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As you may know, I’ve taken part in a couple of blogging challenges in the past and from time to time give a round-up of my blog posts and stats for both readers and bloggers.  I also write the occasional blogging tips post.

You can find links to all blogging related posts at Tea and Cake for the Soul below, just click on the linked titles to read ones that interest you.

And of course, I have lots of new content to share with you in the Spring, covering all the usual Tea & Cake for the Soul subject matter. You can sign up for free email notifications so that you don’t miss any new posts.

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* How to Survive Blog Challenges

My Blogmas/Christmas Schedule
My Blogtober Schedule

What is Blogmas?
What is Blogtober?

* 20 Books of Summer
* 20 Books for Christmas


* How Can Book Review Bloggers Help Authors Promote their Books



In 2018 I had a series of bloggers joining me for An Afternoon of Tea and Cake for the Soul. We shared recipes, tips, crafts, favourite books, travel destinations and we learnt more about their blogs and goals.

Diary of a Detour
Tayler Silfverduk
A Little Book Problem
There is Always Hope
The Chronic Traveller
Goth Girl Reads
Random Things Through My Letterbox
The MS Wire

I am available for freelance content writing for your blog, website or publication. I have several features written or can write to order. Please read my Work With Me page and contact me to discuss your requirements.

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