Jonny Bowler – Get Smart, Guana Batz & Heartbreak Hotel

This interview with Jonny Bowler from Get Smart & Guana Batz can now be viewed on my other music site.  Click here to read about Jonny Bowler‘s musical influences, how he learnt to play and about his time with the bands that he played with in the UK and USA.

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17 thoughts on “Jonny Bowler – Get Smart, Guana Batz & Heartbreak Hotel

  1. Great stuff! Johnny played with the FF at their second White Ball in Tiverton in 1992 he also turned up at the studio in his gardening gear when they were recording ‘Enjoy Yourself’ I was there too recording backing vocals and for some reason we all had our trousers around our ankles, his face was a picture, shame I didn’t take one!

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  2. I first met Johnny with Get Smart in the 80s when they were busking in Cowes. It’s great to see how many bands he’s played with. Great interview Jo.

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  3. I’ve known Jonny for years …… from the early days in Southampton and still follow his bands today
    He’s a cool dude and works hard to be the best in his music

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