20 Books of Summer 2019, 2020 & 2021

a photo of 2 blue and white striped deckchairs on brighton beach with the old burnt out pier in the background, Text overlay says tea and cake for the soul 20 books of summer reading challenge

[updated August 2021]

#20BooksOfSummer is an annual event hosted over at  746 Books blog and runs from June 1st until 31st August. I first joined the challenge to read 20 books over the summer in 2019, went on to repeat it in 2020 and 2021.

The idea is that you read 20, 15 or even 10 books during that period.

I found out about this on One More Word blog, and thought it was a great idea. It gives you a chance to focus on reading and choose some books that may have been lurking on your “To Be Read” (TBR) pile for a while.

My TBR pile is ever increasing. I’m a sucker for a bargain and am always getting new books when my daily bookbub email comes through, and then I see a new book by a favourite author and have to buy it. And of course, I get to see so many book reviews on other blogs that I think “ooh that sounds interesting” and before you know it there’s another book in the TBR pile.

You will be able to find my reviews to all the books from this annual reading challenge in my recommended reading section.


20 Books of Summer Reading Challenge 2021

This year, I chose a mix of fiction and non-fiction in all formats. I did intend to read a few more paperbacks to clear my physical shelves, but I got swayed by so many good suggestions on Kindle Unlimited.

Fiction Books – Paperbacks

Debbie Macomber – The Shop on Blossom Street ✓
Debbie Macomber – 16 Lighthouse Road ✓

Fiction Books – Kindle

Lucinda Berry – The Secrets of Us ✓
Lucinda Berry – When She Returned ✓
Jane Lovering – The Country Escape ✓
Rebecca Smith – More Than Just Mum ✓

Fiction Books – Kindle Unlimited

The Woman Who Destroyed Christmas by MJ Hardy ✓
The Husband Thief by MJ Hardy ✓
The Resort by MJ Hardy ✓
The Single Wife by Ella King ✓
The Wife Coach by Ella King ✓
Little White Lies by Ella King  ✓
Lies by TM Logan ✓
The Hollows by Mark Edwards ✓
The Memory Watcher by by Minka Kent ✓
The Watcher Girl by Minka Kent ✓


Donny Osmond – Life is Just What You Make It ✓
Ant & Dec – Ooh! What a Lovely Pair ✓
Victoria Beckham – Learning to Fly ✓
Sharon Osbourne – Survivor ✓


How Much Wine Will Fix My Broken Heart? by Kristen Bailey ✓
The Street Party by Clare Seeber ✓
Hope & Happiness in Bluebell Wood by Ali McNamara ✓
Women of a Certain Rage by Georgie Hall ✓
Call of the Penguins by Hazel Prior ✓
On A Night Like This by Lindsey Kelk ✓


20 Books of Summer Reading Challenge 2021  – COMPLETED ✓

I started several more but sadly couldn’t get into them. I look forward to joining you all next year and dont forget to join me in my reading challenge 20 Books for Christmas.


20 Books of Summer Reading Challenge 2020

In 2020, I decided to read 20 books from the titles below over the summer but read them all.

Women’s Fiction

1. In Case You Missed It by Lindsey Kelk ✓
2. Summer at the Art Cafe by Sue McDonagh ✓
3. One Night Only by Emma Heatherington ✓
4. Rachel’s Pudding Pantry by Caroline Roberts ✓
5. The Girl I Used to Know by Faith Hogan ✓
6. Secrets We Keep by Faith Hogan ✓
7. Five French Hens by Judy Leigh ✓
8. A Summer Escape and Strawberry Cake at the Cosy Kettle by Liz Eeles ✓
9. How to be Perfect by Holly Wainright ✓
10. Snowdrops on Rosemary Lane by Ellen Berry ✓
11. I left my tent in San Francisco by Emma Kennedy ✓
12. My Great Ex-Scape by Portia Macintosh ✓
13. Make or Break at the Lighthouse B & B by Portia Macintosh ✓
14. Sunny Days and Sea Breezes by Carole Matthews ✓
15. Has Anyone Seen My Sex Life by Kristen Bailey ✓
16. A Wedding at the Beach Hut by Veronica Henry ✓
17. Meet Me at Pebble Beach by Bella Osborne ✓
18. Kate and Clara’s Curious Cornish Gift Shop by Ali McNamara ✓
19. Secrets and Seashells at Rainbow Bay by Ali McNamara ✓
20. Queen Bee by Jane Fallon ✓

Health Books

I Can Sit Again by Dr Jennifer Stebbing ✓
Tailbone Pain Relief Now by Dr Patrick Foye ✓


Dear Mr Kershaw by Derek Philpott ✓
Remind Me To Smile by Martin Downham ✓
Understanding Gary Numan by Paul Sutton ✓


20 Books of Summer Reading Challenge 2020  – COMPLETED ✓

I have so many books on my Kindle, but in 2019 decided to tackle my physical book pile first, which also doubled up as a decluttering exercise. Some are books I’ve bought new, some received as gifts and a couple I’ve bought from a car boot sale as I liked the sound of the book, or was drawn to the cover.

20 Books of Summer Reading Challenge 2019

Katie Fforde – Living Dangerously  ✓
Katie Fforde – Recipe for Love  ✓
Elizabeth Nobel – The Way We Were  ✓
Wendy Holden – The School for Husbands  ✓
Lucy Diamond – One Night In Italy ✓
Carmen Reid – The Personal Shopper ✓
Freya North – Pillow Talk ✓
Claudia Carroll – Meet Me In Manhatten ✓
Giovanni Fletcher – You’re The One That I Want ✓
David Nichols – Us ✓
Tess Daly – It’s Up To You New York ✓
A J Pearch – Dear Mrs Bird ✓
Jane Green – Falling ✓
Dee MacDonald – The Silver Ladies of Penny Lane ✓
Holly Wainright – The Mummy Bloggers ✓
Lindsey Kelk – About a Girl  ✓
Lindsey Kelk – What a Girl Wants  ✓
Lindsey Kelk – A Girl’s Best Friend  ✓
Susan Hill – Breaking Glass
Rachel Hore – Last Letter Home

I also read a few books that were not on the original list.

Kirsty Greenwood – Vintage Guide to Love and Romance ✓
Lindsey Kelk – Always the Bridesmaid ✓
Lindsey Kelk – Single Girls To Do List ✓
Giovanni Fletcher – Dream a Little Dream ✓
Carmen Reid – How Not To Shop ✓
Tales from a Car Boot Sale ✓
Oh … So I’m Not Bonkers ✓
Scooterboys – The Lost Tribe ✓


20 Books of Summer Reading Challenge 2019  – COMPLETED ✓

You will be able to find my reviews to all the above books in my recommended reading section.

Do you take part in reading challenges?
Perhaps you’ve already read some of my list?
I’d love to know your thoughts on them.

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