Rebyl Vybes Eco-friendly Subscription Pamper Box Review

Today, I’d love to share my review of the new Rebyl Vybes subscription pamper boxes.

Rebyl Vybes are a new small business who send out monthly gift boxes full of lovely natural, sustainable pamper products that all come in recyclable packaging. Not only that, they source all the contents themselves from other small businesses across the UK, so by buying a box, you are supporting several other companies.

AD: Gifted
Let me start by saying that this was gifted to me for review purposes, but rest assured I only share reviews of products that I love and am happy to recommend.

My Rebyl Vybes box was delivered by Royal Mail in a letterbox friendly parcel, which is handy if you are not always at home when the post comes.

Even though the outer packaging was just a plain brown box, every effort is made to make it look like a gift inside, with pretty tissue paper wrap and shredded paper to protect each item.


What’s in a Rebyl Vibes subscription box

The first thing I noticed was a cute postcard made for planting – this is ingenious, and something that I’d only heard about a few days before. The postcard contains a lovely message with full instructions of how to plant it to grow into wild flowers. Isn’t that just the loveliest thing ever? 🌼

My box also contained:

  • A list of contents with cautions such as possible allergens
  • 3 camomile bath bombs from The Natural Spa
  • A tin of lip balm from Holly Botanic
  • A tea light
  • A wax melt by Helensburgh Soapy Suds
  • Shampoo and conditioners bars also from The Natural Spa (something I’ve wanted to try for ages)
  • A sachet of tea from Tea by the Sea,
  • A beautiful beaded bracelet, and
  • A recipe sheet for a homemade face mask.

Obviously each monthly box will vary but you can be assured of the same high standard and selection of ethically-sourced, sustainable items.

If you’ve read some of my other posts, you may be aware that I’m very sensitive to fragrance, often resulting in a coughing fit, but this whole box smells absolutely gorgeous. It’s not overwhelming and smells wonderfully natural.

Rebyl Vybes are planning to introduce a home box, which I’m really looking forward to. That will include plastic free alternatives to everyday items so will be a good introduction to moving towards a greener, waste free life if you’re not already.


photo of a subscription pamper box containing candles and items wrapped in green and blue tissue paper
My pamper box from Rebyl Vybes


How much does a Rebyl Vybes subscription box cost?

I feel that the Rebyl Vybes box is good value for money. One regular pamper box will cost £25 a month, but if you take a 3 month subscription they work out to just £20 per month. At the moment they have an offer on where the first box is half price, so a 3 month subscription will work out at just £50! Larger pamper boxes are available too at a slightly higher price.

I’m not generally one for treating myself, but I do like to treat others. These boxes can be gifted to friends and family, so this could be your Christmas shopping done in one fell swoop. 😉 You can find more photos on my Instagram page.

If you like the sound of this, head over to their webshop to order or sign up for the Rebyl Vybes mailing list.

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photo of a computer screen with a blue green logo saying REBYL VYBES and text about Tea and Cake for the soul reviews
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