Buy your music merch from Psychobilly Kicks Back to raise money for their cancer charity

Psychobilly Kicks Back is a charity that was set up in 2016 by psychobilly* musician Steve “Ginger” Meadham and his wife Amanda. Since then they have raised £1000s to support cancer sufferers at Cherry Lodge Cancer Care in Barnet, London.

Today I’d like to tell you a bit about what the charity does and let you know ways of how you can buy your merch and gifts from them to support the charity this year. There are several ways to support Cherry Lodge via Psychobilly Kicks Back. You can buy:

* The “Large Aid” single and albums.
* Psychobilly Kicks Back merch.
* New and used music, merch, gifts from their Etsy shop.
* Tickets for the gigs (post lockdown).

man and woman holding a large cheque donation for charity

Psychobilly Kicks Back Cancer Charity Gigs

Their first charity gig was in February 2017 at The Fiddlers Elbow. Some of psychobilly’s top and up-and-coming bands gave up their time and merchandise to support Ginger and Amanda’s cause. The event was obviously very popular both in terms of people wanting to go to the gig and bands wanting to play it.

More bands came forward in 2018, 2019 and 2020 and each gigs sold out in no time.  Charity gigs are now held annually every October in Germany and February in London. Sadly the 2021 London gig had to be cancelled due to the UK lockdowns.

black festival flyer with psychobilly kicks back and band logos

Psychobilly Kicks Back Charity Single

In May of 2019, Ginger announced that there was a Psychobilly Kicks Back single in the pipeline. One side was recorded and mixed by Philip Doyle with the second side being written and recorded with Boz Boorer featuring the Psychobilly Kicks Back Allstars.

This is now available to buy here on Bandcamp as a vinyl single or a download. All profits go straight back to the charity.

The single was followed in 2020 by Large Aid – The Album – Volume 1 . This was produced in conjunction with The Doghouse Radio crew, with everyone giving their time and contributions free of charge again. you can buy it from the Psychobilly Kicks Back website HERE

black cd cover with images of the Psychobilly Kicks Back and The Doghouse Psychobilly Kicks Back radio station titled Large aid the album volume 1 cancer charity cd release
Psychobilly Kicks Back Etsy Shop

The whole psychobilly community has rallied around as sadly this vile disease seems to affect everyone. Over the years bands, promoters and fans have donated merchandise and gifts to be auctioned off to raise more funds.

A range of Psychobilly Kicks Back merchandise is now sold via their Facebook group, from Ginger Meadham’s Facebook page, their Etsy Shop and on their stall at other gigs. You will also find many new and used items including band merchandise. The stock is always changing so worth checking back regularly.

The fundraising has been relentless, with the couple accepting pretty much anything to sell on and even making their own items by upcycling.

Upcycling Musical Instruments to Raise Money for Charity

Back in 2018, Ginger and Amanda turned their talents to making some unique items for the home by upcycling musical instruments.  Hours were spent bringing old drum kits up to scratch, then turning them into clocks and uplighters. Again, most of these sold pretty quickly.

Today’s post is not only to share these wonderful creations and give you some ideas of what can be done with a bit of time and effort,  but to show that it doesn’t have to cost anything to support charities and you will help the environment at the same time by reducing landfill rather than throwing away old instruments.

drum upcycled into an uplighter lamp
50s rockabilly rock n roll drum clock
ska 2 tone design drum clock
drum cymbal clock with crusier crew logo
I hope you’ll have a look at the shop to see what’s on offer and consider buying some of your merch and gifts from Psychobilly Kicks Back. Treat the psychobilly in your life to a Large Aid single and album, or a new t-shirt/hoodie.

If you’re into upcycling you may also like to read some of my other posts about arts and crafts including:

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*For those of you who don’t know, psychobilly is an underground music scene born in the 1980s. Its music is a hybrid of rockabilly, 50’s rock n roll, 60’s garage and punk rock, with early pioneers such as The Meteors, The Cramps, Guana Batz, Frenzy and King Kurt.  Now even though it hasn’t achieved mainstream recognition, its followers from all over the world have remained loyal and there are gigs still happening every weekend of the year.


15 thoughts on “Buy your music merch from Psychobilly Kicks Back to raise money for their cancer charity

  1. Just message me if you want a clock cymbals I have a few ready to be worded so allmost ready to go can post out by Wednesday next week
    Drum clocks I have two drums read to be cut into clocks with your design choice
    So give us a call and let’s go for it
    Your idea made into a clock

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A great read and I feel honoured to have attended some of the gigs organised by Ginger and Amanda, missed out on the drum kit uplighters but maybe next time. Such an amazing group of likeminded people all working together to raise loads of money for a very worthy cause.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s a great way of repurposing unwanted instruments and so good to be raising money for charity at the same time!

    I wonder if any more mainstream musicians would donate old gear and then sell by auction on eBay?? If it got some publicity it could raise a fortune…


  4. I love these, such a fantastic idea ….my favourites have to be the Diner and Ska drum clocks. Would love to have bought one of those but they had sold before I’d even seen they were up for sale! Sad for me, but fantastic for Cherry Lodge and Ginger and Amanda. Hope there’s more on their way!


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