Seatox Seeweed Skincare Company – Bath Soak Review

Find out about the wonderful eco-friendly, waste free, vegan, organic skincare range from Seatox, along with a review of the seaweed bath soak

Is Digitalisation Good for More Than the Environment?

Is digitalisation the way to ensure safety, efficiency and a more positive carbon footprint. Read on to find out how companies are moving forward, especially since the need to be Covid secure.

Waste Free Halloween – Ideas for having an eco friendly celebration for all ages

Halloween is generally a time of huge waste. Read my tips of how to be more eco friendly by reusing, swapping and being creative to ensure a waste free Halloween holiday.

Where to Find the Best Worthing Street Art

Are you planning a trip to Worthing? It now has a vibrant collection of street art. My map and list of addresses will show you the best places to view street art and I will tell you a little bit about some of the artists.

BOOK of FACES by Skelf – Lockdown Art

Interview with the artist Skelf about his lockdown art project BOOK of FACES. Find out how you can get your own Skelf portrait.

Rose Hurles Art

Ad: Gifted – This item was gifted to me in exchange for a review but all words and thoughts are my own. I came across these wonderful prints and cards from Rose Hurles Art recently and as Christmas is approaching I thought I’d share with you all as they’d make perfect gifts. I was more … Continue reading Rose Hurles Art

15 Environmentally Friendly & Money Saving Ways for Moving House

Tips for decluttering and finding the most eco friendly ways to move house, from using recycled packaging to finding a budget house moving company.

Arts, Crafts, Upcycling & Eco Issues at Tea and Cake for the Soul

I come from that working class generation of the 60s and 70s, and have always had a strong reuse and make do ethic.  People didn't have everything that they wanted back then. Life's amenities weren't so disposable. It was long before people became aware of what modern day living was doing to the planet. I can't … Continue reading Arts, Crafts, Upcycling & Eco Issues at Tea and Cake for the Soul

15 Free & Budget Ways to say Thank You to Teachers

Christmas is a time of huge expense for most families. In recent years it has become customary to buy gifts for teachers. As a former teacher myself, I can assure you that it is not expected or necessary.  It doesn't have to cost anything to show gratitude so I have listed 15 free and budget … Continue reading 15 Free & Budget Ways to say Thank You to Teachers

11 Ways to Reduce Plastic & Paper Waste in Hotels, Cafes & Bars

Suggestions for reducing your plastic and paper waste when visiting hotels, cafes and bar including dealing with waste caused by Covid-19 restrictions.

Is Cheaper Pre-packed Food Creating More Plastic Waste?

12 ways to reduce plastic waste addressing the question "Is cheaper pre-packed food making us waste more plastic?"

Mother Punk – Upcycling Musical Instruments for Art

Following on from my features of how to upcycle music memorabilia into art, I would like to share some of the wonderful upcycling creations from my friend Suzanne Reddington aka Mother Punk. Suzanne is artistic by nature and comes from a family of musicians and music lovers. She has shared many of her projects with … Continue reading Mother Punk – Upcycling Musical Instruments for Art

Ecobricks – How to Reuse Your Non-Recyclable Plastic Waste

Everything you need to know about how to make an ecobrick to reuse your non-recyclable plastic waste with useful links to help you.

How to Make Art & Upcycle your Music Memorabilia

Lots of ideas of how you can upcycle your music memorabilia and instruments to make cool original art for your home or gifts for a music lover.

Buy your music merch from Psychobilly Kicks Back to raise money for their cancer charity

Read about how the musical charity Psychobilly Kicks Back raises money through gigs, records and sales for Cherry Lodge Cancer Unit in London. See some of their wonderful upcycling creations made especially to see to raise funds.

How To Reuse, Redistribute & Recycle Your Rubbish

Reduce landfill by reusing, redistributing and recycling your rubbish with some of the great ideas in this post.

DIY Alternatives to Sending Christmas Cards

Are you fed up with writing Christmas cards? Would you rather send something that can be used instead? Have a look at my DIY alternatives to Christmas cards from festive tea to bistro candle holders, Christmas baubles and more.

Hot Pink Tea Station

We'd had some work done in our kitchen that left a lot of unsightly holes in the wall so I was looking for a picture or something to cover it up. I come across this pine bookcase at a car boot sale for a couple of quid and knew I could do something with it. … Continue reading Hot Pink Tea Station

My New Sideboard – Annie Sloan Upcycle

I was looking for a bigger sideboard. I had a vague idea in my head but didn't seem able to find what I wanted. I tend to buy second hand pieces when I can, as I regularly change my mind and decor and do like a bit of a project. I was quite happy to … Continue reading My New Sideboard – Annie Sloan Upcycle