Health inc Mental Health at Tea & Cake for the Soul

I believe that any health issue needs to be addressed by the medical profession, however, there is a lot to be said for support gained from fellow suffers. Only they can truly understand where you are coming from and offer tried and tested suggestions. This is true for any health condition including mental health. At … Continue reading Health inc Mental Health at Tea & Cake for the Soul


The Hidden Side of Loneliness

There are often self-help and thought-provoking statuses that appear on Facebook. Some you scroll past and some you read right to the end then feel a little bit cheated that it's a copy and paste post. Some you realise are shared posts but you can appreciate that people are just trying to do their bit … Continue reading The Hidden Side of Loneliness

Get Fit Get Walking in Winter

Today marks the start of a 2 week period set up by The Ramblers Association called The Festival of Winter Walks.  Its aim is to get people out walking during the festive period and take in the beautiful views across the UK. It's a great way to get fit when you get walking, even in … Continue reading Get Fit Get Walking in Winter

The Smiling Fanny Manifesto

This was mentioned by a friend of mine today and has been well received so I thought I’d reblog it myself seeing as so many of us have taken a downward turn since the Autumn set in.

What do you think of the tips? Is there anything you’d add to The Smiling Fanny Manifesto?

Tea & Cake For The Soul

I came across “The Smiling Fanny Manifesto” when reading a novel by Lucy Anne Holmes entitled “ust a Girl, Standing in Front of a Boy. It’s a lighthearted book but Jenny (Fanny) suffers from depression and her friend Phillipa gives her this list of things to do to keep the black dog at bay. Even if you don’t read the book or suffer from depression, have a look at the list as I think we could all do with a little bit of smiling fanny in our lives!

THE SMILING FANNY MANIFESTO (text taken from the book)

  1. Phone a friend
    You can always call me. Just say, “I am calling you because I have to tick it off my list.” And then we can chat about the usual: what we shall name our future children, our top five sandwich fillings, what you would say to Robbie Williams if you…

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How I Successfully Gave Up Smoking – 9 Tips for You – Stoptober!

This post was originally posted for Stoptober, the annual NHS campaign to help people who want to stop smoking in the UK. Of course, just as many people try to quit as part of their new year goals and resolutions. The NHS provide access to online and in-person support networks and information on the alternatives … Continue reading How I Successfully Gave Up Smoking – 9 Tips for You – Stoptober!

Cancer Awareness for Life

CANCER AWARENESS FOR LIFE (NOT JUST BLOGTOBER) This post was originally written in October to highlight Breast Cancer Awareness Month,  cancer awareness in general, and the stop smoking campaign Stoptober.  However, cancer awareness is important all year round, so this post is as relevant now as it was in October. I hope you'll find it useful. … Continue reading Cancer Awareness for Life

Menopausal Beach Body Blues

I'm a middle-aged menopausal woman who has put on a fair few inches around the midriff over the last couple of years. "Thickening" is the official term for it. It's another of the many crap things that Mother Nature decides to throw at us as a reward for surviving decades of periods. Now, I exercise … Continue reading Menopausal Beach Body Blues