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[updated December 2022]
I discovered Veronica Henry in the early millennium years, right back to the Honeycote books. She has written numerous novels and The Beach Hut series has been a firm favourite of mine, each book scoring an easy 5 stars.

In this author spotlight on Veronica Henry, I’ve included her bibliography and reviews of some of her books including the latest release A Day at the Beach Hut.

Her books are easy reading probably more suited to an older reader than younger chick lit style fiction. She tackles some real topics but all handled in a sensitive way. The thing that stands out in all Veronica Henry novels is her wonderful use of descriptive language, many are set at the seaside and you can almost smell the sea air as you read.


6 book covers depicting beach huts with the text author spotlight Veronica Henry by Tea and cake for the soul
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Veronica Henry Book Reviews

A Day at the Beach Hut by Veronica Henry – 5 star

This beautiful new book from Veronica Henry is something a bit different and I was captivated right from the introduction. The descriptions of that first glimpse of the sea and visiting an English seaside resort mimicked my own ideals and I immediately felt relaxed, just like I do when I visit the sea in person.

A Day at the Beach Hut is a selection of short stories all focused on different characters that frequent one of the beach huts at the fictional seaside resort of Everdene. They are all very different but contain topics that most of us will identify with. Intertwined through the stories are Veronica’s own “Top Tens” of a variety of subjects such as holiday board games, party songs, favourite ice creams and summer reads. I really felt that we got to know the author a little bit more through these and her own experiences before and after the stories.

As if that wasn’t enough to tempt you, there are numerous recipes relating to each story: breakfasts, picnics, treats and snacks, birthday cocktails, seafood suppers, family favourites, romantic dinners for two, and finally nightcaps. I will definitely be trying out the ginger scones, seasalt chocolate cookies, white chocolate raspberry pudding and lime pie. I’ve screen shot them for later.

Highly recommended for summer or a lazy weekend. I devoured this in a day.

Released 10 June 2021 on Orion Books

book cover titled a day at the beach hut by veronica henry picturing two stripy deckchairs by the water's edge - author spotlight

Thirty Days in Paris by Veronica Henry – 5 star

After a bit of a reading slump recently, this was the perfect book to bring back my love of books. I couldnt put it down.
The story is told from two timelines – by Juliet now as a middle aged woman who has gone to Paris for 30 days to write a book, and Juliet as a young aupair in Paris (which incidentally is the inspiration for the book.
I’ve never had any desire to go to Paris before but this book sells it well and I’d love to visit now. I enjoyed the small amount of French language in it which I was amazed that I could translate with my schoolgirl French from many years ago.
Thirty Days in Paris is a wonderful escapism read, perfect for a February release during those dark winter evenings.

The Forever House by Veronica Henry – 5 star

Every time I read a book by Veronica Henry, I think it’s the best she’s ever written. The Forever House is no exception and having just finished it I feel that this was my favourite ever. But then I remember every other book I’ve read by her and can’t deny they are all my favourites 😂.

The Forever House focuses on the stories and families of two houses – The White House and Hunters Moon. Two timelines are running, 1967 and the current day. Hunter’s Moon was owned by the eccentric author Margot who hires Sally to take care of her home and family. Whilst some view houses as a building to live in, many view them as their forever homes and it’s clear to see why Hunter’s Moon is the latter. You can picture it so clearly, it’s like you’re there whilst reading.

This is such an enchanting story, very well written, and full of wonderful characters. I didn’t want it to end.

book cover with the picture of a house titled the forever house by veronica henry

A Wedding at the Beach Hut by Veronica Henry – 5 star

This is a beautiful moving story that had me crying with sadness and joy. It is a book about the lives, businesses, and relationships of some of the inhabitants of Everdene, a small seaside town in Devon.

Although the story is leading up to the wedding of Jake and Robyn, it is more focused on Robyn’s adoption and all the people involved in the back story. The subject of adoption is dealt with sympathetically and shows just how complex the matter is, and how many lives can be affected.

There are a lot of characters involved in this story which I usually find overwhelming, but every one of them was introduced at the right moment and all had such individual traits, there was no confusion. They were all extremely likable too.

I’ve read two of the earlier Beach Hut stories, but they all have different characters so can be read in any order. I highly recommend that you read them all.

book cover for a Wedding at the beach hut by veronica henry depicting a row of beach huts with the sea in the background an sandy dunes in the foreground


Christmas at the Beach Hut by Veronica Henry – 5 star

Ever felt taken for granted by your family? Has the spirit of Christmas disappeared? Maybe you’d like to run away from it all for a couple of days?

This is exactly what menopausal mum, Lizzy does in the Christmas edition of Veronica Henry’s Beach Hut series. Here she meets with two other runaway families who find unlikely friendship and comfort in each other.

A wonderful story that I couldn’t put down, and I think every menopausal woman and overworked, unappreciated mum will identify with this one.

book cover depicting a row of beach huts with christmas trees and lights either side titled Christmas at the beach hut by veronica henry


Christmas at the Crescent by Veronica Henry

Christmas at the Crescent is a festive novella set in beautiful Bath featuring a single mum. As our main character is a chef, the story is filled with mouthwatering food to get you in a seasonal mood. It finishes off with some of Veronica’s lovely recipes including a traditional Christmas pudding, mince pies, and a chocolate fridge cake. I’ve saved that one to have a go myself.

book cover depicting a row of stately houses titled Christmas at the Crescent by Veronica Henry


The Impulse Purchase by Veronica Henry – 5 star

The Impulse Purchase is another wonderful, heartwarming, and sometimes emotional read by Veronica Henry. The story follows three women (a mother, daughter, and granddaughter) who take on a rundown old pub in the village where they grew up. The descriptive language will make you wish you were there with them too.

All three women are likable and relatable, and I love that Veronica doesn’t just write about young characters. She shows their strengths and weaknesses, and although this is fiction there are some very real topics covered such as homelessness and addiction.

I’ve read many books by this author and most of them are five star reads – This one is too! I thoroughly enjoyed The Impulse Purchase, which along with The Beach Hut series, has been one of my favourites.

book cover titled the Impulse Purchase by Veronica Henry. the book has a blue cover with the outline drawing of a large house


A Night on the Orient Express (2013) by Veronica Henry – 5 stars

A Night on the Orient Express is a fabulous read. I loved the collection of characters, the opulence of the Orient Express, and it’s final destination, Venice. Quite possibly one of my favourite Veronica Henry books.

book cover titled A night on the orient express by veronica henry picturing a scene from the Venice canals


High Tide (2015) by Veronica Henry 

High Tide is a gentle read set in Pennfleet Cornwall.   There is no explosive plot in this book, it is more about new beginnings after two funerals.  Veronica Henry has a lovely style of writing with vivid descriptions. High Tide includes memories of growing up in the 70s and 80s that will resonate with women in their 40s and 50s.

In this story, Kate returns home from New York for her mother’s funeral. She remembers how things were from her childhood as she notices all the changes to the fishing village since the rich have moved in. She reconnects with old friends and starts to sort out her mother’s affairs.

There is another storyline running at the same time with Vanessa, a young widow who runs an art/gift shop in the village. She was married to a rich businessman and has his family to deal with in the aftermath of his death. Thankfully she has an ally in her husband’s assistant.

As is often the case Veronica Henry introduces lots of other characters but her books are so easy to read you don’t lose track of who’s who.  I enjoyed all the characters and wanted to know what happened to them all.

It was a pleasant story, perfect for a beach read or lazy Sunday afternoon. I felt that this could have been the start of a series as it felt more like an introduction to the characters of Pennfleet who all might have their own story to tell.

book cover depicting a typical cornish narrow street with the sea in the background and the title High Tide by Veronica Henry

How To Find Love in a Bookshop by Veronica Henry 

How to Find Love in a Bookshop is set near Oxford so this is certainly one for literary lovers.

The prologue dates back to the 1980s describing how Julius started his book shop, then the story reverts to the present day where Julius is dying. Unfortunately, although Julius was a wonderful man who created a welcoming shop for people to come in and chat, he wasn’t such a great businessman. The books and people were more important to him than profit. Daughter Emilia has quite a task on her hands trying to take it over and run a bookshop that makes a profit.

The first part was rather sad and left me with so many questions: how old was Julius? and where was Emilia’s mother for starters?. I was glad when it went back to the 80s as I hoped it was going to fill in the gaps especially with more about Julius’s bohemium mother Debra.

Like High Tide, the book covers lots of mini-stories of other people associated with the bookshop in one way or another. I’m not normally a fan of books with too many characters but this was easy to follow.  The descriptions make it so easy to picture the setting and characters.

A wedding, cooking, and Christmas all feature in this story so there’s something for everyone.  How to Find Love in a Bookshop is very different to the Beach Hut series but still enjoyable and extremely well written.

book cover diepticting the store front of a bookshop entitled How to find love in a bookshop by Veronica Henry


Veronica Henry Bibliography

Thirty Days in Paris (February 2023)

The Impulse Purchase (Feb 2022)

A Day at the Beach Hut  (June 2021)

A Wedding at the Beach Hut (2020)

A Home From Home (2019)

Christmas at the Beach Hut (2018)

A Family Recipe (2018)

The Forever House (2017)

How to Find Love in a Bookshop (2016)

High Tide (2015)

The Beach Hut Next Door (2014)

A Night on the Orient Express (2013)

A Sea Change (2013)

The Long Weekend (2012)

The Birthday Party (2011)

The Beach Hut (2010)

Christmas at the Crescent (2010)

Marriage and Other Games (2009)

Just a Family Affair/A Country Wedding (2008)

Love on the Rocks (2006)

An Eligible Batchelor (2005)

Wild Oats (2004)

Making Hay/A Country Life (2003)

Honeycote/A Country Christmas (2002)

Have you read any books by Veronica Henry?

Which ones have been your favourites?

I will come back to add more reviews to this post with each new release, and I may well reread some of the old ones too.

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