Awareness & Kindness at Tea and Cake for the Soul

With so many celebrations and awareness days, both in the UK and worldwide, it can be hard to keep up. It's nice to be able to use Tea and Cake for the Soul to help raise awareness of health conditions, charities and to promote compassion. As well as the well known celebratory days such as … Continue reading Awareness & Kindness at Tea and Cake for the Soul


Blogmas 2018 Completed

Blogmas was the last thing on my mind after completing Blogtober, but in the final hour, I decided to take part in this blogging challenge. One post every day for the month of December. 23 brand new posts and eight updated posts that fit in with the theme of Christmas and giving. All the usual … Continue reading Blogmas 2018 Completed

Merry Christmas!

Good morning everyone! Merry Christmas to you all. I hope you have a lovely day or if you find this time of year a struggle, I hope you will find it at least bearable and will have someone to share it with. Thank you all for your support this year. Thanks for all the comments, … Continue reading Merry Christmas!

My YouTube Christmas Eve Playlist

I've already shared some alternative Christmas albums with you but why not check out my YouTube channel to listen to my Christmas Eve Playlist. It's a mix of original Christmas tunes with one of two covers of traditional songs, all with a rockabilly, psychobilly or ska vibe. Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel while you are … Continue reading My YouTube Christmas Eve Playlist

5 Free Christmas Reads on Amazon Kindle – Book Reviews

Christmas can be so manic, with very little time to yourself to relax. And of course, there's often no money spare to spend on treats for yourself. Here are 5 free Christmas reads available from Amazon on Kindle. All very short stories, taking from half an hour to 2 hours maximum. So put the kettle … Continue reading 5 Free Christmas Reads on Amazon Kindle – Book Reviews

Netflix Christmas Movies

Unfortunately, I've been laid up the last couple of weeks with illness, but it does mean I've had the pleasure of having a huge Netflix Christmas movie binge. Check out my favourites. I really enjoyed: The Christmas Chronicles Christmas Inheritance The Princess Switch The Christmas Prince A Wish for Christmas Angel of Christmas Deck the … Continue reading Netflix Christmas Movies

3 Christmas Chick Lit Reads on a Budget – Book Reviews

Even though I'm not a big fan of Christmas, I do love to drift off into another place with a good Christmas Chick Lit Read. Here are a few that I've read in the last couple of years. Many are currently only 99p on Kindle and we all know how important budget is at Christmas. … Continue reading 3 Christmas Chick Lit Reads on a Budget – Book Reviews

I Saw the Real Santa Claus

I loved Christmas as a kid, all the magic and the belief in Father Christmas. It's not quite the same as a grown-up is it? That's until I saw the real Santa Claus. Have you ever seen him? Take a look and see what you think. I've been fortunate enough to spend Christmas in California … Continue reading I Saw the Real Santa Claus

11 Christmas & Birthday Gifts for Book Lovers

Even in this modern digital age, I believe that giving books as gifts are still as popular as ever.  As a book lover, I think they make perfect gifts for Christmas. Who else remembers getting an annual every year with their Christmas stockings as a child? Or giving or receiving The Fireside Book, or the … Continue reading 11 Christmas & Birthday Gifts for Book Lovers

Nothing Says Christmas Quite Like Elvis Presley!

Some people like minimal decorations, some go overboard. I fall into the former category in my own home, but I do like to have a wander around a good Christmas display. Read on to hear about my favourite Christmas location. My love of tat*, sunshine and all things Rock N Roll were delivered in one … Continue reading Nothing Says Christmas Quite Like Elvis Presley!