Get Fit Get Walking in Winter

Updated December 2021

December 20th marks the start of a 2 week period set up by The Ramblers Association called The Festival of Winter Walks.  Its aim is to get people out walking during the festive period and take in the beautiful views across the UK. It’s a great way to get fit when you get walking, even in winter.

During pandemic, more and more people took to walking as it was about the only scenario where you could get together with friends and family. I wonder how many people carried on?  It’s so good for your mental wellbeing as well as your physical health.

I love to walk anyway, but we walked much more during those times and have continued to do so. It’s a wonderful way to witness the changing seasons. Here are some of my favourite places to walk.


Regular readers of mine will know that the beach is my favourite place in the world. Weather is irrelevant. I enjoy it even when it’s cold and blustery. There’s nothing quite like the sea air to pick you up but calm you down at the same time.

grey sky with sun peeking through over a choppy ocean
Southsea Beach


I regularly walk in the woods and it’s wonderful to see the effect that the changing seasons has on the flora and fauna.

deer looking at the camera in woodland
We feel blessed to see deer in the woods


Nowadays we try to take the scenic routes when having a day out rather than just driving on motorways. There are some beautiful countryside and quaint towns and villages. It’s nice to stop off for a walk around and explore the history.

5 old historical houses with beamed walls painted in pastel colours
Historical Lewes


Brighton has become one of my favourite seaside towns to walk around. Beautiful architecture, street art, shops and of course the beach.

orante tops of brighton pavillion with large sun in sky
Brighton Pavillion


A couple of years ago, we went to London for a concert and we stayed over for the night so that we could do some sightseeing. We walked miles exploring the Thames waterside, city buildings and parks. And doesn’t it look so much more appealing when the skies are blue and the sun shines? You can always wrap up warm.

views of London sky line bright blue sky
Who’d expect views like this in London

These are a few of my favourite places to walk, where are yours?

Do you see walking as a way to get fit or does the winter weather put you off?

17 thoughts on “Get Fit Get Walking in Winter

  1. I did quite a bit of walking over the Christmas break this year and I loved seeing all the festive decorations and lights on people’s houses. I’m definitely going to continue walking whenever I can into the New Year – perhaps even on the beach at some point; I agree, it is amazing walking by the sea! 🙂

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