Dear Mrs Bird – Pay It Forward with a Random Act of Kindness

Rather than reviewing or recommending Dear Mrs Bird by AJ Pearce, I thought I would use this opportunity to talk about my Pay It Forward idea for carrying out random acts of kindness.

I haven’t finished reading this yet but will tell you a little bit about the book anyway.

Dear Mrs Bird by AJ Pearce, signifies a very special random act of kindness. It was given to me as part of a “lift you up” present when I was struggling a bit with my mental health recently. It came with a tea selection box and some luxury chocolate too. It was such a thoughtful gift from two very special friends of mine. Books, chocolate and tea – they know me so well!

I had no idea what the book was about, but I was very touched that they’d gone out and chosen something especially for me.

Regular readers of Tea and Cake will know that my usual reads are modern rom com/chick lit or music related. This is neither, but when I found out what it was about, I was keen to read it. Quoting the inner sleeve it sounds perfect “a love letter to the enduring power of friendship, the kindness of strangers and the courage of ordinary people in extraordinary times”. 

teal coloured book cover Dear Mrs Bird next to a teal coloured greetings card with a flamingo on

It is set in London in 1940 during WW2. The main character, Emmeline is about to start a new job which she hopes will lead to her chosen career of a war correspondent. She will be working for the strictly no-nonsense, Mrs Bird.

However, the job is not as she thought and she finds herself taking on the role of agony aunt in secret to people who’ve written in.

I’ve only about 50 pages in, hence not reviewing or recommending the book yet, but it is written in such an innocent way reflective of the era, almost like a Famous Five novel from my childhood. I won’t give any examples, so as not to spoil it, but you realise just how much things have changed since then, particularly for women.

I started reading the book shortly after having a conversation with a friend who is writing a period novel herself.  It was not something that occurred to me before, but so much thought goes into using the correct language and mannerisms. It really made me appreciate the writing more.


As I read Dear Mrs Bird, I thought of the friends who gave me this lovely gift. I decided it was the perfect book to pass on to someone else to pay it forward to share the love and kindness that was shown to me. And so came about my idea …

When I finish reading it, I’m going to gift Dear Mrs Bird to someone else and ask them to pay it forward to someone else when they’ve finished it.

If you happen to be a recipient of this random act of kindness in the future, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. It will be interesting to see where the book travels.

Click on the link to read more of my Random Acts of Kindness.


Do you like to give books as gifts?

Or have you taken part in a pay it forward or random act of kindness?

Let us know as we often hear about all the bad stuff in the world, but there is so much goodness out there too.


8 thoughts on “Dear Mrs Bird – Pay It Forward with a Random Act of Kindness

  1. What a lovely friend you have!

    I absolutely love gifting books and sharing books with people 😊😊😊 its probably also my favorite gift to receive.

    I really want to read this now.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jo, I absolutely love the idea of this book traveling from one friend to the next with the intention of lightening someone else’s load. I hope each person who comes across it comes back to tell us about it. What a lovely gesture and such a well-thought out book purchase your friends have made for you. It’s so rare that people go to such trouble anymore. Very special friends, indeed! I hope you’re struggling a little less and their love and kindness has made your burdens a little less heavy. XX

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