Best Ways to Quit Smoking – 13 Tips to Help You Stop for Good

After being a lifelong smoker, I stopped smoking for good due to a health scare. See my best ways to quit smoking where I include 13 tips to help you stop for good

World Menopause Day

A selection of books, articles, and experiences about where to go for menopause advice and support for health, nutrition, mental wellbeing, body confidence, along with a celebration of midlife for World Menopause Day.

National Pumpkin Day

Read on to find out more about National Pumpkin Day along with pumpkin recipes and arts & crafts from around the world.

World Mental Health Day 2021

World Mental Health Day is acknowledged every year on 10th October. As someone who has lived with depression and anxiety for most of my adult life, I'd like to share my story and my tips with you, and advise where to go for professional help for your mental health and wellbeing.

20 Books for Christmas

It's time for this year's 20 Books for Christmas reading challenge. A time when book bloggers, bookstagrammers, and the reading community read a selection of books in the lead up to Christmas. Find out how to join in, and how we like to support authors.

Do You Believe in Book Fairies?

Do you believe in fairies? Have you heard of book fairies? They inspired me to carry out some random acts of kindness recently. Read on to find out more.

Seatox Seeweed Skincare Company – Bath Soak Review

Find out about the wonderful eco-friendly, waste free, vegan, organic skincare range from Seatox, along with a review of the seaweed bath soak

How to Prevent Mosquito Bites & Stop Insect Bites from Itching

My top tips for preventing mosquito bites when you're out walking or in your home and garden, along with effective ways to stop mosquito bites from itching.

Books about Coccydynia & Pain Management of Chronic Coccyx/Tailbone Pain

A selection of books that specifically deal with diagnosis, treatment and pain management of coccydynia, a condition that causes chronic pain from the base of the spine, also know as coccyx or tailbone pain,

Work and Home Office Ideas to Reduce Coccyx Pain

Working from home, or in an office, can be challenging when you have coccydynia/coccyx pain. Have a read of my ideas to maintain a good work routine & best manage your tailbone pain.

Bella Osborne Book Reviews & Bibliography – Author Spotlight

Read my book reviews for women's fiction author, Bella Osborne, along with her bibliography of all the book titles released so far with the year of publication.

Oaty Orange Breakfast Bars or Cookies

A quick, healthy recipe for oaty orange cookies or breakfast bars, that can be easily adapted to include more of your favourite ingredients.

My First Concert – 1982

Experience my first concert as told by my schoolgirl self in December 1982 - The Kinks and The Truth at Guildford Civic Hall as part of the Come Dancing tour.

Reading Challenge 2021

An update of the 20 Books of Summer Reading Challenge for 2021.

Best Travel Books – Guide Books & Personal Memoirs

Find the best travel guide books and travel memoirs to inspire your own wanderlust. Whether you want to find a book to plan your own travel itinerary or just experience someone else's travel stories, you will find some great recommendations here.

April A-Z Blog Challenge

Join me for this blog challenge where bloggers share a blog post every day except Sundays throughout April. Use the alphabet as a guidance for your posts. Read for more, including tips for April A-z and other blog challenges such as Blogtober, Blogoween and Blogmas

Best Book Gifts for Kids – Children’s Book Recommendations

Books make wonderful gifts for kids of all ages, Here you will find a selection of children's book recommendations and reviews from self published authors and independent book publishers.

How Can Book Review Bloggers Help Authors Promote Their Books?

Authors, find out where to discover book review bloggers to help promote and review your books. Avid readers find out about how to become a book blogger.

9 Ways to Cope with Dental Phobia

Read about how I cope with my dental phobia along with 9 ways that might help you deal with dentophobia or odontophobia.

Is Digitalisation Good for More Than the Environment?

Is digitalisation the way to ensure safety, efficiency and a more positive carbon footprint. Read on to find out how companies are moving forward, especially since the need to be Covid secure.