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[updated July 2022]

I’ve been a fan of author Bella Osborne’s books for a while now, and as she has two new releases this year, I decided she deserved an author spotlight here on Tea and Cake for the Soul. In this post you will find book reviews for Bella’s books and a bibliography of everything that she has released so far. I hope you’ll find something to read and enjoy.

Bella Osborne’s books are often released as a four-part series over the period of a few weeks, with the complete book being released as one story towards the end of the series. I do actually like this as each episode is only 99p so you get the chance to try the first part before committing to the whole book, and it’s easy to read in an afternoon.

Book reviews for:

The Girls
It Started at Sunset Cottage
The Promise of Summer
Pebble Beach
One Family Christmas
The Library
A Walk in Wildflower Park

It Started at Sunset Cottage by Bella Osborne (2015)

It started at Sunset Cottage was the debut novel from Bella Osborne published back in 2015.

This is an interesting story that has lots of twists and turns so don’t be fooled by the cosy cover. Although home baking gets plenty of mentions from butterscotch tart to cookies and chocolatey birthday cakes, there are some darker moments in this story too.

I had a pretty good idea of how the love interests would pan out but there were lots of interesting plotlines along the way with movie stars, drug dealers, and foul mouthed mother-in-laws. There are lots of fun parts too, but I won’t spoil it for you. I really enjoyed this book, it’s the perfect bit of escapism for current times.

Currently free on Prime Reading and Kindle Unlimited.

book cover for It Started at Sunset Cottage by Bella Osborne picturing a cottage surrounded by flowers and folliage in a post about book recommendations for chick lit and women's fiction written in the last two decades

The Girls by Bella Osborne (2022)

The Girls is a story of four women in their 60s, 70s, and 80s. They all lived together in the 1970s and have been brought together again by Zara who suggests they would all benefit from living together again in their golden years.

All four women are very different in their personalities and background, but one thing they all show is that society shouldn’t write older women off. Just because the outer body is wearing out, the minds are still the same.

I really enjoyed this story. Without giving anything away, in true Bella Osborne style, you can expect to discover every emotion as this story has a bit of everything, with plenty of twists and turns along the way.

book cover picturing four suitcases and a grey cat titled the girls by bella osborne

The Promise of Summer by Bella Osborne (2021)

The Promise of Summer is told by 30-something Ruby and middle-aged Kim who owns the flower shop they both work in. Ruby has suffered so many dating disasters and is almost at the point of giving up her dream of romance. A chance encounter on a train with two very different men could change all that.

This is a warm, feel-good story filled with random acts of kindness. As always Bella Osborne’s books are well written with lovely characters. Even though you think you know how the love interests will pan out, there’s still a bit of mystery with a really good storyline that makes you want to read on.

I loved that it included rescue dogs, the seaside, and some funny menopausal moments. I’d love to see a follow up to this book. Highly recommended.

Originally published in 4 parts with the full story being released 27 July 2021 Avon Books

book cover for the promise of summer by author bella osborne depicting a woman sitting under a tree with a dog

Meet Me At Pebble Beach by Bella Osborne (2020)

Meet Me at Pebble Beach is about Regan who makes a fantasy list of what she would do if she won the lottery. Her winning numbers “come up” and we follow her journey of what happens next.

After reading part one in April 2020, I felt that the main character Regan was quite scatty, slovenly and even a bit lazy. She did seem to have her heart in the right place, and I felt that we would see her develop quite a bit in future episodes of this story.

As the story progressed it took on a heavier slant dealing with homelessness in Brighton and terminal ill health. I wondered how Bella Osborne was going to give this one a happy ending.  I can’t say much more without giving you any spoilers but the book is a good mix of lightheartedness and serious issues.

I like the acknowledgements in the back of the books for the individuals and charities involved in giving Bella advice for this story. Homelessness in Brighton is a cause I like to support personally.

book cover titled meet me at pebble beach by bella osborne depicting a woman standing next to a row of beachhuts

One Family Christmas by Bella Osborne (2020)

After the sad loss of her nana, Lottie hosts one last family Christmas in nana’s home before it is sold off. The story mostly covers Christmas Day and Boxing Day, reliving traditions within the family, along with a whole host of unexpected guests. Although the loss of nana is clearly very sad, this book is beautiful, upbeat and a riotous festive read.

I loved reading about the baking that Lottie did, with and without Nana. These old family recipes are something to treasure. I have my own nan’s recipe for stuffing and Christmas pudding and fondly remember her making them for each family member. And just like in this story she lined the ceramic bowls with parchment and tinfoil and tied it with string. This stirred up some very fond memories for me and I always get a bit misty-eyed at Christmas time missing my own nan.

There are so many festivities in this story that will resonate with most readers – making homemade Christmas cake, sausage rolls, and mince pies. And of course, the wonderful traditions like decorating the tree together remembering stories behind special Christmas baubles.

One Family Christmas is full of great characters and lots of slapstick humour, especially relating to Lottie’s mum, Duchess the cat, and Dave the dog. Add in some drama, a couple of love affairs, a moving and heartwarming ending, and it all makes for the perfect Christmas read. I think this has been my favourite Christmas read of 2020 so far and I really hope there will be more books featuring this cast.

published October 2020 Avon Books

book cover titled One Family Christmas by Bella Osborne depicting three people sitting around a table with a Christmas tree in the background

The Library by Bella Osborne (2021)

The Library explores the unlikely friendship between a teenage boy and a young-at-heart septuagenarian as they work together to save the local library.

I felt this one started a little slow but I know that Bella Osborne always delivers, so I kept reading. The Library has a child-like innocence to it but as the story progresses it covers some harder-hitting subjects like poverty, grief, and alcoholism.

Obviously, this is a great one for book lovers. I reminisced at the many books mentioned that I’d read myself, as well as soaking up the calmness experienced when visiting a library. In contrast, I loved visiting Maggie’s farm enjoying the characters of the various animals, and I certainly learnt something new about lambing 😲.

Warning: there’s also a lot of cake mentioned which left me feeling very hungry.

Published September 2021 Aria Books

book cover titled The Library by Author Bella Osborne depicting a pile of books with a pair of glasses on top

A Walk in Wildflower Park by Bella Osborne (2019)

Wildflower Park was the first book that I’d read by Bella Osborne and I loved it. I read this as a four-parter and couldn’t wait for each new “novella” to be released.

After splitting from her fiance, Anna moves into the beautiful area of Wildflower Park and forms new friendships and a new life for herself. It is full of characters that you’ll love, and those that you’ll loathe. As the story evolves we get to learn more about the women, their families, work life, and Wildflower Park itself.

The story felt new and fresh and I didn’t always anticipate what was coming next. It was well written and easy to read, full of humour and real life scenarios. The finale was a mix of romance, drama, and tragedy. Even though the storyline was quite dark, it was still enjoyable. A big thumbs up from me.

collage of 12 books with the text author spotlight bella osborne at Tea and cake for the soul
Save for later

As you can see below in Bella Osbourne’s bibliography, I still have a few older books to catch up on, so of course I will update with reviews when I’ve read them.

Have you read any books by the author Bella Osborne?
I’d love to know which one was your favourite.

Bella Osborne Bibliography

It Started At Sunset Cottage (2015)
A Family Holiday (2016)
Escape To Willow Cottage (2017)
Coming Home to Ottercombe Bay (2018)
A Walk in Wildflower Park (2019)
Meet Me At Pebble Beach (2020)
One Family Christmas (2020)
The Promise of Summer (2021)
The Library (2021)
The Girls (2022)
A Wedding at Sandy Cove (2022)



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  1. Meet Me At Pebble Beach sounds really interesting, I have what I think I would do if I won the lotto, but if I did win, that might be completely different.

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  2. I’d not heard of her but I’m seeing a few reviews of her works around the blogs now. I didn’t realise she’d written so much in such a short space of time.

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  3. I have not read any of her books, but I know that many bloggers I follow do and really enjoy them. I am doing a Christmas in July theme, so may check out One Family Christmas. Nice post.

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