6. Self Help For Your Mental Health – Sleep & Duvet Days

Arghhhh Sleep – lack of it, too much or just happening at the wrong time! You’ll probably experience all the above during your illness.

Depression is hard work and debilitating. It can leave you with no energy or enthusiasm to do anything. You might not feel capable of getting up. You might wonder what the point in getting up is but it’s important to try and establish a day/night routine.


It can be so hard to get out of bed even if you don’t have to face the world. I would allow yourself to have a couple of duvet days when you feel like that, but then make a real effort to get up each morning.

No matter how much effort it takes to do it, have a shower, do your hair, clean your teeth and get dressed. Have a light breakfast, then even if you collapse on the sofa half an hour later and need a sleep, it is better for you than staying in bed during the day.

the end of white bed covers with a blurred window in background - self help for your mental health sleep and duvet days

If you are not working, try and go out for a little walk, hold your head up high, smile and say hello to any passerby. Even just for a few moments, it may lift your spirits. If it scares the life out of you, you will show yourself just how strong you really are.

If you have a partner ask them to give you a bit of a massage to help relax you at any time of the day, not just before bedtime. I’m a big fan of using argan oil for massage as it has little smell and is non greasy, great for skin dryness too.


It’s really important to keep your bed for sleeping in at night only. If you sleep during the day try to keep it to naps in a chair or sofa.  Duvet days are needed sometimes but only for a couple of days, no more.

It’s worth trying all the age-old methods to help you sleep at night:

* Have a hot milky drink before bed
* Soak in a warm bath
* Put some lavender oil on a tissue under your pillow
* Make sure your bedroom is dark
* Have your window slightly open
* Keep the heating off at night
* Listen to gentle background music
* Try reading a book or listen to an audio story
* Do some light exercise during the day



Sometimes your pharmacist or doctor may be able to make small changes to your medication to aid better sleep.

During one particularly bad case of depression, I was sleeping in the day and not at night.  My pharmacist was able to make some suggestions regarding dosage and the way I took my antidepressants. It did actually help get me back into a better sleep pattern on that occasion.

Or maybe a different prescription altogether might be the answer. Do speak to your doctor or pharmacist about this.

*  IMPORTANT Always take advice from a qualified practitioner regarding your medication.

I hope that this will help someone out there – please let me know if it does or if you’ve got any tips to pass on to help with restful sleep.

4 thoughts on “6. Self Help For Your Mental Health – Sleep & Duvet Days

  1. I have just discovered your blog and love the name! This post offers some really motivating and practical advice for when people are at their most delicate. I have experienced some of these issues previously and I wish I had come across your post then. And I totally agree that we shouldn’t be hard on ourselves for having the odd duvet day or two.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. […] “It’s worth trying all the age old methods to help you sleep at night (hot milky drink, warm bath, lavender oil on a tissue under your pillow, dark room, window open, heating off, exercise during the day, play gently music in the background, try reading or an audio story cd, etc). If you have a partner who will give you a bit of a massage that can help relax you. I’m a big fan of using argan oil for massage as it has little smell and is non greasy, great for skin dryness too.”  http://www.teaandcakeforthesoul.wordpress.com: Mental health, sleep and duvet days […]


  3. I love all the tips definitely works your saying get up of the bed go out and have some head up…. xx
    Medication I run from it… I don’t take it bad or not ..I don’t know but At the moment I avoid it..😚😚


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