Mother Punk – Upcycling Musical Instruments for Art

Following on from my features of how to upcycle music memorabilia into art, I would like to share some of the wonderful upcycling creations from my friend Suzanne Reddington aka Mother Punk. Suzanne is artistic by nature and comes from a family of musicians and music lovers. She has shared many of her projects with furniture and clothing and has also moved on to musical instruments. I asked her how this art form came along:

pretty girl with guitar in Saville Row Tailors

“I’m not the best of guitarists by a long shot but have always loved guitars and stringed instruments. They are a thing of beauty with the exception of the flying V. I enjoy most forms of art whatever medium I’m working with…..paint, clay and fabric. I do most things from dressmaking to interior design.”

pciture frame with punk rock barbie
Punk Rock Barbie

“My home is a nutty mix of classical, grungy, car boot and charity shop finds. I recently found a battered old wine cabinet in the street. My neighbour who is a strong young man carried it back for me and put it in the garden for me to scrub clean and get to work on. It looks wonderful in the living room.

Luckily my musician friends know how much I love creating and bring their old and beyond repair instruments to me so that I can paint, bash holes in, add lights and decorate to create a new life.”

upcycled guitar with adornments paino keys gems
pink violin with diamonds and ribbons
violin with skulls chains strings
“To start with it was just a hobby and I would adorn the walls in my house and then other friends would see them and would commission me to make one for them.  Another friend uses them in his window display in his Savile Row tailors’ shop. Through him, I have also sold a few.”

Window display guitars skulls Savile Row Tailors
Window display in Savile Row

Upcycled Guitar savile row fusion tailors

upcycled guitar skulls candle display Fusion Tailors
On display at Fusion Tailors Savile Row

“At first this hobby cost nothing as I would raid my toolbox and the toolboxes of family for metal washers..nuts n bolts etc but I’ve now depleted our supplies so I have to go out and buy stuff. I really enjoy being creative and find it so therapeutic but I don’t enjoy clearing up my mess afterwards so I’m going to purchase a huge shed for the garden and leave the mess in there!”

framed violin picture tiger print

guitars drums in framed box
A tribute to the infamous 12 Bar Soho

Find out more about Mother Punk on her Facebook page.  You may also like to read some of my other posts about upcycling and recycling including:

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If you are a keen upcycler and have turned something into art I’d love to hear from you. Do you have an interesting story to tell with some cool photos to accompany it then please do CONTACT ME.

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