April A-Z Blog Challenge

I’ve mentioned the April A-Z blogging challenge before in my post How to Survive Blog Challenges, but it’s not one I’ve taken part in before. In this post you will find more info about the challenge, along with my April A-Z blogging contribution.

What is April A-Z Blog Challenge?

The April A-Z blogging challenge was started back in 2010 by Arlee Bird. She challenged bloggers to write a daily blog post Monday to Saturday but have Sundays off, throughout the entire month of April.

Rather than have a theme you can write about anything you want so that it fits in with your blog, but you should use the alphabet as guidance for your topics. Start with a subject beginning with A for 1st April,  B for 2nd April, and so on, all the way through to Z.

My April A-Z Blog Challenge

I don’t have time to take part in the challenge this time around, but I figured that as I’ve now been blogging six years I would have more than enough posts to be able to complete the alphabet.

I will be sharing my April A-Z daily on Twitter, but feel free to jump to any posts that might interest you now. If you haven’t been with me right from the beginning, I hope you’ll find some new articles to read, or perhaps some that you’d like to revisit.

Click on the highlighted title texts to view the posts.

A – Apple
I’m a huge fan of baking with apples so why not check out some of my favourite apple recipes. How about an old school dinner recipe for apple coconut cake? Or perhaps you fancy something different like an apple cake? If you’re not a fan of apples, all of these recipes can be made with different fruit and most can be made using dairy and gluten free ingredients.

Apple Coconut Cake
Apple Cake

B- Books
I’m a big book lover so please check out all of my recommended reading section. Not only do I share reviews of women’s fiction, but you will also find recommendations for children’s books, poetry, music and lifestyle books, books to support pain, menopause, and health, AND gift ideas for book lovers.

Recommended Reading

C – Car Boot Sales
I’ve not been to a car boot sale for over a year due to the pandemic but I used to love going to them every Sunday with my dad. I have a whole selection of posts about car boot sales, with tips for buyers and sellers and much more. Use the links below to find something that might help you get the best deals.

Car Boot Sale Tips for Buyers
Car Boot Sale Tips for Sellers

D – Dogs
I’ve always had dogs in my life until we lost our last one, but for now, I take pleasure in dog walking for a neighbour and reading fiction books that have dogs as main characters. I’ve included some heartwarming and fun reads for you to check out.

Books for Dog Lovers

E – Ecobricks
Even though most of us have done a lot to reduce plastic in our lives, there still seems to be some non-recyclable plastic waste in every household. Have you ever tried making an ecobrick to put that waste to good use? Read my post for everything you need to know about how to make an ecobrick and what to do with them.

How to Make an Ecobrick

F – Free Books
Who doesn’t like free stuff? Read my post to find out all the different ways that you can get free and cheap books legally, along with the best ways to still support authors whilst reading on a budget.

How to Get Free & Cheap Books Legally

G – Gluten Free
I have many gluten free recipes here at Tea and Cake for the Soul, and one of the most popular is this recipe for sweet potato brownies. They are delicious and made with vegetables, so they’ve got to be good for you right? 😉

Gluten Free Sweet Potato Brownies

H – How to …
I have lots of tips and how to … tutorials that cover money-saving, lifestyle, health, travel, and blogging. You can find all those posts here:

Top Tips & How to …

I – I Quit …
Read about how I quit my job of 20 years due to menopausal induced anxiety and depression. It wasn’t an easy decision, but one I felt I had to do for my wellbeing. Have a look to find out my symptoms and see whether I made the right decision or not.

I Quit my Job due to Menopausal Anxiety

J – Jet Boat Tour
Going on the Patriot jet boat tour is one of the most exhilarating rides I’ve ever been on. I had to psyche myself up quite a bit as I have a fear of deep water, but I loved it and definitely want another go when we return to San Diego. You can read all about the jet speedboat, along with the San Diego harbour cruises. Both are highly recommended.

Patriot Jet Speed Boat Tour, San Diego

K – Kindness
Kindness is something I like to promote here on the blog and in daily life. I’ve written a post of 50 acts of kindness that you can do for other people, animals, yourself, and the world around you.

50 Random Acts of Kindness

L – Liberty Station
Liberty Station Art Walk is another post that is part of my “free and cheap” things to do in the USA. It’s a lovely annual event held in the historic arts district of Point Loma. Read on to find out about some of the artists exhibiting, and more of what you can explore in the area.

Free & Cheap San Diego – Art Walk Liberty Station

M – Mudeford
Back to the UK now, with a post that gives you some suggestions for free and cheap things to do in and around Mudeford and Christchurch, Dorset. I also share my recommendations of where to stay and eat.

Free & Cheap Things to Do in Mudeford and Christchurch

N – No Smoking
Six years ago I finally gave up smoking after being a smoker for most of my life, with several failed attempts behind me. Read my story and tips if you want to give up too.

I Quit Smoking – Read my Tips & Story

O – One Day
Last year I read a book by an unknown author to me – Shari Low. Having read one, I went on to read her entire back catalogue – 20 years of books! One Day in Winter and One Day in Summer were fantastic emotional reads and I highly recommend them and everything that Shari has ever released. You can find my thoughts on all her books in the author spotlight I wrote.

Author Spotlight on Shari Low

P – Poole
Seeing as many of us are looking to plan days out and short breaks in the UK this year, why not have a read of my post about an afternoon in Poole, Dorset. It’s such a lovely coastal town, and seaside port, with something to do for all the family.

An Afternoon in Poole Dorset

Q – Qi Gong
Qigong or Qi-Gong, as it is also known, is an ancient martial art known for its benefits for the entire body and mind. Often likened to tai chi, it co-ordinates breathing, posture, and movement to produce positive energy flow in the body. I love it and have written about it as part of my self help for mental health series. Have a read to find out more, along with some of my favourite free YouTube videos for beginners.

Qi Gong & Tai Chi for Mental Health, Menopause and Wellbeing

R – Road Trip USA
Having taken several road trips in the USA, I have written a comprehensive list of over 70 tips to help out any would-be traveller plan their road trip. Whilst we might not be going stateside for a while, it’s always good to plan ahead.

How to Plan a USA Road Trip Holiday

S – Street Art Worthing
Hunting out street art is one of my favourite activities. Visits to Brighton, Portsmouth, and Worthing always include a walk along the seafront, and searching out art in the back roads and alleyways. Have a read of my post to discover where you can find the best street art in Worthing, with addresses of all the best pieces.

Where to Find the Best Street Art in Worthing

T – Tripfiction
If you fancy going somewhere new without the hassle of travelling abroad, why not check out my tripfiction post. You can travel to all areas of the world without leaving your sofa with my selection of books that are perfect for a staycation.

Tripfiction books for a Staycation

U – Upcycling
I’m a keen upcycling and one thing I’ve enjoyed doing is creating something new out of old music memorabilia. It’s far better to have it all on show rather than stuck away in a box. Have a look at my creations, which include blankets, furniture, garden ornaments, and more.

How to Upcycle Your Music Memorabilia

V – Vegetables
Are you working towards a waste free lifestyle? Do you compost your vegetable peelings? If not, why not try this way of using all your vegetable peelings and scraps to make vegetable stock that can be used for soups, gravy, and curries. Money saving and eco friendly too.

How to Make Vegetable Stock from Peelings

W – Waste
I like to live with minimal waste that not only means not buying what I don’t need but finding new homes for things that I no longer need or use. You will be amazed by how many things can be reused and repurposed. Have a look at my comprehensive list before you throw anything in the bin or recycling.

How to Reuse, Repurpose & Recycle Your Rubbish

X – Relax
Ok so relax ends in an X rather than starting with it but I need some artistic licence on the last 3 letters of the alphabet. This is another post I wrote for my mental health series and should be such an important part of everybody’s life, not just those struggling with their mental health. I’d love to hear everyone’s suggestions for relaxation.

Relaxation, Meditation & Hypnosis

Y – Ways
Another cheat post. I just couldn’t think of any posts I have beginning with Y but in this post, I suggest eco-friendly and money-saving ways of moving home.  I know the housing market is quite vibrant at the moment so thought that some of you might find these tips useful.

Eco-Friendly & Money-Saving Ways of Moving Home

Z -zzz
Sleep, or lack of it! So many of my friends and readers are insomniacs. Again this post was written as part of my mental health series but lots of tips here are useful for anyone suffering from lack of sleep whether it’s caused by mental illness, menopause, pain, or plain old insomnia that doesn’t appear to be for a reason. I hope there’s something here that might help you get back into a good sleep routine.

Sleep & Duvet Days

Pin for later

I hope you’ve found something useful or enjoyable to read here, or maybe I’ve inspired you to do your own challenge. If you think it’s too late to do the April A-Z challenge, why not start planning for Blogtober or even Blogmas? You can read my tips and find out more about other blog challenges in the posts below.

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  1. I don’t think I could do all new posts for the alphabet at all, but I love your idea of using what you’ve already got. You’ve certainly got enough fab content for each letter. I’ve just realised you’re now 6 years smoke-free, that’s a massive achievement, Jo! 🥳 xx

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