Do You Believe in Book Fairies?

Do you believe in fairies? Do you believe in book fairies? Well, this week I’ve been busy sharing the joy of books with random strangers.

I was inspired by The Book Fairies who leave books in public places for others to take home.

I mostly read books on Kindle but I had a big pile of physical books to rehome. I usually donate them to charity shop but I decided to have a little fun with these. 

photo of a girl with long dark hair dressed up as a fairy with the text Do You Believe in Book Fairies?
Do you believe in book fairies? original photo by Tú Nguyễn from Pexels

This whole project has a lovely reuse ethos. Most of the books that the book fairies leave out are pre-loved (although sometimes authors get in touch to deliver their new books, which is a wonderful idea).

Each book has a gift tag and has been lovingly wrapped in a ribbon that came from previous gifts or art projects. I have a big bag at home for such occasions.

My first batch of books has been dropped off at various locations in Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire, and The Cotswolds.

This little project gave me so much pleasure, hopefully the receiver felt the love too. After all, who doesn’t love to give and receive random acts of kindness?

I’d love to hear if anyone finds them.

Are any of my book-loving friends book fairies?
Do you keep your books after you’ve read them, or pass them onto someone else?

You can find out more about The Book Fairies at 

14 thoughts on “Do You Believe in Book Fairies?

  1. This is such a cool concept! Around here, there is the Little Free Library, which is similar to a book exchange where people bring books and take them.

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  2. What a lovely idea. During the lockdowns our little town was doing a book swap. Leaving used books on garden walls and you just took whatever you fancied and left some more out. At the other end of the town there is a little box where people can put used books for others to take and read. x

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  3. I have just recently discovered a group in my town who does this, I have yet to see a book on the wild but I think it is such a great idea 🙂


  4. This is such a great idea! I have never heard of this, but it seems like a great way to recycle books that you don’t want to keep in your collection.

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