Halloween Pumpkin Art & Crafts

(updated October 2021)
Over the years I have come across lots of different Halloween pumpkin art and thought some of them were too good not to share. All the artists kindly gave permission for them to be featured. From sketches to street art, hand made crafts, postbox toppers, and music inspired pumpkin carvings to huge pumpkin collages.

Take a look at some of my favourites and find out about this year’s Big Neighbourhood Pumpkin Trail, an interactive Halloween art idea, to replace Trick or Treating.

2 tall squash pumpkins with grumpy faces carved into the front.
photo with kind permission from @skelf_drawing

Halloween Street Art

Halloween is a prevalent time for street art. Check out this very cool piece of Halloween pumpkin art from Sean Glimmertwin Lyons in Trafalgar Lane Brighton last October.

Halloween celebration street art wall painting by Glimmertwin Carved pumpkin with small child
Street Art by Glimmertwin in Trafalgar Lane Brighton Halloween 2018

I also spotted this at the bottom end of Brighton town. I’m hoping to go back this year to see what has been painted in its place.

green wall painted with street art of an orange pumpkin with purple graffiti lettering either side

Pumpkin Postbox Toppers

2021 saw a boom in crocheted postbox toppers appearing all over the UK. This is one I took by the very talented Margaret Colman, but I’ve seen many more Halloween and pumpkin inspired toppers over Facebook and Instagram. They certainly brighten up our streets.

crocheted postbox topper with a selection of pumpkins, leaves and toadstools on the top of a royal mail red postbox
Pumpkin postbox topper by Margaret Colman

Pumpkin Pinata

Stateside my friend @DeeDeeDangerr is embracing her hobby of making pinatas, and has created this fabulous Halloween themed pumpkin pinata. It would be a shame to smash it up wouldn’t it?

photo of a pumpkin pinata make with full body, arms &, legs wearing a black pointy hat

Music-inspired Halloween Pumpkin Carvings

I run social media for several bands and have seen some creative carvings inspired by people’s favourite musicians. I added a few to this post last year and have had several more come in since. Aren’t they fabulous?

If you have any more, please send them in to the UK Psychobilly Archives Facebook page.

Photos with kind permission from:
Chris Ashfield for Guana Batz and Demented Are Go skull
Ant Thomas for Frankenstein and The Misfits
Pip Hancox for the bat
Sonia Hammond for the Stray Cats and Demented are Go.
Vince Wooloff for King Kurt
and The Delta Bombers.

Halloween Pumpkin Art Display

The UK is starting to follow the lead from the USA for all things Halloween and many families go off to the pumpkin patch to choose their own. This farm at Slindon in Sussex makes their own pumpkin art display. Check out this 100th anniversary memorial piece in honour of the RAF. Sadly there is no display in 2020 due to Covid restrictions but I look forward to seeing the theme in 2021.

collage display of pumpkins to make an aeroplane for Halloween pumpkin art
Photo with kind permission from Diary of a Detour

Inktober & The Big Draw

Last year I took part in the blog challenge Blogtober, but afterwards I found out about Inktober and Blogoween running at the same time. This year I learned of another campaign called The Big Draw. All are great ways to share written words and imagery.

The Big Draw has actually been running since 2000 and was previously known as The Campaign for Drawing. It was set up to draw attention to the importance and joy of this expressive art (no pun intended).

Bloggers taking part in Blogtober share one blog post a day for all of October on any subject. Blogoween focuses on all Halloween inspired content, and Inktober is for artists to share an ink drawing each day for the entire month.

Inktober was originally created by Jake Parker back in 2009 to improve his drawing skills and habits. Luckily for us art lovers, it grew to the extent that 1000s of artists from all over the world now take part and share their work.

Some tattoo artists also take part and even offer discounts for horror inspired tattoos or artwork specifically created for Inktober.

There are some fantastic creations being posted on social media and I’m pleased to be able to share some artwork with you from Sandra Evans Art. She draws one spooky sketch per day as her contribution to Inktober. I love this pencil drawn pumpkin art. Just like the picture, I know many friends feel the same sadness when Halloween ends on 31st.  Do make sure you check out her Facebook page for more art.

Hand drawn black and white sketch of crying pumpkin looking a the diary date of 3 Nov for Halloween Stories and Art from Around the World for Blogtober
Inktober – a sketch each day in October – with kind permission from Sandra Evans Art

I also love these Halloween pumpkin paintings from Emanuil Angelov. He has a new one in progress for this year’s Halloween so do check him out on Instagram.

painting of a man with a pumpkin head looking down at a small child for Halloween Pumpkin Art post
With kind permission from Emanuil Angelov
Painting of a skelton man holding a pumpkin head with a bat flying over his hat
With kind permission from Emanuil Angelov

Alternative Pumpkin Art Gifts for Trick or Treating

Here are some alternatives to sweet treats for Trick or Treating. I discovered the crafter Cherished Stones who decorates and sells these wonderful painted rocks. I’m sure any child would be delighted to receive something like this rather than sweets/candy. I think adults might quite like them too as decoration for the home, I know I do. Check out her collection of Halloween painted rocks including some cute pumpkin art.

collection of rocks painted for halloween monsters ghosts zombies
Alternative to sweet “Trick or Treats” from Cherished Stones

SamSams Knitted & Crocheted Pumpkins

I also came across a Facebook page called Sam Sams offering cool knitted and crocheted items for the home. I just loved their selection of pumpkins. Very cute indeed.

collection of knitted and crocheted pumpkins in orange brown and yellow wool with a wooden plague saying handmade by SamSams
photo thanks to Sam Sams

Missy Lola Jewellery

A friend of mine that took part in my menopause post has started making her own jewellery, and recently added some Halloween pieces. I particularly like this pumpkin design. Head over to her Etsy shop to purchase. There’s nothing to say Trick or Treat is only for kids, treat yourself or a loved one.

orange and black necklace with a pumpkin charm displayed on a rustic wooden block background for halloween pumpkin art
Pumpkin Jewellery from Missy Lola

The Teal Pumpkin Project

I love the idea of The Teal Pumpkin Project in the USA. This innovation plans to make Trick or Treat inclusive for children who have food allergies by offering an alternative to an edible treat.

Participants display a teal pumpkin outside their door to let children know they can have “candy” or a “prize”. I really like that wording so that children don’t feel like they are missing out on anything.

There are some fantastic printable resources on the teal pumpkin website including stencils, activity sheets, masks, etc. There are lots of things you could offer rather than plastic tat which totally goes against my eco ethics, such as stickers, pencils, notepads, or eco-friendly gifts.

Although this is based in the USA it would be easy to participate in any country. If you wanted to make your own teal pumpkin, you could buy a small tester pot of paint from a DIY shop and let the kids have fun painting their own pumpkin.

teal pumpkin project for halloween usa custom blue pumpkin on step with 2 orange pumpkins

The Big Neighbourhood Pumpkin Crawl

This year’s Covid pandemic brings about a new idea to replace Trick or Treating. As many parents and households feel uneasy about handling so many packs of sweets and treats, numerous homes are getting on board with The Big Neighbourhood Pumpkin Crawl.

It’s along the lines of “The Bear Hunt” and “Rainbow Hunt”s that were running earlier in year. The idea is that each household prints off or makes a piece of pumpkin art and places it in their window or garden.

Children can then walk around the locality during October with their family and count how many pumpkins they can find. Instead of getting treats from neighbours, the children’s parents will reward them with each pumpkin found.

I have to say, I prefer this to Trick or Treating.

You can join the Facebook Group HERE
Get your free printable for The Big Neighbourhood Pumpkin Crawl HERE.

printable outline of a pumpkin with the text The Big Neighbourhood Pumpkin Trail

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of my favourite Halloween pumpkin art. There are so many creatives out there making pumpkin art for Halloween. I’ve seen some great ideas on upcycling sites using old socks, books and tin lids turning them into pumpkin displays.

If you’re not up to arts and crafts, why not try out some of my Halloween pumpkin recipes below. They are all tried and tested by me and are absolutely delicious.

Cookies & Roasted Seeds

Pumpkin Muffins

3 Pumpkin Soups

Or maybe you fancy having a go at growing your own? Find out how to grow your own pumpkin at All That Grows.

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  1. Pumpkin art projects can teach valuable lessons about positive and negative shapes and still make some very cool Halloween art.


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