Bouncing Back With A Bang by Geraldine Ward

Today I am sharing a guest post from Geraldine Ward on the release of her poetry book Bouncing Back With A Bang,

Bouncing Back with a Band is a small booklet featuring 22 poems. Some from real life and others offering up many different faces of spirituality be it God, Zeus or fairies. Some are laced with humour (who else remembers eating pizza from a box for the first time?). Others are hard-hitting. My favourite is Heartbeat which describes a mother’s love before her baby is even born. But others are extremely sad.  It really is an eclectic mix.

You can read a sample poem from this book along with some from other poets in my post about National Poetry Day HERE.

book cover with photo of a silhouette facing mountains over a lake


Geraldine has also written a novella, and both children’s poetry and stories. She has written a guest post today to tell us a little bit more about herself.

“When people ask me what inspires me to write I often answer quite simply, “The world around me.” There is so much to be gained through simple observations and insights as well as throwing the writer’s “spin” on it.

Last September I went away on holiday to the Lake District with a friend, expecting to find much to inspire my writing. However, unfortunately, I was affected by quite a nasty cold bug for most of it which curtailed the creative benefits regarding working on my writing. However, there were some lovely memories nonetheless. As someone who enjoys food and drink (well don’t we all really) I especially liked the Kendal Mint Cake and Grasmere gingerbread. The Grasmere gingerbread was sold at the entrance to one of the houses where William Wordsworth lived. Other highlights were the amazing viewpoints, although admittedly we didn’t see them in the best light, given that it rained most of the time. I recall walking along past Friar’s Cragg, seeing a memorial to poet John Ruskin there.

I would like to write much more about my time there, but due to being rather sick and not being able to find the writing I did do, I am relying mainly on memory, which can be sketchy at the best of times.

What I did like was being back in my native north-east of England where I grew up. I was born in Cambridge and brought up by my parents who went on to have my brother and sister in Middlesbrough during the 1980s and then relocated to the southeast in 2010, meaning that many of my memories are up there.

One of the things I like is having a nice cup of Yorkshire tea, not having to worry about dropping my “as” and “hs” and any other regional variations. Not that it is a problem. I am relatively settled down south now.

Back in Kent, I perform poetry quite frequently locally. I have also started learning ukulele and began performing with it. We have quite a vibrant folk scene locally so I get involved with that.

So that is a bit about me. Might just have a cup of Yorkshire brew to remind me of the northeast – just not peppermint though!”

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