Best Ways to Quit Smoking – 13 Tips to Help You Stop for Good

After being a lifelong smoker, I stopped smoking for good due to a health scare. See my best ways to quit smoking where I include 13 tips to help you stop for good

World Menopause Day

A selection of books, articles, and experiences about where to go for menopause advice and support for health, nutrition, mental wellbeing, body confidence, along with a celebration of midlife for World Menopause Day.

World Mental Health Day 2021

World Mental Health Day is acknowledged every year on 10th October. As someone who has lived with depression and anxiety for most of my adult life, I'd like to share my story and my tips with you, and advise where to go for professional help for your mental health and wellbeing.

Books about Coccydynia & Pain Management of Chronic Coccyx/Tailbone Pain

A selection of books that specifically deal with diagnosis, treatment and pain management of coccydynia, a condition that causes chronic pain from the base of the spine, also know as coccyx or tailbone pain,

Work and Home Office Ideas to Reduce Coccyx Pain

Working from home, or in an office, can be challenging when you have coccydynia/coccyx pain. Have a read of my ideas to maintain a good work routine & best manage your tailbone pain.

9 Ways to Cope with Dental Phobia

Read about how I cope with my dental phobia along with 9 ways that might help you deal with dentophobia or odontophobia.

What Happens During a Hearing Test?

Find out what actually happens during a routine hearing test, and where you can go for help.

Self Help Books About Menopause

Where do you start when there are over 2,000 self help books about #menopause? Here are some of my favourites including useful tips and personal experiences to help you navigate your menopause.

Reakiro Warming & Cooling Muscle Relief Gel Reviews

Have you ever used CBD infused products for pain relief or anxiety? Here are my thoughts on warming and cooling muscle relief gels from Reakiro.

A Cat Shaped Space by Milly Johnson: A Charity Book for Yorkshire Cat Rescue

Book review and poetry excerpt entitled "The Menopause" by Milly Johnson. This comes from the charity book A Cat Shaped Space published to raise funds for Yorkshire Cat Rescue.

The Menopause Monologues 1 & 2 by Harriet Powell

Read my thoughts on The Menopause Monologues, 2 books full of varying personal experiences of menopause. Buying this will also benefit the charity Shelter - find out how.

Robbie Williams Talks Mental Health

My thoughts on the Wellness that Works podcast where Robbie Williams talks about mental health. Includes links to the video of the podcast and to other helpful mental health websites.

Men …Let’s Talk Menopause by Ruth Devlin – Book Review

I'm sure there are millions of self help books for women relating to menopause and women's health in general. "Men ... Let's Talk Menopause" by Ruth Devlin is the first I've heard of that's aimed at men. Now I will hold my hand up and say that I didn't really notice it was for men … Continue reading Men …Let’s Talk Menopause by Ruth Devlin – Book Review

Change The Face of Menopause – Ladies With Alternative Style, Still Fab at 50!

16 women with an alternative fashion sense show that although they can suffer with menopausal symptoms, they have got a lot of living to do. They are changing the face of menopause

World Asthma Day 2020 – Read About my Diagnosis & Stop Smoking Tips

Today is World Asthma Day and the month of May is National Asthma Awareness Month.  World Asthma Day is an annual event organized by the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) to improve asthma awareness and care around the world. I myself was diagnosed 5 years ago after a longstanding persistent cough. I have recently written … Continue reading World Asthma Day 2020 – Read About my Diagnosis & Stop Smoking Tips

I Quit My Job Due to Menopause Related Anxiety & Depression!

My story of how menopause exacerbated the decline in my mental health, and my I decided to quit my job to improve my anxiety, depression and general wellbeing.

Health inc Mental Health at Tea & Cake for the Soul

I write about various health topics that include mental health, menopause and pain. You will find self help tips and personal experiences that I hope you can identify with.

The Hidden Side of Loneliness

Updated November 2019 There are often self-help and thought-provoking statuses that appear on Facebook. Some you scroll past and some you read right to the end then feel a little bit cheated that it's a copy and paste post. Some you realise are shared posts but you can appreciate that people are just trying to … Continue reading The Hidden Side of Loneliness

Get Fit Get Walking in Winter

Updated December 2021 December 20th marks the start of a 2 week period set up by The Ramblers Association called The Festival of Winter Walks.  Its aim is to get people out walking during the festive period and take in the beautiful views across the UK. It's a great way to get fit when you … Continue reading Get Fit Get Walking in Winter

How I Successfully Gave Up Smoking for Good

After smoking most of my life, I stopped when my doctor gave me a shocking diagnosis. Read on my for my story along with my tips of how to successfully give up smoking.