How to Get a Free Boots No 7 Makeover

Yesterday I went for a free Boots makeover.

I had come across a link online so thought I’d give it a go. There were various types of makeovers to choose from (including a McMillan one for Cancer sufferers which I thought was a lovely service to offer). I chose the No 7 make-up one lasting 30 minutes.

It was easy to make an appointment online at the nearest large branch of Boots, mine was Camberley. You could choose the day and timeslot to suit and you get an email and text confirmation of your booking.

Unfortunately, I did not catch the lady’s name that did my makeover, but she was very good. She listened to what sort of look I wanted, asked questions about my skincare and makeup routine, and then set about the makeover.

This actually lasted an hour – I wonder if she felt sorry for me and gave me both the skin care and makeup makeovers seeing as my current regime is pretty much non-existent!.

I gave her a fairly free reign with the colours but wanted something light and natural as I hardly wear makeup normally. She used a monitor to judge my skin colour and gave me a card that covered all the shades in that range for skin, blush, lips and concealers.

I was very pleased with the end look which was as my brief and stayed in place all day. It didn’t feel heavy or caked on and I wasn’t aware that I was wearing makeup until I caught sight of myself in the mirror. (I have had makeovers before when I couldn’t wait to scrub it off as it felt so heavy.)

She was never judgemental about how little effort I put in generally or the products that I’d been using,  and gave me lots of useful tips. There was no hard sell to buy any Boots products afterwards either, although I was very impressed with the feel and staying power of No 7 and I would be happy buying that range.

I thought I’d share as some of you might like a bit of pampering or a new look.

Book your appointment here


Have you ever had a free makeover?
Did you then go on to buy their products?
What about free samples?

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