Seatox Seeweed Skincare Company – Bath Soak Review

Do you dream about being a mermaid, or maybe more realistically having a day at the spa? Today I am sharing my review of the Seatox Wild Seaweed Bath, along with a little bit about the Seatox company. I hope you’ll read on and find something that you’d like to treat yourself to, or perhaps it will give you some gift ideas for friends and family.

About the Seatox Wild Seaweed Skincare Company

Seatox make non-toxic, organic, vegan, and, waste-free skincare products that use seaweed as a key ingredient. Seaweed has been used for decades to enhance wellbeing as it is known for its restorative properties. Seaweed contains important minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants essential for good skin health.

Seatox are passionate about ocean restoration, support initiatives to help marine wildlife, raise awareness about the problems happening in our oceans today, and source local sustainable ingredients.

The skincare range is all handmade in Bristol presented in eco-friendly packaging that can be reused or recycled.

[AD: gifted. This product was gifted to me for an Instagram review, however, I love the ethos of this company, and like to support small businesses where I can, so even though it wasn’t asked for, I decided to do a more in depth review here to share with all my lovely readers.]

Seatox Skincare Products

Seatox kindly offered me the chance to try one of their products so I chose the pure seaweed bath. I’m never happier than when I’m by the sea so I thought I could have a pamper session and let my mind drift off to the ocean, perhaps find my inner mermaid!

They also produce a face mask, scrub, a skincare wrap, and I’ve spotted a rather lovely looking mermaid book on their website to teach children and being waste free and kind to the environment.

image with a computer screen with the seatox wild seaweed skincare logo on a blue image with the text Tea and Cake for the soul reviews

Seatox Wild Seaweed Bath

As much as I love the sea, there are days when it does honk a bit if all the seaweed is washed up on the beach. I will hold my hands up and say that I was a little concerned about how a seaweed bath product would smell as I am very sensitive to strong smells too. However, on opening the package, I noticed there was a delicate sea scent which was actually rather calming.

I couldn’t see any instructions with the contents and was unsure how much to use, so I added a few sprigs to the bath and run the water. I set the iPod up with some soothing ocean sounds and settled in for a soak in the tub ready to let my mind drift off to a sunny beach resort in California. As well as being good for the skin, seaweed is also known the heal aches and pains.

It proved to be a nice relaxing bath, and the seaweed actually felt nice floating around by my feet. It certainly made me feel closer to the sea. I’m pleased to report that it didn’t leave any stains or scents on my skin or the bath.

I wasn’t sure if the seaweed could be reused or if it should be disposed of afterwards so I messaged the company and left the seaweed on the edge of the bathtop.  Seatox quickly replied and confirmed that it is single use but can be composted or used as a fertilizer in the garden. I will be trying the latter out and am intrigued to see if it helps my flowers.

How to Use Seatox Wild Seaweed Bath

Seatox also confirmed that the instructions were on the base of the box which I had totally missed (oops!). This is how it should actually be used:

The seaweed bath kit offers two baths, it should come in two balls of dried seaweed that separate quite easily. 

To use the seaweed, run your bath and then add the seaweed (half the box in total) into the hot water. You can also add essential oils if you wish. The seaweed rehydrates within a few minutes. You can detangle the seaweed with your hands and arrange it however you’d like to have it in the bath.

To order Seatox Wild Seaweed Skincare

If you think this sounds like something that you’d like to try, or want to treat a friend or family member (Christmas will be here before you know it), head over to Seatox Wild Seaweed Skincare  to view their range which includes scrubs, wraps, face masks and the seaweed bath.

Do have a look at their beautiful Instagram page @seatoxseaweed

I would love to hear if you’ve ever tried any of these products, or what benefits you get from being by the sea. Do check out some of my other REVIEWS too.

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11 thoughts on “Seatox Seeweed Skincare Company – Bath Soak Review

  1. I have heard good things about using seaweed – I have always been out off using it due to the smell,but glad to hear this one isn’t too smelly 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ll definitely take a look. We no longer have a bath as I have a wet room, but I am a big fan of sea weed, although to fair, I generally eat it!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ohh! A day at a spa sounds amazing but pampering myself at home with something like this comes a close 2nd. It sounds like you had a lovely relaxed soak in the bath. x

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love that this company is working on being more eco friendly. I didn’t know that seaweed products were a thing. I definitely will have to look into these!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Ooo I love the sound of this company for being more eco-friendly and so we can support a small local business in Bristol. I’ve never used seaweed products before but my ex, who seemed more into skincare than I was, used to swear by this seaweed face stuff. I’d love to bath soak a try. Good tip on the instructions being on the bottom of the box, I wouldn’t have thought to check there either 😉 xx

    Liked by 2 people

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