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“Jo will deliver more than expected and always puts energy and passion into her words.”

“delivered well before any deadline and arrives in a concise and well-edited form.”

“kept the readership interested and hungry for more.”

“her interviews gently prise some fantastic information”

“a resourceful and knowledgeable girl, she has never let me down”

“she is the driving force behind some of the music scene’s biggest band websites”



I have been writing and taking photographs for many years in one format or another. Whether it be compiling features and interviews for books, fanzines and websites, supplying photos for books and CD artwork or submitting content to magazines.

I’ve compiled track listings for a record label and have taken part in discussions for new product lines and brand promotion with Dr Martens, and introduced them to new advertising partnerships.

I am currently writing for a US health website, running social media for several bands, and writing guest posts for other websites and blogs.


If you’d like to work with me then please do get in touch.  I can offer:

* Freelance content writing for your blog, website or printed publications
* Sponsored posts and collaborations
* Reviews
* Link insertions on existing posts
* Facebook page set up and management

Paid content will always be disclosed as per ASA guidelines.


DA 31
PA 37


Read on to see where I’ve been published and please do check out my testimonials. I would be happy to discuss your needs further so please get in touch with your requirements and budget.


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* Adagio Teas
Environmentally Friendly & Money Saving Ways for Moving House
* Spring Cleaning


* 1980s underground youth culture feature & gig review  (Milkcow Magazine)
* Festival review (Milkcow Magazine)
* Klub Foot recordings interview (Scootering Magazine)
* Gig & event reviews (Scootering Magazine)
* The Wrench – interviews, CD & gig reviews
Band Biography

* Tribe – Made In Britain
* Dr Martens – A History of Rebellious Self-Expression
* Hells Bent on Rockin’


Talk Health
How I Got My Asthma Diagnosis
Anxiety Arrived with the Menopause

* New Life Outlook
Depression and Energy
5 Ways to Treat Depression
What are the Signs of High Functioning Depression

* Pain Resource – Living with Coccydynia
* Chronic Illness Bloggers – Food Prep Ideas When Low on Spoons
* The Mighty – Menopausal Anxiety & Depression in the Workplace
* Thrive Global – My Mental Health Story


* Silver Travel Advisor – An Afternoon In and Around Poole


I have written some guest posts and featured in group collaborations for bloggers and brands including Attraction Tickets Direct, Age UK and Companion Stairlifts. You can view more details of those and all my top blog posts at:

* Guest Posts, Collaborations & Interviews
* My Top Blog Posts


In addition to Tea and Cake for the Soul, I have created and continue to run a music website and social media pages for several bands where I have published interviews, reviews and biographies, whilst maintaining live gig listings.

I have also created and moderated on chat forums and Facebook groups for my own and other web owners.

Guana Batz – 31k followers
King Kurt – 11k followers
Stomping at the Klub Foot – 5k+ followers
UK Psychobilly Gig Guide – 3.7k+ followers
Epileptic Hillbillys – 3.5k followers
Hancox – 1.4k followers
UK Psychobilly Gig Guide Blog

screen shot of Facebook page for Guana Batz band
One of the  many band pages that I run


Over the years I have had many reviews, features, interviews, and photos published in/on CDs, books, magazines, websites and national newspapers including:


3 books covers with dr martens and punk psychobilly photos

open book with text from Tribe Made in Britain
Tribe: Made in Britain (4 pages about youth culture in the 1980s)
open book with text one side and a tattood man fixing a car on the other page from Dr Martens A History of Rebellious Self Expression
Dr Martens: A History of Rebellious Self-Expression
(How DMs have played a part in my life and psychobilly)
open book with 1 page text and 1 black and white photo of a gril with her arms in the air from Hells Bent on Rockin'
Hell’s Bent on Rockin: A History of Psychobilly
(I wrote about scootering and psychobilly in the 1980s, and supplied several photos)


I have conducted interviews with musicians and written event and music reviews for:

* Scootering
* The Wrench
* Milkcow Vintage

magazine cover with lady in basque in front of hot rod car and screen shots of magazine article
3 page article in Milkcow Vintage Magazine about a 1980s music venue and reunion gig review
screen shot of 4 page magazine feature with white writing on black background
3 page music festival review and photography in Milkcow Vintage Magazine
magazine cover of a scooter with feature about a musician holding a yellow cab guitar
Interview with record producer Alan Wilson about the Klub Foot recordings.


I have supplied photos and information used in the sleeve notes on:

* Cherry Red Psychobilly Collectors Series
* Western Star and Trophy Record Labels
* King Kurt
* The Truth

collage of books music and cds
Some of the publications where my work has been featured.


My experiences, tips and humourous anecdotes have appeared in:

* The Lady
* Bella
* Best
* Prima
* Woman
* Woman’s Own
* Take a Break

collage of women's magazine pages and covers
My experiences, tips and humourous anecdotes have been published in  popular women’s magazines


If I find something that I’ve really enjoyed whether it be a book, cd, hotel, or gadget then I like to share the love with a review. As well as writing reviews on my blog I publish on sites such as TripAdvisor,, NetGalley, etc, and I have been members of the following review panels in the past:

* AO
* Tescos
* Philips
* Boots
* Talk Health
* Surcare
* Supersavvyme

and several smaller panels such as TriyIt, TryBe, RB ReviewBox, BzzAgent, Home Senses, Home Tester Club, AMZ.

screenshot of trip advisor review with text and photo of blue ski and rocky beach
I review on Tripadvisor

You can find more information on the following pages:


I look forward to hearing from you.