Tips & Money Saving at Tea and Cake for the Soul

A couple of years back, I went on a real mission to reduce hefty bills like insurance and entertainment packages and it is amazing what you can do with a bit of time, know-how, and effort. I’m a savvy shopper and I like to share all my money saving tips with my readers.

If I know of a household or health tip then I share them here on Tea and Cake for the Soul. I publish “How To …” tutorials along with household and wellbeing tips. Sometimes problems can be solved so easily once you know how, but unless someone suggests it you may not have heard of that solution.

I hope they are of use to you and of course, if you have a tip to share then please do leave it as a comment. You can find links to all previous posts below.

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photo credit Javier Allegue Barros

TOP TIPS & HOW TO … (Money Saving)

* How I Saved Over £5,000 in Just One Year

* How to be a Savvy Shopper – Complete Guide to Couponing, Cashback & Loyalty Cards

* How to use Cashback Apps to Save Money

* How I Saved Over £1000 on my Home & Car Insurance

* How to Get Free & Cheap Books Legally

* How to Get Free Cash for Giving Your Opinion

* How to Get a Free Boots No 7 Makeover

* How to Give to Charity for Free or on a Budget

* Environmentally Friendly & Money Saving Ways for Moving House

* How to Plan a Road Trip in the USA


* When Can Car Boot Sales Open Safely?

* Car Boot Sale Tips for Sellers

* Car Boot Sale Tips for Buyers

* How to Survive a Car Boot Sale – Frequently Asked Questions

* Best Places to Buy & Sell Second-Hand Items


* How to Get Free Menopause Support

* How to Successfully Give Up Smoking

* How to Prevent Mosquito Bites & Prevent Insect Bites from Itching

* How to Reduce Coccyx Pain at the Office

TOP TIPS & HOW TO … (Lifestyle)

* A-Z Top Tips

* Pinch, Punch, it’s the First of the Month

* How to Cover Up Borrowed Lights/Indoor Windows

* How to Make Vegetable Stock from Peelings

* How to Prepare Blackberries for Cooking, Eating and Freezing

* How to Make Art & Upcycle Your Music Memorabilia

HOW TO … (Blogging)

* How to Get the Most from Blogs & Social Media

* How to Survive Blog Challenges

* How Bloggers Can Help Authors Promote Books

I am also available for freelance content writing for your blog, website or publication. I have several features written or can write to order. Please read my Work With Me page and contact me to discuss your requirements.

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