Car Boot Tales: The Daft & The Curious by Paul J Rose – Book Review

I was delighted to find this book of Car Boot Tales: The Daft and The Curious by Paul J Rose . Reading and car boots sales – two of my favourite things!

If you’ve read my guide of how to survive a car boot sale then you’ll know that I’ve done many car boot sales in my time. I prefer to look and buy rather than sell, but I usually do one or two a year to clear out my unwanted clutter.

Paul J Rose has written of his amusing experiences of car boot sales. If you’ve ever sold at a car boot sale then you will identify with many, if not all, of the scenarios and characters mentioned here.

Car boot sales tend to bring out the best and the worst in people, and it’s fun to read about them.

Pick it up and put down or read in one or two sittings.  This book is easy to follow. It’s a good bit of light-hearted fun looking at human nature.

It can be purchased outright, read on Kindle Unlimited or listened to on YouTube.

book cover of a cartoon car loaded with junk for review of car boot tales - the daft and the curious by Paul J Rose

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Do you have any car boot sale tales of your own?
Have you found any great bargains or come across some strange characters when you’ve bought and sold at a car boot?

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6 thoughts on “Car Boot Tales: The Daft & The Curious by Paul J Rose – Book Review

  1. I’m quite curious about his comical experiences so I wouldn’t mind reading this. I think my mother would like it too as we’ve done two car boots in the past & really enjoyed them, they’re definitely an experience! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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