10 Feel Good Summer Reads – Heartwarming Women’s Fiction & Chick Lit

Enjoy my selection of chick lit books that will make you laugh, cry and smile again. Heartwarming reads from independent and established women's fiction authors.

Books for Summer Reading – 10 of the Best Chick Lit & Women’s Fiction for 2020

See my recommendations for 10 of the best chick lit and women's fiction books that will be perfect for your summer reading this year

Health & Safety Risk Assessment for Tattoo Studios Opening After Coronavirus/COVID-19

Use our completed health and safety risk assessment form for tattoo studios and close contact services to use after the relaxation of lockdown services after COVID19. You can simply copy and paste for printing and edit to suit your own studio requirements if needed.

Books About Ska, Punk, & New Wave

a selection of book recommendations from the ska, punk, new wave and 2Tone eras. Many available to read free on Kindle Unlimited

Books about Mods and Scooterists (inc Kindle Unlimited)

A selection of book reviews about the mod, scooter and northern soul scenes of the 1970s and 1980s including those released on Kindle Unlimited.

Competition – Christmas in July!

A giveaway to promote the Christmas in July card swap for Chronic Warrior Collective.

Tripfiction for a Staycation – Travel to every corner of the world with my selection of women’s fiction books

A selection tripfiction books for your staycation. Lose yourself in a book and travel the world in the best of women's fiction.

Best Places to Buy & Sell Second Hand Items & Unwanted Gifts

Ever wondered the difference between a car boot sale and a swap meet, or a thrift store and a charity shop. Here are some of the best places to buy or sell second hand items and unwanted gifts.

Car Boot Sale Tips for Buyers – How to Find the Best Car Boot Sale Bargains!

Read my car boot tips for buyers including extra precautions to take in the current climate.

Car Boot Sale Tips for Sellers – How to Have a Successful Car Boot Stall!

Have a successful car boot sale by reading my top tips for sellers . Having sold at car boot sales for many years myself, I can help you avoid any costly or stressful mistakes.

When Can Car Boot Sales Open & How Will They Operate Safely?

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BOOK of FACES by Skelf – Lockdown Art

Interview with the artist Skelf about his lockdown art project BOOK of FACES. Find out how you can get your own Skelf portrait.

20 Books of Summer 2020

I am joining the 20 Books for Summer Reading Challenge. Find out what I'll be reading and reviewing and how you can also take part.

Talk Support for Your Mental Health

I thought I would reshare this post about talking therapy seeing as it’s Mental Health Awareness Week. Mind, the mental health charity, are encouraging you to #SpeakYourMind.

In this post you will find different ways to get talk support, as well as links to my other self help tips for mental health and to orgañisations who can offer further support.

Tea & Cake For The Soul

Treatment for your mental illness may be medication and/or some form of talk support or therapy. It could be in the form of group counselling or one-one with a psychiatrist, psychologist, nurse or a CBT counsellor.

It is very important that you talk about your mental health. Get it out in the open. If you keep it bottled up, things seem so much worse.

Here are some ways to find talk support:


Once you have seen your GP you should get a referral to some form of therapist, counsellor, or psychiatrist. You may need to push for a quicker appointment if you feel you need it.

Once you get to see someone, it’s important that you are entirely honest with them about your thoughts and feelings. You’re never going to see them again once you’re well so it’s easier to open up to a stranger who will not judge…

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Reakiro Warming & Cooling Muscle Relief Gel Reviews

Have you ever used CBD infused products for pain relief or anxiety? Here are my thoughts on warming and cooling muscle relief gels from Reakiro.

Long Time No Speak! A Personal Update From Me

An update of why Tea and Cake for the Soul has been quiet, and what I've been busy with.

A Cat Shaped Space by Milly Johnson: A Charity Book for Yorkshire Cat Rescue

Book review and poetry excerpt entitled "The Menopause" by Milly Johnson. This comes from the charity book A Cat Shaped Space published to raise funds for Yorkshire Cat Rescue.

20 Books for Christmas Reading Challenge – The Final Verdict

Did I complete the 20 Books for Christmas reading challenge? Find out how I got in and how you can join in with this reading marathon.

Live In Harmony

A wish for 2020. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all live in harmony? World peace is a bit optimistic, but even if people could just be nice to each other on social media or not get involved in someone else's disputes that would be a great start! Maybe take a little time out … Continue reading Live In Harmony

Merry Christmas

Good morning everyone! Merry Christmas to you all. I hope you have a lovely Christmas Day or if you find this time of year a struggle, I hope you will find it at least bearable and will have someone to share it with. Thank you all so much for your support again this year. Thanks … Continue reading Merry Christmas