Top 25 Essential Christmas Movies

The Top 25 Christmas Movies of all time as decided by me and my friends.

15 Free & Budget Ways to say Thank You to Teachers

Christmas is a time of huge expense for most families. In recent years it has become customary to buy gifts for teachers. As a former teacher myself, I can assure you that it is not expected or necessary.  It doesn't have to cost anything to show gratitude so I have listed 15 free and budget … Continue reading 15 Free & Budget Ways to say Thank You to Teachers

We Will Remember Them – Remembrance Day – Mt Soledad National Veterans Memorial

Moving photos and words about Mt Soledad National Veterans Memorial in San Diego.

Lest We Forget – Remembrance Day – Rosecrans Cemetery San Diego

Lest We Forget - Remembrance Day 2020 As we are approaching Remembrance Day, I thought I'd share these photos with you from Fort Rosecrans Cemetery in San Diego. We discovered Fort Rosecrans Cemetery quite by accident as we made our way to the Cabrillo National Monument.  I can't quite explain the feelings that hit you … Continue reading Lest We Forget – Remembrance Day – Rosecrans Cemetery San Diego

50 Random Acts of Kindness

You don't have to have a reason to be kind. Here are 50 random acts of kindness - all easy ways to be kind that are budget friendly too. Improve someone's day today and make yourself feel good too.

Trick or Treat – Halloween Photos & Customs from Around the World

A collection of stories and photos from around the world of how people like to celebrate and decorate their homes for Halloween.

7 Ways to Celebrate World Post Day

Show kindess to loved ones and strangers with these 7 ideas to celebrate World Post Day

My Fan Moment With Robbie Williams

The day I met Robbie Williams! I'd love to be able to use those words as the title, unfortunately, met might be stretching it a bit far. But, it was certainly a fan moment that I could never have anticipated none the less. My fan moment was Robbie Williams standing less than a foot in front … Continue reading My Fan Moment With Robbie Williams

World Compliment Day – Could you Compliment a Random Stranger?

I wanted to share this story with you on World Compliment Day - Could you compliment a random stranger? I love to people watch, as do most of us I think. During a recent trip to Long Beach California, my husband and I were taking a breather in the shade. I was checking out a … Continue reading World Compliment Day – Could you Compliment a Random Stranger?

Natural Born Carers and Healers

I've recently written about a series of books I've read by Debbie Johnson called the Comfort Food Cafe. The owner of the cafe and matriarch of Budbury is called Cherie Moon. I don't know about you but when I'm reading I can often identify certain character traits with people I know in real life. My … Continue reading Natural Born Carers and Healers

How To Give To Charity On a Budget – The Penny Jar Project

A cost effective way of giving to charity that you can do at home or at work. It costs very little to be kind.

28 Ways to Give to Charity For Free or On A Budget

28 ideas of how you can get things free or on a limited budget to then donate on to charity.

DIY Alternatives to Sending Christmas Cards

Are you fed up with writing Christmas cards? Would you rather send something that can be used instead? Have a look at my DIY alternatives to Christmas cards from festive tea to bistro candle holders, Christmas baubles and more.