Kirsty Greenwood Book Reviews & Bibliography – Author Spotlight

Kirsty Greenwood has been a long time favourite author of mine and I have several of her book reviews here on Tea and Cake for the Soul. Following the release her latest novel He Will Be Mine, I decided to do an Author Spotlight on Kirsty Greenwood and include her bibliography and all my book reviews.

In this post, you will find reviews for:

Love Will Save The Day

He Will Be Mine 

It Happened on Christmas Eve

Big Sexy Love

Vintage Guide to Love and Romance

Yours Truly 

One Kiss in Greece

book cover depcting a man and woman looking over some rooftops with the title love will save the day by kirsty greenwood

Love Will Save The Day
by Kirsty Greenwood

Love will Save the Day by Kirsty Greenwood was initially released as part of a collection for Valentine’s Day 2021. It is now available to buy individually outright and on Kindle Unlimited.

Bess is a PT who is down on her luck when a handsome Hugh Grant lookalike mistakes her for someone who recently saved his life. Bess goes along with it and gets tangled up in the deceit, with it all being played out in the eyes of social media.

I enjoyed this romcom novella set in Notting Hill. It was a fun read that you know has to come to an explosive ending.

blue book cover titled He will be mine by Kirsty Greenwood with the image of palm trees and santa monica pier in the background
He Will Be Mine
by Kirsty Greenwood

He Will Be Mine is the latest fabulous romantic comedy from Kirsty Greenwood. In this story we follow 27 year old Nora as she heads off to Los Angeles to try to meet Hollywood heartthrob actor Gary.

Nora has sadly become an introvert and recluse after a devastating event two years ago. She works as a virtual assistant at home and loves nothing more than reading a good RomCom book and watching her favourite films on tv.

Nora first sees Gary in his latest blockbuster movie and gets that once in a lifetime thunderbolt moment. She immediately falls head over heels in love with him.

Nora’s sister Imogene is very concerned about her lifestyle and her refusal to date anyone else. She books her on a flight to LA to go in hunt of the movie star that she believes is ‘the one’ and this is where the fun starts. I won’t give you any spoilers but as unlikely as this scenario sounds, it all happens in that “realistic” Romcom way that totally draws you in.

Is Nora a crazy stalker or a hopeless romantic believing in fate? I’ll leave you to decide, but this book is bound to resonate with anyone who has had a crush on a movie or pop star (Robbie Williams, ahem 😂).

He Will Be Mine had a head start with me as it is set in Venice Beach and other locations around Los Angeles.  I love tv and books set in LA, particularly the beach resorts, and this is particularly welcome as the weather starts to get dark and miserable in the UK.

Now, all my regular readers will know that Kirsty’s earlier novel, Big Sexy Love, is one of my favourite books ever and there’s always the wonder if anything else can ever top that. Well, He Will Be Mine gives it a good run and I can quite confidently say it’s up there with it. I read pretty much the whole book in one day, only giving in and leaving a bit for the next day because my eyes were so tired.  I absolutely loved this and feel quite sad now that it’s finished.

Kirsty Greenwood writes with the usual warm and funny manner that we have come to expect. She manages to deliver a great mix of laugh out loud scenarios, alongside a couple of tearjerker moments. Highly recommended.

This is crying out to be made into a film. If you’ve read it let me know who you think should play the roles?

blue book cover titled It happened on christmas eve by kirsty greenwood depeicting a man and woman overlooking a city

It Happened On Christmas Eve
by Kirsty Greenwood 

It Happened On Christmas Eve by Kirsty Greenwood is a light-hearted novella set in Notting Hill, London.

27 year old Phoebe hates Christmas especially as she split with her boyfriend the year before on Christmas Day.

At work, she is known as the office grump. The only person in the office she actually likes is her boss Marcy, and when Marcy asks Phoebe to collect her son from the airport just before Christmas, she begrudgingly accepts.

Adam then asks Phoebe to help him get some shopping in where of course she can’t escape the city’s festivities. I recommend that you read this short novella to see if Adam will be able to thaw out the ice maiden!At about 90 mins reading time, this is perfect for a lazy afternoon on the lead up to Christmas. It’s funny, romantic and incredibly festive.

blue book cover titled Big Sexy Love by Kirsty Greenwood picturing a couple overlooking the New York skyline
Big Sexy Love 
by Kirsty Greenwood

I have gone on about how Big Sexy Love is one of my favourite books ever for a long time. It’s one of those stories that I don’t want to say too much about so as not to spoil it, but let me fill you in a little.

Olive leads quite a simple life which she is comfortable with, apart from the fact that her best friend Birdie is in hospital dying. Birdie tells Olive that she would love to meet up with her first love one more time before she dies. Olive agrees to help track him down, and flies off to New York to try to find Chuck. Mayhem ensues and Olive gets herself in all sorts of scrapes.

The story is full of hilarious laugh out loud moments, mixed in with inevitable sadness due to the subject matter. It brings together some wonderful characters that leave you with a lovely warm feeling at witnessing their love.

The Vintage Guide to Love and Romance/
Jessica Beam is a Hot Mess
by Kirsty Greenwood

This book was originally called The Vintage Guide to Love and Romance and has since been renamed and reissued as Jessica Beam is a Hot Mess.

Jessica is a young, modern, relatively well-known blogger. She suddenly loses her home and her job and goes in search of her long lost grandma for help. Her grandma Matilda lives in an affluent area of London but she too has serious money problems.

Grandma Matilda is trying to raise some much-needed funds by republishing some of her vintage guides to love and romance. The publisher is uninterested at these out of date books until Jessica appears on the scene.  The trio concocts a plan for Jess to try and get an eligible bachelor interested in her using the methods mentioned in Matilda’s books – writing up that experiment would form the basis for a new modern book.

The often hilarious story is interlaced with quotes from Matilda’s books from 1957 and Jessica’s mum’s diaries from 1985.  It is fun to read the eloquent and ladylike methods of the 1950s in comparison to modern-day courting.  Vintage etiquette for conduct and speech is certainly a whole new ball game for Jessica.

As with other books by Kirsty Greenwood, there are some serious and sad moments that really are quite thought-provoking. This story is a good example of how people are not always what they seem and how lies really do destroy lives.

I was very misty-eyed towards the end but absolutely loved this.

blue book cover picturing a woman with short brown hair overlooking a town titled Yours Truly by Kirsty Greenwood

Yours Truly
by Kirsty Greenwood

Natalie is due to marry Olly on Christmas Eve. They got a last minute deal due to a cancellation, but that meant there was only 4 weeks to plan the wedding. Natalie’s mum and sister get on board and take over the planning, but Natalie doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by saying what she really wants.

On a night out with her best friend Meg, Natalie accidentally gets hypnotized resulting in her only being able to answer questions truthfully. That obviously gets her into a scrape or two, so Natalie and Meg head off to a quaint little village in Yorkshire to try track down the hypnotist to reverse the effect.

In the first couple of chapters I so wanted Natalie to stand up to all these people who were walking all over her, but then realised that was the premise of the story and I really started to enjoy it.

This is a fun romantic comedy with several laugh out loud moments. I ended up reading the whole book in a day!

As well as being funny, it was very well written. I love how the village of Little Trooley was described. It was interesting to witness both the community spirit of the villagers, as well as the feuds. It’s a fab book to read anytime but especially in the lead up to Christmas.

That’s another one of Kirsty’s books that I’ve loved.  This was actually the first book that Kirsty wrote in 2013 and I think I may have read it way back then, but I have just read it again in 2020 and it stands the test of time.

peach colour book cover titled one kiss in greece by kirsty greenwood picturing 2 women and a man lying on sun loungers
One Kiss in Greece
by Kirsty Greenwood

One Kiss in Greece is a very short story about a woman wondering if it’s time to grow up or not as she approaches 30. You can get this story free by signing up for Kirsty’s newsletter from her website.


Bibliography for Kirsty Greenwood

Love Will Save The Day novella (2021)

He Will Be Mine (2020)

It Happened on Christmas Eve novella (2019)

Big Sexy Love (2017)

One Kiss In Greece (2017) – short story

The Vintage Guide To Love and Romance/Jessica Beam is a Hot Mess (2015/8)

Yours Truly (2012)

Kirsty Greenwood is already working on a novella for release in February 2021, so I’m looking forward to that.

Have you read any of the books I’ve mentioned? I’d love to know what you think of them and what one has been your favourite?

poster depicting 5 blue books covers and one peach book cover laid out in two rows of three with an open book in the centre and the text tea and cake for the soul author spotlight on kirsty greenwood

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