50 Random Acts of Kindness

Updated February 2021

There are many annual events and official days promoting kindness, but there doesn’t have to be an occasion for us all to be kind and spread some love. Here are 50 days of random acts of kindness that you can carry out all year round.  There are 50 different ideas that don’t have to cost very much or anything at all, ways to be kind to friends and family, strangers, those you admire, the environment and of course, yourself.

I originally wrote this for Blogtober and Blogmas and I always share on World Smile Day, World Values Day, Make a Difference Day, and World Kindness Day.  It’s nice to be nice and give the simple things in life, and it has the double benefit of making the giver feel good too.

I’ve been on the receiving end of some acts of kindness recently and I know how much it lifts me. Let me know if you try any.

50 Random Acts of Kindness

1. Reach out to a friend or someone that you know needs a kind word.
2. Give a cake/bag of cookies to a checkout assistant.
3. Give a small gift to a teacher.
4. Donate something to a charity shop.
5. Send a Thinking of You card through the post.
6. Compliment someone.
7. Give someone flowers.

woman holding a jar of flowers
Give someone flowers

8. Send a Thank You card through the post.
9. Donate a tin of food to your local pet charity in the supermarket.
10. Smile and say hello to people that you pass today.
11. Offer to do or help with someone’s shopping.
12. Buy someone a lottery ticket or scratch card.
13. Tell an author, artist, musician or blogger how much you love their work and why.
14. Buy a homeless person a hot drink.

homeless man
Buy a homeless person a hot drink

15. Send an “I love you” card to your parents no matter how old you are.
16. Donate something to a homeless shelter.
17. Leave a positive review for an author, artist, hotel or small business if you’ve enjoyed their service.
18. Give Blood.
19. Show support to a charity or cause, even if it’s by sharing a social media post.
20. Take cookies or cakes to work even if it isn’t your birthday.
21. Phone a friend.

Phone a friend

22. Donate to the food bank.
23. Send someone a small “I saw this and thought of you” gift.
24. Volunteer some of your time for a charity, school or local cause.
25. Share a cake or cookie recipe with someone.
26. Be a book angel and leave a book on a park bench, bus or train for someone else to enjoy.
27. Take part in the Rucksack Project.
28. Message 5 of your friends that you haven’t spoken to for a while just to say “Hi, how are you?”.

books apple and flowers on a bench
Leave a book on a park bench for someone to enjoy

Be Kind to the Environment

29. Encourage wildlife to your garden by planting a bee and butterfly friendly plants. Add an insect home, nesting boxes for birds, and a bird bath and bird feeders.
30.  Add an extra layer of clothing or blanket before turning up the heating. Reduce your energy consumption by turning off lights when you leave the room, don’t leave running taps when you clean your teeth, collecting rainwater and cooking water  to water plants.
31. Meal plan to reduce food waste. Make leftovers into other meals and side dishes.
32. Buy locally, organically and ethically. Support small businesses where possibly.
33. Travel and eat out as ethically as possible by cutting back on disposable waste products.
34. Reduce your plastic consumption and make ecobricks  with the excess plastic you do have.
35. Make sure you reuse, recycle and repurpose what you can.

36. Be kind to nature. Always leave it as you find it and leave no trace.
37. Organise a community litter pick.
38. Take part in a 2 minute beach clean whenever you visit the beach.

Post Covid Acts of Kindness

39. Hug family and friends.
40. Take someone out for breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea.
41. Offer to babysit for someone.
42. Invite someone to Sunday lunch.
43. Host a tea party or coffee morning.

Be Kind to Yourself

You are important too! If you’re not in tip top condition then you won’t be much use to anyone else either.

44. Eat and drink healthily.
45. Give up bad vices.
46. Exercise daily.
47. Reduce social media use.
48. Allow yourself time to read or watch a movie.
49. Have a pamper day, whether you go to a spa, have a girlie night in, or just have a soak in the bath and do your nails.
50. Tell yourself you are worth it every day of the year!

Do you have any more suggestions for random acts of kindness?

#WorldKindnessDay 13th November
#WorldValuesDay 18th October
#WorldSmileDay 2 October

16 thoughts on “50 Random Acts of Kindness

  1. I think I might try to do the last one now. However, these are so many small ways to make a difference, and the smallest things can truly go a long way.

    Liked by 1 person

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