How To Give To Charity On a Budget – The Penny Jar Project

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Tea & Cake For The Soul

I came across this event set up by Martin P Foster on Facebook last year. It is a worldwide ongoing project.  You can start and finish whenever you want.

It’s such a simple way of being able to donate a little to charity without noticing that you are spending any money.   It would be wonderful if everybody could set this up in their workplace as well as their home.

The idea behind the scheme is that you

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How to Give to Charity For Free or On A Budget at Christmas

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Tea & Cake For The Soul

There are numerous charity appeals all year round but especially noticeable at Christmas. It can be difficult to choose who to support particularly when your own budget is being stretched, but here are some easy ways that you can give for free or very cheaply to help those in need:

* Give your unwanted gifts and bottles of drink to your local school or hospice for their tombola and raffle.

* If you are on O2 you can install their app and collect free gifts and food from WHSmith, Halfords and Hotel Chocolat amongst others, then donate as gifts and prizes.

* Install the Greggs app and give the free hot food and drink to a homeless person.

* Many people now give money to charity instead of sending Christmas cards. If you do this please make sure you tick the GIFT AID box where an additional 25% will be…

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