Tales from a Car Boot Sale

Tales from a Car Boot Sale is a series of short stories all based around, yes you’ve got it, car boot sales. The book has been released by a selection of writers from Inkslingers Veterans in aid of a cancer research charity.

This book is not at all what I expected from the title and not my usual genres at all but I did enjoy it. Unlike Car Boot Tales, each story is not about a car boot sale as such, but based on an item bought or the people that interacted at one.

The tales cover racism, revenge, murder and retribution. From supernatural and fantasy, to romance and light erotica. Ending with a bit of laugh out loud humour, there is something that should interest most readers.

It’s a shame it’s not released in paperback, as it would make nice gift for a reading enthusiast or someone who likes car boots. But buying it for yourself on Kindle will help support cancer research, something that is close to most people’s hearts.

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Dark Blue Book Cover with a VW Camper Van in the background and title Tales from a Car Boot Sale in white text

Inkslingers Veterans are made up of authors AJ Armitt, Paul Murphy, Rachel Dove, Shirley Blane, Robin Carter, Prue Batten, Rob Wickings, Robert Brooks and Dave Slaney. They have published other compilations including Tortured Hearts, Historical Tales and Temporal Tales.

Also available on kindle unlimited.

3 thoughts on “Tales from a Car Boot Sale

  1. I’m going to get this for my mother – we did two car boots, years ago, and she still thinks of them with both love & hate in equal measure! I like the idea of using objects from a car boot to inspire & form the short story. It’s brilliant proceeds go to charity, too. xx

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  2. It’s interesting to see how much in-depth topics come out of something as simple as car boot sale. Although car-boot sale’s do not interest me, the conversation piece of this book defiantly does. I am going to have to check it out.

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