Environmentally Friendly & Money Saving Ways for Moving House #spon

This is a sponsored post but all words and ideas are my own.

Moving house is said to be one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. It is also well known for being extremely expensive. Below I have written some money saving ways for moving house, as well as some tips on how to be more environmentally friendly during the home move.

Moving house can be a long drawn out process but there are some things you can do before you get your moving date.


Start to declutter and be ruthless but don’t just throw unwanted items away.

* Try selling at a car boot sale to raise much needed funds.
* Give unwanted clothes and goods to a charity shop.
* Offer other items free on local Facebook groups.

You’d be surprised at what items individuals, community groups and schools can make use of. Always offer items to others before taking to the tip or throwing in your wheelie bin.

photo of a blue boarded house with double garage and rain on the road
photo credit Alturos Homes


Start to pack the items that you don’t need to use often.

* Search on local Facebook groups, Gumtree, etc, for packing boxes. Many people will offer the boxes that they used for their own move for free.

* Ask for unwanted boxes at supermarkets. The boxes that bananas come in are fantastic, as they are sturdy and also stack on top of each other meaning they are perfect for storing in the corner of a room until you are ready to move. Crisp and toilet roll boxes are good for larger items.

* Shoe and sports shops often give away shoe boxes, perfect for small breakables and sentimental items.

* Some supermarkets still have sheets of bubble wrap in between their fruits. Ask nicely and most are happy for you to take them away as it saves them disposing of it.

* Newspaper is often useful when packing items. Not so many people read print newspapers anymore but ask around friends, family or again on local Facebook groups.

* Suitcases are a good way to store and move clothes and additional bedding. Get your own cases down from the loft and borrow from family. You can often pick these up very cheap at car boot sales and on Marketplace.

Make sure you label each box with the room they are intended for and a brief list of contents. Write on the side and the top of the box for easy viewing.  Be sure to pass all your packing materials on for free to someone else afterwards too.


You don’t need to use a professional removal company to move your home contents. When you get your moving date book a cheap man with a van and rope in a few friends to help you unpack.

Of course make sure you load a box with the kettle, mugs, tea and some nice cake or biscuits in last of all. Then reward everyone’s hard work with a well earned cuppa and some cake, enjoying the fact that you’ve saved money and been environmentally friendly by not creating unnecessary waste.

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6 thoughts on “Environmentally Friendly & Money Saving Ways for Moving House #spon

  1. All I can think is how much I want that house in the image you’ve used for this post! 😂
    Unwanted packaging from supermarkets can be so handy. I also found, when I was a community advice/support worker, that I could get stuff for my clients that were moving from other stores, like The Range and Hobbycraft, they had loads of boxes and bubblewrap they’d otherwise throw away. Great tips!
    Caz xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great tips! I’d have needed more than a man and a van though 🙂 Hopefully I won’t need to move again for a while though…

    I wonder if the legal process is more paperless now too, with documents available online rather than sent in the post?

    Liked by 1 person

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