Waste Free Halloween – Ideas for having an eco friendly celebration for all ages

Halloween is generally a time of huge waste. Read my tips of how to be more eco friendly by reusing, swapping and being creative to ensure a waste free Halloween holiday.

Poppies for Remembrance Day – What do Different Colour Poppies Mean?

Did you know there are 6 types of poppies for Remembrance Day and Remembrance Sunday in the UK? Find out more about the types and colours of poppies available and view some amazing poppy art and memorials for Remembrance Day.

Arts, Crafts, Upcycling & Eco Issues at Tea and Cake for the Soul

I come from that working class generation of the 60s and 70s, and have always had a strong reuse and make do ethic.  People didn't have everything that they wanted back then. Life's amenities weren't so disposable. It was long before people became aware of what modern day living was doing to the planet. I can't … Continue reading Arts, Crafts, Upcycling & Eco Issues at Tea and Cake for the Soul

11 Ways to Reduce Plastic & Paper Waste in Hotels, Cafes & Bars

Suggestions for reducing your plastic and paper waste when visiting hotels, cafes and bar including dealing with waste caused by Covid-19 restrictions.

Is Cheaper Pre-packed Food Creating More Plastic Waste?

12 ways to reduce plastic waste addressing the question "Is cheaper pre-packed food making us waste more plastic?"

Apple Coconut Cake Squares

Apple coconut squares are made from an old school dinner recipe and can be adapted to suit almost any fruit. A deliciously moorish cake when cold or comforting pudding when served hot.

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

This easy recipe for chicken noodle soup has been passed down through our family for generations. Using leftovers from a Sunday roast it allows zero waste and is wonderful for warding off winter colds.

How to Make Vegetable Stock from Veg Peelings

I used to make my own curry sauce with cream but since going dairy free I have started to make it with vegetable stock. Rather than buy stock with lots of additives in it, I learned how quick and easy it was to make your own vegetable stock from scratch just by saving your vegetable … Continue reading How to Make Vegetable Stock from Veg Peelings

Easy Homemade Chicken Curry

Cook your own curry from scratch with this easy recipe. Also perfect for left over turkey from your Christmas or Thanksgiving dinners.