Work and Home Office Ideas to Reduce Coccyx Pain

Working from home, or in an office, can be challenging when you have coccydynia/coccyx pain. Have a read of my ideas to maintain a good work routine & best manage your tailbone pain.

9 Ways to Cope with Dental Phobia

Read about how I cope with my dental phobia along with 9 ways that might help you deal with dentophobia or odontophobia.

Is Digitalisation Good for More Than the Environment?

Is digitalisation the way to ensure safety, efficiency and a more positive carbon footprint. Read on to find out how companies are moving forward, especially since the need to be Covid secure.

What Happens During a Hearing Test?

Find out what actually happens during a routine hearing test, and where you can go for help.

Book and Magazine Gift and Subscription Boxes

I hope you'll find something wonderful in my guide for mail order gift and subscription boxes for any occasion. Includes books, tea, coffee, snacks, British lifestyle and Happy News gifts, all at affordable prices.

Reakiro Warming & Cooling Muscle Relief Gel Reviews

Have you ever used CBD infused products for pain relief or anxiety? Here are my thoughts on warming and cooling muscle relief gels from Reakiro.

Rose Hurles Art

Ad: Gifted – This item was gifted to me in exchange for a review but all words and thoughts are my own. I came across these wonderful prints and cards from Rose Hurles Art recently and as Christmas is approaching I thought I’d share with you all as they’d make perfect gifts. I was more … Continue reading Rose Hurles Art

Adagio Teas UK

Have you started to drink loose leaf tea to be more eco friendly. Read my review of the large selection of Adagio loose black teas.

15 Environmentally Friendly & Money Saving Ways for Moving House

Tips for decluttering and finding the most eco friendly ways to move house, from using recycled packaging to finding a budget house moving company.

Spring & Summer Cleaning

Tips for spring and summer cleaning your home and garden.

Giant White Chocolate Cookies & Cookie Dough Pie

This family recipe makes 4 giant white chocolate cookies, or a cookie dough pie, that is crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Perfect served warm with ice cream.