An Advent of Christmas Kindness – 25 Ideas for Giving Back on a Budget

Last week I shared my ideas for eco-friendly, DIY, virtual, and charity advent calenders, and today I want to share the Tea & Cake for the Soul Advent of Christmas Kindness, where I have compiled 25 ideas for giving back.

Many people like to give something more at Christmas, but at a time when budgets are often stretched to the max, it’s not always as actionable as you’d like. I hope this will inspire you to think about the way you buy your Christmas gifts so that you can donate to charity at the same time, or just give a little something to someone who deserves an extra bit of kindness thrown their way.

Maybe choose one or two a week if you can’t manage them all.

Tea & Cake for the Soul Charity Advent Calendar
25 Acts of Charitable Christmas Kindness

1. Buy a charity advent calendar

2. Buy your Christmas cards from a charity

3. Visit a school’s Christmas Fayre

4. Give to the local radio/supermarket Christmas toy appeal

5. Donate an unwanted item to a charity shop

6. Buy a raffle ticket from a school’s Christmas raffle

7. Put a tin of pet food in the animal food bank

8. Donate a present to KIDSOUT

9. Buy a present for someone from a charity shop

10. Wear a Christmas jumper for Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day

11. Donate a small gift to the geriatric hospital ward

12. Make a food or clothing contribution to a local homeless shelter

13. Buy a 2022 charity calendar for yourself or to give to someone else

14. Put an item of food in the food bank

15. Give away an unwanted item free on Marketplace

16. Buy your Christmas outfits from a charity shop

17. Make a donation to Shelter to help keep someone off the streets this Christmas

18. Visit a local Christmas light display that is raising funds for charity

19. Become part of the Rucksack project and take a filled rucksack out to a homeless person

20. Tip your refuse collectors and postal delivery workers

21. Buy a lotto ticket from a charity

22. Give a present to a homeless person

23. Become a book fairy

24. Start a Penny Jar at home to give to a charity next year

25. They say charity begins at home, so be good to yourself today.

Do you have any other suggestions?
What charitible acts do you like to do over the Christmas period?
It feels good to give back doesn’t it!

photo of a hand holding a christmas tree shaped iced cookie with the text an advent of christmas kindness - 25 ideas for giving back from Tea and Cake for the Soul
Save for later – Photo by Vladislav Murashko from Pexels



10 thoughts on “An Advent of Christmas Kindness – 25 Ideas for Giving Back on a Budget

  1. These are all great ideas!! It always makes me feel good to give. I love the idea of giving a present to a homeless person. It may just be exactly what they need.

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  2. wonderful ideas, I’m definitely going to be making some donations to charity shops, my son’s bedroom is full of lovely toys and books he has grown out of.

    Liked by 1 person

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