What Can You Use a Pressure Washer For? – Karcher K2 Review

Every spring and autumn I jet wash the paths, patios, and UPVC facias and frames at home with my Karcher pressure washer. I’ve used two different models – the Karcher K2 and K4 pressure washers, and highly recommend them for so many uses.

Read on for my review and ideas of what you can use a Karcher presser washer for in your home and garden.

Karcher K2 Pressure Washer

I started using a pressure washer many years ago, initially borrowing my dad’s Karcher K4, which is one of their more robust washers. After several years of regular use, it finally packed up, and I said I’d buy the replacement.

I chose the Karcher K2 pressure washer which is one of Karcher’s cheaper models of pressure washer. At the time it cost me just under £100 for the K2 complete with the home kit (although you can buy them cheaper now with and without accessories).

It comes supplied as a unit with lead, trigger gun, etc, and mine also came with:

* An extension rod

* A dirt blaster attachment

* A variable power lance

* A surface cleaner attachment for patios

* Patio detergent

These extras suited my needs as:

* The extension rod enables me to reach the ground floor fascias easily.

* The dirt blaster and variable power lances were useful to increase/decrease pressure for different surfaces.

* The surface cleaner attachment ensures that the spray is confined to the ground area resulting in less mess.

* The patio detergent was used on the first occasion, but I find that a pressure wash is adequate in removing normal dirt, and would rather not use chemicals unless they were really needed.

To operate your power washer, you will also need:

* A hosepipe
* An outside tap
* Hosepipe adaptors
* An extension lead (possibly)

photo of two paving slabs and the hose of a jet power washer. One is clean and the other dirty
Karcher makes light work of cleaning the path after a harsh winter

Using a K2 Pressure Washer

To use a Karcher K2 pressure washer, simply set up the trigger with the attachment of choice, and connect the unit to a hose.

It is easy to connect the pressure washer to a hose pipe using some Hoselock adapters – one end fixes on the tap and one pushes straight into the base of the machine. Connect the pressure washer to an electrical source, turn on the water tap, turn the machine on, and gently pull back on the trigger.

The pressure washer has a long lead attached to the trigger gun meaning you can cover a wide area without having to keep moving the unit, although it is very lightweight to do so.

The lance/dirt blaster allows you to concentrate your aim for high pressure water direction. I prefer to work in rows backward and forwards until the desired area has been covered.

The results are astonishing, even without chemicals.

What can you use a Karcher K2 pressure washer for?

Primarily, I wanted a pressure washer for my patio and paths, but I have used it on many other surfaces:

* UPVC window frames and facias
* An old wooden bench prior to restaining it
* UPVC garden furniture
* Stone garden ornaments and pots
* Plastic garden pots
* Wheel trims and bodywork of the car
* To remove moss and algae from my artifician lawn

Karcher provide a guide on the box of what you can use a pressure washer for, recommending the strength of pressure, and attachment to use for each use. If you are using it on anything other than what they recommend, I would always suggest trying it on a small area first as the power wash may damage paintwork or property.

I thoroughly recommend this product, especially for the price of the unit and accessories. It enables me to clean my garden and home exterior with minimal effort and no chemicals whatsoever.

Have you got a pressure washer? What do you use it for?

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Ever wondered what the difference is between a jet washer, pressure washer and power washers are?

A pressure washer and jet washer are the same thing. They are normally referred to as pressure washers by manufacturers and distributors, but laymen often refer to it as a jet washer, ie, “I’m going to jet wash my patio”

A power washer is more forceful and uses hot water to clean. This is more likely to be used by professionals rather than home users.


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2 thoughts on “What Can You Use a Pressure Washer For? – Karcher K2 Review

  1. Pressure washers are pretty awesome, aren’t they? My dad has one but I think it’s pretty much give up the ghost this autumn. He probably should have gone for Karcher, not a cheaper brand that doesn’t last longer than a handful of uses! Great review, I’ll definitely keep this in mind when looking for a replacement. xx

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