Beware of the Trolls – Poems from Simply Modern Life by Claire Baldry

Today I am very pleased to share my thoughts on a poem book with you entitled  Simply Modern Life by author Claire Baldry.

With the exception of children’s books, I haven’t read any poetry since school and I must say it was such a refreshing change. This book is full of humourous, and sometimes tragic, rhymes about everyday life including school, medicine and technology. Some are even to be sung along to the tunes of songs of old.  A definite nod towards how things have changed with a satirical slant.  I really enjoyed this book and thought it would make a lovely gift for friends and family of a certain age. And it wasn’t just the poems that appealed, this book is quirkily illustrated by Amber Gee.

Simply Modern Life is available from 28th August 2018.

You can read a sample poem entitled Beware of the Trolls on my post for National Poetry Day which features poems from several other authors and poets.

troll sitting at computer screen on book cover
About the Author: Former Headteacher and English Advisor, Claire Baldry, lives on the East Sussex coast with her husband, Chris. Claire has already published four booklets of amusing poetry, an autobiographical novella, and her debut novel about love in later life entitled ‘Different Genes’.  Claire is the creator of the popular website ‘Books for Older Readers’. This promotes books with themes which tend to appeal to readers in mid-life and beyond.

Claire has a very regular schedule of engagements as a speaker and light-hearted performance poet. Her latest poetry booklet ‘Simply Modern Life’ is a collection of her most recent poetry.

lady sitting at desk with books and picture
Thanks to Claire for sending me this excerpt to share with you all.

@ClaiBal @matadorbooks


15 thoughts on “Beware of the Trolls – Poems from Simply Modern Life by Claire Baldry

  1. I knew I recognised the name – I reviewed “Different Genes” on my blog some time ago and was moved as adopted myself. Did not know about the poems – made me wonder if there are stories for children that promote Internet savvy from an early age #Blogtober19

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    • I’m sure there are, but I haven’t come across any myself. However, up until recently, I worked in an Infants school and there are regular programmes in place as part of safeguarding to education children and parents.


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