How to Get Free Menopause Support from AVogel

I recently signed up to a free 7 day online menopause help programme and found it so useful that I thought I’d share. I realise many of my followers are hitting that certain age.

Early each morning for 7 days they send you out an email, which has a link to either read or watch as a video. It’s only 5-10 mins long, so it’s easy to listen to whilst you’re making the packed lunches or read whilst having breakfast.

Even if you’ve studied the subject in depth before, I found it useful as a reminder that I was doing all the right stuff, and that so many symptoms can be explained by menopause.

There was also a very handy section on exercise with short instructional videos that are achievable for any fitness level, especially for those of us who make excuses saying that we can’t find the time to exercise!

After 7 days you then get follow up emails about once a week covering menopause-related subjects.  There’s no spam and it’s easy to unsubscribe if it’s not of interest to you.


(At the time you also got a free pack of supplements but that offer has finished now  – you can still sign up to get the free advice)


You may like to read other posts that I’ve written about the menopause or some of the posts that deal with relaxation and anxiety in my Mental Health section (links in the box below). I have lots more to write on the subject of menopause so please do check back or sign up for email notifications.

Have you found any supplements or advice that have helped you through the menopause?
Please leave suggestions in the comments below if you have. Many thanks.



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