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I recently discovered the author Shari Low, only to find out that she has been writing for 20 years and has a huge back catalogue. I read What If? in 2020, then started working my way through the rest of them. In this Author Spotlight on Shari Low, you will find book reviews of my favourites and her bibliography.

If you haven’t already discovered her books, I highly recommend that you do. Her stories are a mix of hilarious escapades alongside some very moving events that many of us experience in real life. Every book that I’ve read by Shari so far is a 5 star read.

Most of these timeless stories are set in Scotland with some familiar characters appearing in other stories. They are so well written that it really doesn’t matter what order you read them in.

Lots of them are available on Kindle Unlimited/Prime Reading too.

In this post, you will find book reviews for the following Shari Low books:

What If?

What Now?

One Day in Winter

Another Day in Winter

The Last Day in Winter

One Day in Summer

One Summer Sunrise

The Story of Our Life

With or Without You

This Is Me

The Moment of Truth

The Other Wives Club

Friday Night with the Girls

Temptation Street

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What If? by Shari Low (2000/2020) 

What If? is a very funny story set back in the 90s. As the year 2000 is fast approaching, nightclub manager Carly Cooper decides that she needs to take stock of her life and settle down before she hits 30. She feels that one of the 6 great loves of her life, really could have been “the one” so she quits her job and sets off on an around the world trip to hunt down these 6 men.

The story flips back further in time where we witness a younger Carly fall in and out of love with a succession of boys/young men. These experiences involve a lot of booze, varying amounts of sex, and take her to Benidorm, Amsterdam, Glasgow, Dublin, New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and London.

What If? is not only a good story in its own right, but it’s a fun trip down memory lane that had me remembering songs, tv shows, technology and the food mentioned. Supported by her troupe of childhood friends, this book is crying out to be made into a rom com movie.

What If? was originally published 20 years ago as Shari Low’s very first novel. 20 years and 20 books later this has been re-released in preparation for the 2021 sequel What Now?

Shari has such a witty way of writing that makes for an easy, fun read. This book is highly recommended and bound to put a smile on your face. 

candy pink book cover for What If by Shari Low depeicting a woman walking along dragging a hand luggage suit case

What Now? by Shari Low (2021) 

What Now? is the marvellous follow up to What If? and catches up with Carly Cooper and the gang 20 years later.

Recently separated from her husband, Carly struggles with the fact that her husband is taking the boys off on a USA road trip. Instead of being left to mope, her friends have arranged a surprise trip to Los Angeles to stay with old pal and ex in his luxury movie star home.

This book is just what is needed in the current climate where travel is not available. How I loved flying off first class with the girls to LA, even if it was virtually.

Reading a Shari Low book requires no effort and you are soon wrapped up in the characters and scenes. Much of it is very funny, but like life it has some sad moments too that generated more than a couple of tears. I love how What Now? is outrageous enough to get lost in the fiction, but real enough to resonate with it.

I enjoyed getting to know characters who have had cameo roles in other books, but are featured in more detail here. This time is was eccentric Auntie Val. What a scream she is.

blue book cover titled What Now? by shari Low picturing a woman with long blonde hair wearing a red dress with a trail of red hearts over the image


One Day in Winter/Another Day in Winter/The Last Day in Winter/One Day in Summer/One Summer Sunrise by Shari Low

Wow, these books by Shari Low have got to be amongst the most emotional reading experiences I’ve ever had. If you’ve ever read Me Before You by JoJo Moyes then you may well enjoy these too.

One Day in Winter,  Another Day in Winter and The Last Day in Winter are all set on the Friday before Christmas one year apart. One Day in Summer follows the year after in early summer.

Each story is told over a 24 hour period in Glasgow and focuses on three or four main characters whose lives have somehow become entwined or estranged. Each book has different characters, but some appear in each story, especially the eccentric duo Josie and Val.

Reading the introductory page, I wasn’t too sure that these books were going to be for me. There seemed to be an awful lot of characters, and I wondered if I would be spending too much time trying to get my head around who’s who.

However, from the very first chapter, I was hooked. Each book is very cleverly written, and the words flow effortlessly as more and more secrets unravel. I found them gripping and addictive.

I found that these books evoked so many emotions in me. The storylines cover death, betrayal, friendship, family, love, deceit and so much more. They show both the good and the bad in mankind.

And if the great writing and characters weren’t enough, you get to explore the stylish Merchant City of Glasgow via these books, from friendly family cafes and the botanical gardens, to upmarket hotels and trendy boutique stores. You do get a feel for Scotland’s largest city.

As is so often the case with me and new authors, I started with the last book first 🙄 but it didn’t spoil my enjoyment of the others.


I read a couple of these books in one day, with the others spanning two days when work got in the way of my reading 😂. They really are that good –  I just couldn’t put them down and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

In the summer of 2021, Shari Low releases One Summer Sunrise which follows the same winning formula.

The Story of Our Life by Shari Low

The Story of Our Life is set around the Richmond area of London. Twickenham, Kew, Heathrow, Notting Hill, the River Thames and numerous London locations all get a mention.

The story goes back to when Shauna and Colm met in 2001 to present day 2015/6. This style of story is not normally my preferred read but credit to the author for making it pleasant to follow and easy to make sense of.

As with all other Shari Low books that I’ve read so far, this story is very emotional and full of real characters and relatable life scenarios. Friends, family, romance, leisure, work and death.

It had several laugh out loud moments, and others that made me cry. People don’t always set out to hurt others, but for whatever reasons they do. It was easy to put yourself right in the story and it certainly makes you think about your own life and loved ones.

Another highly recommended emotive read from Shari Low.

You can read more from these characters in the One Day in Winter Series.

white book cover with the silouette of a man and woman sitting on a bridge flying a kite titled The Story of Our Life by Shari Low

With or Without You by Shari Low

Just Wow!

With or Without You  is told through a series of events, birthdays, weddings, christening and funerals. The first half tells the story of married couple Liv and Nate as they decide to split up on New Year’s Eve of the new millennium. The second half tells the story if they had made the decision to stay together on that night.

With or Without You is a very cleverly written book that made me laugh and cry. It demonstrates unconditional love between a group of friends.

I’m sure we’ve all had a moment on our lives where things would have been so different if we’d made another decision. Quite thought provoking and very different from anything I’ve ever read.

book cover depicting the silhouette of a man and woman facing each other in a wooded area with the title with or without you by shari low


This is Me by Shari Low

This is Me tells the story of two very different mothers: one who puts her husband first to the detriment of her children, and the other who is so wrapped up in her kids that her marriage falls apart.

Another interesting look at human nature, highlighting the way our pasts affect our future.

It was good to touch base with some of the characters from other Shari Low books. As always this is a real page turner with every chapter ending in a way that makes you want to read just one more.

white book cover with the silouette of two women standing on either side of a river bank titled This is me by shari Low


The Moment of Truth by Shari Low

Another brilliant and unique story from Shari Low. The Moment of Truth is about 3 friends who work together running their own company, Personal Proposals.

The company organises lavish, romantic proposals for their clients and we get to witness several of these wacky experiences throughout the book.
 However, one client comes in wanting to organise a proposal for her fiancé in New York and it turns out he has the same name as Laney’s husband 😲. As the story progresses the girls try to discover whether this is a co-incidence, identity theft or outright betrayal.


This book is funny, exciting and moving. I could almost feel the apprehension of the characters as the proposal arrived. My heart was actually pounding as I read. I was so invested in these women.
No spoilers but you’ll certainly get some surprises. Another winner.


book cover for The Moment of Truth by Shari Low picturing a silouette of a man and woman against the new york skyline


The Other Wives Club by Shari Low

The Other Wives Club takes us aboard the opulent setting of a cruise ship with several stops off in some wonderful European cities.  Workaholic Drew takes his wife, 2 ex wives and all 3 extended families on a cruise to celebrate his 50th birthday. What can possibly go wrong? 😂

As you’d expect this book is lots of fun, with lots of scandal. It has some great characters from every generation, as Drew has chosen new wives a decade younger in age with each new marriage! A Perfect bit of escapism.

If you enjoy some virtual travel you might also enjoy my other Tripfiction reading recommendations

book cover for the other wives club by shari low depicting the silouettes of people getting ready to board a cruise ship

Friday Night with the Girls by Shari Low

Friday Night with the Girls is about 3 friends who go away for a spa break to celebrate their upcoming 40th birthdays. They’ve been friends for nearly three decades since they were all aged 11.

The three women recall key moments of their lives throughout the decades: how they’ve supported each other through boyfriends and breakups, babies and businesses, and everything in between.

This is a wonderful trip through the 80s, 90s and 00s evoking personal memories of smoking St Moritz cigarettes, bleaching jeans in the bath, white stilettos and training as a hairdresser for under £39 a week. Along with a soundtrack and tv listings, this will evoke memories for anyone in their 40s and 50s.

Another brilliant read from Shari Low that has many laugh out loud moments along with a few that will have you reaching for your hankies. Girl Power!

book cover for Friday Night with the girls by Shari low picturing the silouette of 3 women standing at a bar overloooking the city of Glasgow

Temptation Street by Shari Low

Temptation Street is another great read featuring the staff from the boutique stores and salon in Merchant City, Glasgow. This story focuses on two couples as they discover an infidelity. Be prepared for lots of bed hopping, secrets and a storyline where you won’t foresee what will happen next.

Book cover for Temptation Street by Shari Low featuring the red silouette of a man and a womena hugging with the backdrop of a red brick row of houses and an old fashioned lamp post


Bibliography for Shari Low

One Summer Sunrise (2021)

What Now? (2021)

One Day in Summer (2020)

My One Month Marriage (2020)

The Last Day in Winter (2019)

This is Me (2019)

Another Day in Winter (2018)

With or Without You (2018)

Because Mummy Said So (2018)

One Day In Winter (2017)

A Life Without You (2017)

The Story of Our Life (2016)

The Moment of Truth (2015)

The Other Wives Club (2015)

Friday Night With the Girls (2011/2017)

Temptation Street (2010/2017)

The Motherhood Walk of Fame (2009)

A Brand New Me (2008)

Double Trouble (2003)

Why Not? (2002)

What If? (2000/2020)

Many of Shari Low’s books are set in Scotland or London, so you might like to check out my posts:

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Or some of my other Author Spotlights that focus on new and established women’s fiction authors.

Have you read any of the books  by Shari Low that I’ve mentioned? I’d love to know what you think of them and what one has been your favourite?


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