Live In Harmony

A wish for 2020. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all live in harmony? World peace is a bit optimistic, but even if people could just be nice to each other on social media or not get involved in someone else's disputes that would be a great start! Maybe take a little time out … Continue reading Live In Harmony

Merry Christmas

Good morning everyone! Merry Christmas to you all. I hope you have a lovely Christmas Day or if you find this time of year a struggle, I hope you will find it at least bearable and will have someone to share it with. Thank you all so much for your support again this year. Thanks … Continue reading Merry Christmas

Blogmas 2019

View my Blogmas schedule for 2019 for quick access to my social media and all my Christmas themed posts.

Poppies for Remembrance Day – What do Different Colour Poppies Mean?

Sharing some poppy art and memorials for Remembrance Day and advising what types and colours of poppies are now available for remembrance.

Victorian Corpse Bride Halloween Display, Redford USA

Photos from the annual Halloween Corpse Bride display in Redford USA

Dogs Dressed Up for Halloween

Therapy dog Lucy and cute staffie Luna enjoy some dressing up fun for Halloween

Halloween Pumpkin Art & Crafts

A collection of arts and crafts based on pumpkin designs - from street art to line drawings, pumpkin carvings to painted stones and lots more.

Dear Mrs Bird – Pay It Forward with a Random Act of Kindness

Rather than reviewing or recommending Dear Mrs Bird by AJ Pearce, I thought I would use this opportunity to talk about my Pay It Forward idea for carrying out random acts of kindness. I haven't finished reading this yet but will tell you a little bit about the book anyway. Dear Mrs Bird by AJ Pearce, signifies … Continue reading Dear Mrs Bird – Pay It Forward with a Random Act of Kindness

Adagio Teas UK

There are days when nothing seems to go right, but thankfully they are balanced out with others where just one act can brighten up your entire day.  I was a bit under the weather with a summer cold and I’d just drank the last of my favourite teabags from America when I received an email … Continue reading Adagio Teas UK

Celebrations, Awareness & Kindness at Tea and Cake for the Soul

A collection of posts to spread kindness, share celebrations and commemorations and raise the profile of awareness days.

The Hidden Side of Loneliness

Updated November 2019 There are often self-help and thought-provoking statuses that appear on Facebook. Some you scroll past and some you read right to the end then feel a little bit cheated that it's a copy and paste post. Some you realise are shared posts but you can appreciate that people are just trying to … Continue reading The Hidden Side of Loneliness

My YouTube Christmas Eve Playlist

My Christmas playlist perfect for Christmas Eve. A great mix of traditional and new Christmas tunes, all with a cool rockabilly, psychobilly and ska vibe.

Recommended Netflix Christmas Movies (UK)

My favourite Christmas movies on Netflix UK from 2019 and years previous.

I Saw the Real Santa Claus

I loved Christmas as a kid, all the magic and the belief in Father Christmas. It's not quite the same as a grown-up is it? That's until I saw the real Santa Claus. Have you ever seen him? Take a look and see what you think. I've been fortunate enough to spend Christmas in California … Continue reading I Saw the Real Santa Claus

Nothing Says Christmas Quite Like Elvis Presley!

Some people like minimal decorations, some go overboard. I fall into the former category in my own home, but I do like to have a wander around a good Christmas display. Read on to see where my favourite Christmas location is. My love of tacky things, sunshine and all things Rock N Roll were delivered … Continue reading Nothing Says Christmas Quite Like Elvis Presley!

Top 22 Alternative Christmas Albums

My favourite Christmas albums featuring bands that mostly come from alternative music scenes such as rockabilly, psychobilly, punk and ska. A few classics thrown in too.

Top 25 Essential Christmas Movies

The Top 25 Christmas Movies of all time as decided by me and my friends.

15 Free & Budget Ways to say Thank You to Teachers

Christmas is a time of huge expense for most families. In recent years it has become customary to buy gifts for teachers. As a former teacher myself, I can assure you that it is not expected or necessary.  It doesn't have to cost anything to show gratitude so I have listed 15 free and budget … Continue reading 15 Free & Budget Ways to say Thank You to Teachers

We Will Remember Them – Remembrance Day – Mt Soledad National Veterans Memorial

Moving photos and words about Mt Soledad National Veterans Memorial in San Diego.

Lest We Forget – Remembrance Day – Rosecrans Cemetery San Diego

Lest We Forget - Remembrance Day 2019 As we are approaching Remembrance Day, I thought I'd share these photos with you from Fort Rosecrans Cemetery in San Diego. We discovered Fort Rosecrans Cemetery quite by accident as we made our way to the Cabrillo National Monument.  I can't quite explain the feelings that hit you … Continue reading Lest We Forget – Remembrance Day – Rosecrans Cemetery San Diego