Recommended Reading – Tea and Cake for the Soul Book Reviews

I share lots of book reviews on Tea and Cake for the Soul that include:

* chick lit and women’s fiction
* books about punk, ska, mod & psychobilly music
* travel
* health
* poetry
* children’s fiction

If you’re a regular reader, I hope that you’ve enjoyed a book from my reading recommendations. If you’re a new follower then perhaps you’d like to check out something from my book posts below.

There are also some money-saving book tips at the end of this post.

I will only share book reviews and recommendations of something that I have genuinely loved. If I don’t like a book, it doesn’t make it onto Tea and Cake for the Soul. I was bought up that if you can’t say anything nice don’t say it at all. Constructive criticism has its place but it’s not here.

I have lots more recommendations to come, and you can now sign up for free email notifications so that you don’t miss any new posts.

Recommended Reading – Tea and Cake for the Soul Book Reviews

pile of old books with an old fashioned tea cup with a rose on the outside for book reviews at tea and cake for the soul recommended reading

Women’s Fiction/Chick Lit Books

I have now grouped my reviews into themes and authors. You can read the following book reviews by clicking on the links below:

Author Spotlights

Milly Johnson – Reviews & Bibliography
Jane Fallon – Reviews & Bibliography
Lindsey Kelk – Reviews & Bibliography
Ali McNamara – Reviews & Bibliography
Veronica Henry – Reviews & Bibliography
Debbie Johnson – Comfort Food Cafe series
Portia MacIntosh – Reviews & Bibliography
Emma Heatherington – Reviews & Bibliography

Feel Good & Uplifting Fiction – READ HERE

Nicola Gill – We are Family
Cathy Hopkins – A Vintage Friendship
Julie Houston – Coming Home to Holly Close Farm
Jennifer Joyce – The Little Bed & Breakfast by the Sea
Lucy Diamond – One Night In Italy
Freya North – Pillow Talk
Carmen Reid – Personal Shopper & How Not To Shop

Laugh Out Loud Rom ComsREAD HERE

Mary Jane Baker – Never Have I Ever Club
Sophia Money-Coutts – The Wish List
Shari Low – What If?
Sophie Sinclair – Coffee Girl
Sophie Sinclair – The Make-up Artist
Tracy Bloom – Dinner Party
Kristen Bailey – Has Anyone Seen My Sex Life?
Anna Bell – The Good Girlfriend’s Guide to Getting Even

Heartwarming Reads – READ HERE

Kristin Bailey – Can I Give My Husband Back
Sue Shepherd – Can’t Get You Out of my Head
Kate Field – The Man I Fell in Love With
Annie Lyons – The Happiness List
Pippa James – The Happiness Project
Giovanni Fletcher – You’re The One That I Want
Kirsty Greenwood – The Vintage Guide to Love and Romance
Faith Bleasdale – Secrets at Meadowbrook Manor
Lucy Dillon – Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts
Carla Burgess – Meet Me at Willow Hall

Tripfiction for a Staycation – READ HERE

Lilac Mills – Holiday in the Hills – TENERIFE
Lilac Mills – Sunrise on the Coast – TENERIFE
Kendra Smith – Chance of a Lifetime – AUSTRALIA
Donna Hepburn – Flip Flops, Fiesta & Flamenco – SPAIN
Dee MacDonald –  The Get Away Girls – FRANCE & ITALY
Janice Horton – The Backpacking Housewife THAILAND
Romy Summer – Last of the Summer Vines – ITALY
Celia Imrie – Not Quite Nice – FRANCE
Emma Kennedy – I Left My Tent in San Francisco – USA
Tess Daly –  It’s Up To You New York – USA
Lindsey Kelk – I Heart series by Lindsey Kelk – VARIOUS

10 Books for Summer 2020 – READ HERE

Holly Wainright – How to be Perfect
Kristen Bailey – Has Anyone Seen My Sex Life
Bella Osborne – Meet Me at Pebble Beach
Liz Eeles – A Summer Escape and Strawberry Cake at the Cosy Kettle
Sue MacDonagh – Summer at the Art cafe
Emma Kennedy – I left my tent in San Francisco
Judy Leigh – Five French Hens
Nicola Gill – The Neighbours
Caroline Roberts – Rachel’s Pudding Pantry

Books Set In CornwallREAD HERE

Phillipa Ashley – Summer on the Little Cornish Isles
Phillipa Ashley – A Perfect Cornish Escape
Nancy Barone – New Hope for the Little Cornish Farmhouse
Rosie Chambers – Katie’s Cornish Kitchen
Laura Briggs – A Christmas Cornish Reunion

Books Set In ScotlandREAD HERE

Hazel Prior – Away with the Penguins
Emily Anne Brandon – Love on the Rocks
Jenny Colgan – The Seaside Summer Kitchen
Victoria Walters – New Beginnings at Glendale Hall

Best Women’s Fiction from the Last Two DecadesREAD HERE

Kathleen Whyman – Wife Support System (2020)
Jill Mansell – This Could Change Everything (2018)
Sophie Kinsella – My Not So Perfect Life (2017)
Kristy Greenwood – Big Sexy Love (2017)
Jenny Colgan – The Summer Seaside Kitchen (2017)
Milly Johnson – The Barn on Half Moon Hill by Milly Johnson (2016)
Gillian Flynn – Gone Girl (2014)
Fiona Gibson – Take Mum Out (2014)
Jane Green – Accidental Husband (2013)
Jane Green – Patchwork Marriage (2012)
Jojo Moyes – Me Before You (2012)
Elizabeth Noble – The Way We Were (2010)
Katie Fforde – Thyme Out  (2000)

Free Lit on Kindle – READ HERE

Cathy Bramley – Rescue Me
Alix Kelson – A Little Romance
Jennifer Joyce – Six Dates & Thinking of You
Lilac Mills – Le Tour De Love
Debbie Viggiano – The Women who Knew Everything
Debbie Viggiano – The Corner Shop of Whispers
Cressida McLaughlin – The Canal Boat Cafe
Tracy Bloom – No one ever has sex in the suburbs
Kathy Lovell – Three Men and a Maybe
Laurie Baxter – Who Does He Think He’s Fooling
Jo Jo Moyes – Lou Clark in Lockdown
Bernice Bloom – Diary of an Adorable Fat Girl

I don’t publish negative reviews and I don’t share books that I haven’t enjoyed.

Reading Challenges

20 Books for Christmas Reading Challenge 2020
20 Books of Summer Reading Challenge 2020
20 Books for Christmas Reading Challenge 2019
20 Books of Summer Reading Challenge 2019

hands holding a book wrapped with string, pine leaves and cone with hot chocolate drink in background

Recommended Christmas Books

Free Christmas Kindle Reads – Read HERE

Patrick Yearly – A Lonely Dog on Christmas
Caroline Mickelson – Miss Kane’s Christmas
Jennifer Joyce – A Beginner’s Guide to Christmas
Stella Wilkinson – A Christmas Gift
Abby Clements – A Christmas Bake Off
Zara Stonely – A Very Country Christmas
Sophie Kinsella – 6 Geese a Laying
Laura Briggs – A Cornish Christmas Reunion
Jonathon Hill – Mo Mo  Mo! Merry Christmas Maureen

Fabulously Festive Women’s Fiction Books for Christmas READ HERE

Bella Osborne – One Family Christmas
Heidi Swain – The Winter Garden
Kirsty Greenwood – It Happened on Christmas Eve
Sophie Clare – A Winter’s Dream
Fay Keenan – Snowflakes Over Bay Tree Terrace
Karen Swan – Christmas at Tiffany’s
Caroline Roberts – The Cosy Christmas Chocolate Shop
Julia Williams – A Merry Little Christmas
Katherine Garbera – Christmas at the Candied Apple Cafe
Lindsey Kelk – I heart Christmas
Miranda Dickinson – Fairytale of New York
Miranda Dickinson – I’ll Take New York

Heartwarming Christmas Chick Lit Reads 2017-2020 – READ HERE

Phillipa Ashley – A Surprise Christmas Wedding
Georgia Toffolo – Meet Me In London
Lucy Coleman – Christmas at Lock Keeper’s Cottage
Ellen Berry – Snowdrops on Rosemary Lane
Faith Hogan – What Happened to Us?
Emma Heatherington – Rewrite the Stars
Claudia Carroll – Meet Me In Manhattan
Cressida McLaughlin – Christmas on the Canal Boat Café
Kate Hewitt – A Cotswold Christmas
Camilla Isley – A Christmas Date
Debbie Johnson – Christmas at the Comfort Food Cafe
Melissa Hill – Christmas in New York
Samantha Tonge – The Christmas Calendar Girls

Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers – READ HERE

pile of old books with an old fashioned tea cup with a rose on the outside for book reviews at tea and cake for the soul recommended reading



Books about Mods and ScooteristsREAD HERE

Mods, Scooters, and Soul by James Millar
Parked Up by Janet Hunter
Keeping On by Janet Hunter
Scooter Boys: The Lost Tribe by Martin Sticky Round
Glory Boys by Jim Iron and John Steel
A Crafty Cigarette – Tales of a Teenage Mod by Matteo Sedazzari

Books about Ska, Punk and New WaveREAD HERE

The Two Tone Story by George Marshall
Can I Say by Travis Barker (and Gavin Edwards)
33 Percent Rockstar by S C Sterling
Breaking Glass by Susan Hill
Tubeway Daze – The Untold Story of Tubeway Army by Paul Goodwin

Dave & Derek Philpot – Dear Mr Popstar (80s Pop)


Books about Menopause
Stephanie Theobald – Sex Drive (explicit excerpt)
Ruth Devlin – Men … Let’s Talk Menopause
Harriet Powell – The Menopause Monologues


David C Moore – Turning Left Around The World (Travel)
Andrew Grumbridge and Vince Raison – Today South London (London Lifetyle)
Paul J Rose – Car Boot Tales (Car Boot Sales)
Various – Tales From a Car Boot Sale (Fiction based on second hand items)

tea cup on a grey table cloth with hand holding an open poetry book



Various – National Poetry Day
Milly Johnson – A Cat Shaped Space 
Claire Baldry – Simply Modern Life
Geraldine Ward – Bouncing Back With a Bang


Addie Broussard – The Beedog
Cheryl Lee-White – Pete the Cheeky Parakeet
Justin Davis – Spy Danger
Lucy Cousins – Maisy Plays Football
Sarah Morrell – The King & The Cockerell
Various – 3 Books from Curly Tale Books
Various – 4 Books From Maverick Books

back of childs head reading a book about poor old fox




I have also published book reviews as guest posts on other blogs including:

Sophie Jenkins – A Random Act of Kindness
Dee MacDonald – The Silver Ladies of Penny Lane
Holly Wainwright – The Mummy Bloggers
Bella Osborne – Wildflower Park
Fiona Gibson – The Mum Who Got Her Life Back
Kate Hewitt – Meet Me at Willoughby Close

You can view links to the above at My Guest Posts, Collaborations & Interviews

Have you read any of the books that I’ve suggested?

What have you enjoyed the most?
Do you have any books to recommend?

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