Dream Cars)

May 2021 (Decorating Tips)

December 2020 (Christmas Traditions)

November 2020 (Happy at Home)

October 2020 (Covid Winter)

October 2020 (Halloween Recipes)

October 2020 (Winter Hobbies)

November 2019 (Christmas)

November 2019 (Christmas)

November 2019 (Lifestyle)

November 2019 (Christmas)

October 2019 (Lifestyle)

October 2019 (Recipes)

September 2019 (Travel)

August 2019 – Best Blogging Tips (Travel/Blogging)

July 2019 – Ultimate Bucket List of things to do in Spain (Travel)

July 2019 – Things to Do in California (Travel)

July 2019 – Importance of Making Time for Each Other (Lifestyle)

July 2019 – South West Road Trip Ideas (Travel)

July 2019 – FAQs about Care Homes (Lifestyle)

July 2019 – FAQs (Travel)

July 2019 – Best Travel Apps (Travel)

July 2019 – Tips for Travelling with Periods (Travel/Lifestyle)

June 2019 – Jetlag Advice (Travel)

June 2019 – Homesick Food (Travel)

May 2019 – Free Thing To Do In San Francisco (Travel)

May 2019 – Mental Health Experiences

April 2019 -My First Tattoo (Lifestyle)

April 2019 – Advice for Overcoming Perfectionism (Mental Health)

February 2019 – Tips for Getting More Exercise (Health)

February 2019 -Sedona in Hidden Gems of USA (Travel)

January 2019 -Tips for Dealing with Social Anxiety (Mental Health)

December 2018 – Christmas Lights (Travel)

December 2018 – Gifts That Keep on Giving (Eco)

November 2018 – An Attitude of Gratitude (Travel)

November 2018 – Guide to Romantic Destinations (Travel)

October 2018 – Keeping Warm (Health)

October 2018 – Bee the Change (Eco Issues)—2

July 2018 – 5 Questions (Books)—First-Books

screen shot of tips for staying warm in winter with chronic pain at counting my spoons


Some bloggers hold a regular interview feature where they ask their guests a set of questions. They might be about blogging, their particular niche or something more personalised.  Eg, I ran An Afternoon of Tea and Cake for the Soul where I asked questions relating to all the subjects that I cover here on my blog. You will usually get links back to your blog and social media accounts.

I’ve taken part in blogger interviews at:

October 2019 – Live a Blissful Life (Writing)

February 2019 – Eat To Heal (Mental Health)

December 2018 – Friday Night Drinks (Lifestyle)

November 2018 – Meet Tea & Cake (Blogging)

October 2018 – 20 Questions (Lifestyle)

September 2018 – My First Rally (Lifestyle)

June 2018 – Eat, Sleep, Love, Travel (Travel)

screen shot of eating to heal loss of appetite and depression interview with Jo

You can read more about my work in the links below:



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