My Top Blog Posts

If you've been following Tea and Cake for the Soul for a while, I hope that you've had a good look around and are enjoying some of my posts.  Below you will find links to some of the most popular ones. MY TOP BLOG POSTS AT TEA & CAKE FOR THE SOUL TRAVEL USA * Complete Guide … Continue reading My Top Blog Posts


Live in Harmony

A wish for 2019. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all live in harmony? World peace is a bit optimistic, but even if people could just be nice to each other on social media or not get involved in someone else's disputes that would be a great start! Thanks to everyone who has supported … Continue reading Live in Harmony

The Hidden Side of Loneliness

There are often self-help and thought-provoking statuses that appear on Facebook. Some you scroll past and some you read right to the end then feel a little bit cheated that it's a copy and paste post. Some you realise are shared posts but you can appreciate that people are just trying to do their bit … Continue reading The Hidden Side of Loneliness

A Miracle on Hope Street

A Miracle on Hope Street by Emma Heatherington is probably one of my favourite Christmas books ever. Ruth Ryan seemingly has it all but feels the loneliest person in the world. Yes, sound familiar? Finding out that one random act of kindness from her past altered someone's future, made Ruth take a decision that would alter … Continue reading A Miracle on Hope Street

15 Free & Budget Gift Ideas for Teachers

Have you noticed how children have more and more teachers now? Your child may be in a pre-school or nursery where there are 6-8 teachers who all interact with your child. Even in an infants school, there could be up to 6 teachers and assistants. Having lots of staff is lovely for your children as … Continue reading 15 Free & Budget Gift Ideas for Teachers

28 Random Acts of Kindness

Originally written for Blogtober and Blogmas, but there's no need to wait for an occasion to be kind. Here are 4 weeks worth of Random Acts of Kindness. There are 28 different ideas that don't have to cost very much or anything at all. Let me know if you try any. Why should we do … Continue reading 28 Random Acts of Kindness

7 Ways to Celebrate World Post Day

Today is World Post Day. It was originally set up to bring an awareness of the services that mail delivery companies from all over the World provide to both homes and businesses. Over 150 countries take part and some use it as a time to treat their staff for good work. Who remembers that feeling … Continue reading 7 Ways to Celebrate World Post Day