Lindsey Kelk Book Reviews – Author Spotlight

I have been a huge fan of the author Lindsey Kelk ever since I read I Heart New York many years ago. I have gone on to read pretty much all of her books over the years and I will buy her new releases without even reading the blurb.

Many of them were read before I started reviewing books but I decided that she deserved an author spotlight here on the blog. Read on for reviews of her latest novel “In Case You Missed It” as well as several back titles.

In this post, you will find reviews from the following books and I will update it with every new release:

In Case You Missed It

I heart New York, Hollywood, Paris, Las Vegas, London, Christmas, Forever, and Hawaii

Always The Bridesmaid

The Single Girls To Do List

About A Girl

What A Girl Wants

A Girl’s Best Friend

Lindsey Kelk Book Reviews & Recommendations

In Case You Missed It (July 2020)

In Case You Missed It is the latest release from Lindsey Kelk and is another winner in my opinion. I thoroughly enjoyed this story about Ros who returns home from working in the USA and wants everything to go back to how it was before she left. There’s lots of fun to be had and some life lessons to learn until she finally comes to realise that the present is what’s important. There is a predictable “will they, won’t they?” but it kept me wanting to read on to make sure the happy ending happened. A fun read.

Book cover with text In case you missed it by Lindsey Kelk for author spotlight of her book reviews. Cover has a picture of a man and a woman walking in different directions

I heart New York, Hollywood, Paris, Las Vegas, London, Christmas, Forever, and Hawaii

As I mentioned earlier, many years ago I bought a book from a car boot sale for 20p called I heart New York. It was written by the then-unknown author to me called Lindsey Kelk. I find that borrowing from a library, or buying the first book secondhand is a cost effective way to try a different author.

Buying I heart New York turned out to be a very good buy as I couldn’t put it down. It was such a pleasure to read. Chick lit at its finest.

As it was an older release, I was delighted to discover there were several more titles in the I heart series.  Obviously, I went out and bought the rest immediately and have continued to buy each new book as it has been released.

I Heart book titles by Lindsey Kelk in shade of blue

The I heart stories follow the life of blogger and writer Angela Clark, and her friends/loves along the way. She stumbles from one disaster to the next in the glamourous world of journalism and fashion. Dates, weddings, jobs, births, and plenty of catastrophes – it’s all in this series as Angela visits, or in some cases moves, to each country.

I originally read this series a few years back but having now visited Hollywood and Las Vegas myself, I decided to read them again. I enjoyed them just as much. I have to say that Lindsay Kelk is definitely one of my favourite authors.

The books can be read as stand-alone stories or you can follow Angela and Co through the whole series. They don’t necessarily have to be read in order, although it’s best if you do. Great fun, very light and easy to read. Give them a whirl.

1. I Heart New York
2. I Heart Hollywood
3. Paris
4. Las Vegas
5. London
6. Christmas
7. Forever
8. Hawaii

There are also two 2 novellas that focus more on Angela’s crazy best friend Jenny:

Jenny Lopez Has A Bad Week
Jenny Lopez Saves Christmas

I heart Hawaii – The Grand Finale

The grand finale to the I heart series is set in both New York and Hawaii.

We join Angela as she starts work again following the birth of her baby who is now 11 months old. Best friend Jenny Lopez persuades Angela to join her for an all-expenses paid  “work” trip to Hawaii.  Tag on English best friend Lou, gay best friend and Hollywood actor James, and new boss Paige and what could possibly go wrong?

In true Angela Clark fashion, she gets herself into several scrapes.

It’s very funny, fast paced and easy to read. This is exactly why I love Lindsey Kelk’s writing. Perfect holiday reading or a great bit of trip fiction if you’re having a staycation.

It has a clever ending that leaves you with a warm feeling.  There’s an interesting interview at the end of the book with Lindsey. She says its the end of this story, but maybe one day …

book cover I heart Hawaii by Lindsey Kelk pic of a girl on a hammock between two palm trees

Always The Bridesmaid

In true Lindsey Kelk fashion, Always The Bridesmaid is very funny.  Bride-to-be Lauren asks best friends Sarah and Maddie to be her bridesmaids and presents them with a bridesmaid journal for them to log all the happy moments and feelings on the lead up to the wedding. The story is told through Maddie’ s journal entries.

Neither are that enamoured with the idea of being bridesmaids – Sarah because her husband had just asked her for a divorce, and Maddie because she is single and is ALWAYS the bridesmaid!

As Maddie is an events planner, Lauren presumes that she will plan her lavish wedding with just three months’ notice.

The story follows the trials and tribulations of the three friends and Maddie’s new romance as the wedding and other events progress. I didn’t foresee the ending. A brilliant read.

book cover for Always the Bridesmaid by Lindsey Kelk picturing the outline of a pink bridesmaid dress with pink text

The Single Girl’s To Do List

The Single Girl’s To Do List is another cracker from Lindsey Kelk.  When Simon breaks up with list-loving Rachel, her friends Em and Matthew set about compiling a Single Girl’s To Do List.

As you’d expect there are some pretty standard moves to help you get over a break-up, as well as a whole lot more that the trio of friends concocted whilst getting drunk.

The list comprised of:

  • A complete makeover of body and home.
  • Exercising.
  • Doing something extreme such as a bungee jump.
  • Finding a date for dad’s impending wedding.
  • Doing something the ex wouldn’t approve of.
  • Buying something obscenely expensive and selfish.
  • Writing a closure letter to the ex.
  • Traveling to a new place abroad.
  • Hunting down the first crush.
  • Breaking the law.

The story follows the trio as Rachel works through the list.

A fun story with likable main characters with a bit of on-location travel experience too. I enjoyed this as much as the I heart series.

book cover picturing a pink convertible driving off with a notebook piece of paper with The Single girls to do list by Lindsey Kelk written on it

Lindsey Kelk’s Girl Trilogy

About a Girl

About a Girl is part one in the “Girl” trilogy.  Things start to go wrong for Tess Brookes when she loses her job and declares love for her male best friend Charlie. To escape it all, she pretends to be her flatmate Vanessa, and goes off on a work trip to Hawaii. Throw in a handsome lothario, a handful of models, and lots of booze, and what could possibly go wrong?

Lots of far fetched fun, some sexy times, and a little bit of romance. If you loved the “I heart” novels, you’ll love this too.

book cover of girl with dark ponytail walking with a suitcase on wheels

What a Girl Wants

What a Girl Wants is part two in the Tess Brookes “Girl” series. Now I will admit that it took a while to get into this one and I almost gave up. However, once the characters travel to Milan, it started to get interesting.

It was great to be reacquainted with characters from book one especially Al and Kekipi. No spoilers though.

cartoon girl wearing a red dress on a book cover

A Girl’s Best Friend 

A Girl’s Best Friend is the final part of this trilogy and it is written to the usual high standard of Lindsey Kelk novels.  This time Tess heads off to New York at Christmas where she gets another shot at being a photographer and another chance at love.

I love that some of the characters from the I heart series appear. Angela, Jenny, Cici, and Delia all feature alongside the great personalities from the Girl series which works really well. Join them on this fabulous journey to see which way Tess’s career and love life end up.

There’s plenty of slapstick surprises that are written with such clarity, you can picture the events.

Despite not liking book 2 so much, I loved part 1 and 3 and highly recommend the Girl series. The “Girl” trilogy by Lindsey Kelk was part of my 20 Books of Summer reading challenge.

cartoon pic of two girls sitting down facing each other on a book cover

Have you read any books by Lindsey Kelk or similar authors?

Which ones have been your favourites?

Or have you discovered an author by buying or receiving a book second-hand then gone on to buy the whole back catalogue?

You can find out more about Lindsey Kelk on her website and social media.

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  1. I found 3 of her audio books on Hoopla! Sounds like a fun read. I think I’ll give her a try next. Thanks for recommending her ❤


  2. She is a favourite of mine too! I liked but didn’t love her Girl trilogy thou, but otherwise, she always delivers a great read. Fab post!

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