Victorian Corpse Bride Halloween Display, Redford USA

Last year whilst browsing some of the Halloween groups on Facebook, I came across this corpse bride display in Redford USA. Photographer, Stacey Jariett Luoma, kindly allowed me to share this fantastic set of photos with you all today.

She told me that Michigan resident, Cathy Huber, puts out this Victorian corpse bride display in her front garden every Halloween. Cathy and her daughter, Melany, dress up as brides and join in with the display. Every year it gets bigger and bigger.

There is so much to look at. I particularly love the photo and mirror frames that are cut out for you to pose in. It all makes for a particularly good Halloween photoshoot.

If you’re in the US you can find this extravaganza at 15811 Pomona in Redford, MI.   See more on Fox News.

victorian corpse bridge halloween display sitting at a dressing table reflection in mirror
Victorian Corpse Bride – who said girls take a long time to get ready?
Halloween display of victorian corpse bride wearing a masquerade mask
Guess nobody took Cinderella to the ball!
Corpse Bride Victorian wedding Halloween display bride with long white dress and train clocks mirros and candle sticks in background
The picture frames at the back are open for you to pose in – makes for a great photoshoot.
pair of corpse brides standing infront of a candelabra and blue velvet chair
Isn’t it a faux par to wear white to someone else’s wedding, even if you are mother of the bride?
corpse bride sitting in front of a dressing table
The original Victorian corpse bride.
4 corpse brides standing in front of a display of antique mirrors and candelabras
Lots of Victorian and antique ornaments and paraphernalia join the corpse brides in this display.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing this as much as I did. Can you imagine how many hours or even days this must take to set up?

Have you seen this Victorian corpse bride display or another Halloween display that is just as impressive?




19 thoughts on “Victorian Corpse Bride Halloween Display, Redford USA

  1. Oh wow, I’m so glad you were able to share this because the photos are brilliant – what an amazing display! Usually Halloween stuff is cool but tacky, whereas these are genuinely creepy as hell and I love it!! xx

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  2. So creepy, I’m amazed that someone would go through so much trouble for Halloween, I think Christmas decorations are over the top but at least they are around for more than one night. The dresses and paraphernalia are pretty amazing though.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is so creepy but brilliant! My son would love it…

    Where are the best places to celebrate Halloween in the US? I really want to go one year so my son can see all the best Halloween places.

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