Where to Find the Best Worthing Street Art

I love to go to Brighton and Portsmouth to hunt out new street art, but I found out that there is now a huge collection of street art in Worthing too. We spent a weekend there recently and set aside a few hours to hunt out the best Worthing street art.

I plotted all the art that I found on a map and have shared the locations with you to give you the opportunity to go on your own street art hunt. I have also written a little about some of the artists and how they became involved.

The Best Worthing Street Art

There are a few photos below, but to save any spoilers I have put the rest of them on my Facebook page.

I was amazed at quite how much street art there is now in Worthing. It’s not just a few pieces scattered about either. Worthing is home to the UK’s largest mural, has a graffiti portrait collection of Worthing’s famous residents, a huge hoarding attracting artists from all over the UK, several alleyways and subways covered in art, and even its own 10 Downing Street mural.

street art mural painted on the back wall of a house in Worthing depicting the door and house front on 10 Downing Street London
10 Downing Street in Worthing

Horace Art Worthing Street Artist

Much of the street art found in Worthing has been stencilled and spray painted by the street artist Horace. He has a huge range of styles that includes Banksy type portraits, brightly coloured pop art, and birds/animals, especially pigeons and seagulls.

He is responsible for designing the UK’s largest street art mural that was unveiled in Worthing in July 2020.

Horace painted a controversial series of 11 celebrities around town, all of whom have some association with Worthing. They are hashtagged #worthinggraffitiportraits and include Billy Idol, Nicolette Sherridan, Horace Duke, Simon Mayo, Tank Girl, Gwendoline Christie, Oscar Wilde, Kenny Tutt, Dave Benson Phillips and the band Royal Blood.

(Please note these are all marked with an * in the Worthing Street Art locations below. I couldn’t find all of them but as is the ever-changing nature of street art, they may have been painted over.)

Another potentially controversial image was his police line-up of baddies painted for Worthing Wormhole Comic Con. It originally featured the TV and movie villains: Darth Vader, The Joker, Harley Quinn, and Dr Who’s Daleks, but Horace decided to add in Prime Minister, Boris Johnson too.

Wall mural street art by artist Horace in Prospect Place Worthing showing a police line up style lineup featuring a dalek, darth vader, the joker, boris johnson and harley quinn. Next to it is a red white and blue target logo with the words Get Tanked, followed by a Tank Girl portait and some pop art.
Police Line Up mural in Prospect Place, Worthing

Anonymous Worthing street artist Horace, named himself after the iconic local eccentric Horace Duke. Horace Duke was also known as Burlington Bertie and was well known in Worthing for wearing a suit and a boater hat. He was also known for giving out abuse to passing vehicles and people as he stood on the roundabouts. He was certainly a character by all accounts. You will spot a couple of street art images of Horace around the town.

We found a huge street art collection on the hoardings around a building site near the station. I asked Horace how the street art project for this came about:

Horace Street Artist: “Hiya, yeah I wanted to paint something on the hoarding for ages as it was an eyesore. When we did the Portland road mural, I found out that the council wouldn’t object, so we just started inviting artists. It gave me the idea for a town wide street art festival which I am currently planning for next year. The hoarding still has spaces if any other artists want to paint there.”

Banksy style street art mural on the Rose and Crown pub wall in Worthing featuring a man named Horace Duke wearing a suit and boater hat with a rose in it.

Horace Duke street art by artist Horace Art

The Postman Street Artist

The Postman is actually a duo and well known in Brighton and all over the world. Their signature work adapts iconic portrait photographs with brightly coloured hair, and intricate image decoration to their clothing.

Be sure to look closely as there is so much more to this artwork than you first think. These images are then printed and pasted up on billboards and walls the whole world over. This type of street art is known as paste-up art or wheatpaste art.

They contributed huge images of James Dean and Madonna on the hoardings as part of the Worthing street art project.  I asked The Postman how they got involved:

The Postman Street Artist: “The project was organised by Barry from Worthing’s new gallery OneZeeArt. He approached the council and invited all the artists.

We chose James Dean and Madonna as those were our latest designs. We wanted to show some classic postman work as it’s our first piece in Worthing”

Portait of James Dean adapted by the street artist The Postman. The image has purple hair and brightly coloured images on the jacket
James Dean Postman style

Glimmertwin Street Artist

Glimmertwin is one of my favourite spray paint street artists from the Brighton area. He paints murals in a variety of styles all over Sussex and beyond and can also be commissioned to paint a piece of bestoke art for your home exterior and interior.

I myself commissioned him to paint some angel wings for a friend of mine for her birthday to surprise her when she was doing her own street art hunt.

My favourite pieces of his have been a remembrance day piece on the outside of a house in Sussex, and an older Halloween mural in Brighton from a couple of years back. You can also spot his signature logo on the hoardings in Worthing.

two street art murals in Worthing - one is a jungle scene by artist Favela and the other a golden skull by Glimmertwin
Glimmertwin with Favela

Rebel Romeo Street Artist

I’ve not been able to find out anything about the artist Rebel Romeo and he/she doesn’t appear to have a social media presence. I first spotted one of the few pieces by Rebel Romeo last year. It is still there on the wall opposite Whisky Galore. They mostly seem to be stencilled words of love and passion, with a small image embellishment such as a rose or heart. I’ve only ever seen them in Worthing so perhaps they are a local artist.

Update: I’ve since found out that Rebel Romeo publishes their poetry on Instagram under the tag of @wordsmith.a.r

a stenciled street art poem on a wall with the tag rebel romeo and two pink flamigos facing each other in Worthing
Words of love by Worthing Street Artist, Rebel Romeo,

The UK’s Largest Street Art Mural, Worthing

The UK’s largest street mural can be found on the tarmac in Portland Road. Local Worthing street artist, Horace was commissioned to design the mural as part of the Time for Worthing project. The street art mural spells out Back in The Game. It measures 50 x 10m and covers the whole road pedestrianizing it as part of Worthing town centre’s recovery from Coronavirus.

(You will also find another nod to Coronavirus on Horace’s David Bowie mural on the New Amsterdam pub pictured below.)

pink box painted on the floor with the text time for worthing. This is part of the UK's largest ever mural painted on the road in Worthing titled back in the game
Time for Worthing, Back in the Game

Addresses of Worthing Street Art

If you want to find the best street art in Worthing, then follow my directions below.  If you are not local to Worthing you could park along the seafront (in many places it is free), in the multi story car park or in some of the road side parking spaces. Alternatively park near the train station and do your street art hunt in reverse.

Some of the art is best viewed in the morning before shops open so that shutters are down and art is not obstructed by tables, chairs and pedestrians.

1. Rose and Crown, 173 Montague Street, Worthing
– Horace Duke by Horace Art
– Dog with rose by Rebel Romeo/Horace Art opposite  

2. Whisky Rooms, High St, Worthing
– Red girl mural on the side wall
– Hearts & skulls on shutters
– Rebel Romeo flamingo script on opposite building wall

3. Yamu Yamu, High Street Worthing
– shop front – cats

4. Portland Road, Worthing
– On the road is UK’s largest mural designed by Horace Art
– Cats on the utility boxes and shop walls
– Flowered walls at The Libertine Social/Bar 

5.  Prospect Place, Worthing
– Villains police line-up, Tank Girl & more by Horace Art

6. 20 Bath Place, Worthing
– Tank Girl by Horace Art *

7. The Egromont, Brighton Rd, Worthing
– Billy Idol by Horace Art *

8. Broadway Barbers, 9 The Broadway, Worthing
– Nicolette Sheridan by Horace Art *

9. 28 Warwick St, Worthing
– Kenny Tutt by Horace Art *

10. Corner of Ann Street/High Street, Worthing
 – Girl and rainbow by Horace Art

11. The Corner House, 80 High Street
– Seagull, Oscar Wilde by Horace Art *

12. New Amsterdam, Worthing
– Seagull, Davie Bowie & Dave Benson Phillips by Horace Art *

13. The Subway under the roundabout at North Street, Worthing
– all walls are covered in artwork

14. Newlands Road, opposite Morrisons, Worthing
– Huge pigeon in a target and Horace Duke by Horace Art
– Numerous pieces in the alley including 10 Downing Street, pop art, mermaid, banana, shop signage & more

15.  Hoardings around the building site on A24/Teville Road, Worthing
– Numerous pieces by Horace Art, Glimmertwin, The Postman, Msadre & more including Steve MacQueen, James Dean, portraits, pop art, graffiti script, etc

I didn’t visit these, but you might like to see if these are still there:

50 Heene Road, Worthing (Simon Mayo by Horace Art) *
111 Broadwater East, Worthing (Royal Blood by Horace Art) *
40 Selden Road, Worthing – (Gwendoline Christie by Horace Art) *

There are also a few pieces at the back of The Forge Art Gallery but I couldn’t access it as the gates were locked. I believe there may also be another Tank Girl by Worthing station.

Photos of the Best Worthing Street Art

You can find all the photos from my street art hunts in Worthing, Brighton, Portsmouth as well as other parts of the UK and USA by looking at my Facebook photo albums HERE.



26 thoughts on “Where to Find the Best Worthing Street Art

  1. Rebel Romeo has a Instagram page where majority of the words for art are from

    All for one girl in particular I believe, a mysterious Juliet of Worthing.

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  2. I just know you and I would make the best of friends if we didn’t live a whole ocean away. I LOVE street art! Luckily Cincinnati does, too and you can find it all over town. Someday. I’ll have to head up there with my camera and share some. No doubt there’ll be plenty new to see. It’s been a long time. You’re always inspiring my love of all things art. Thanks!

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